Dear Readers and Reviewers,

I am sorry that there's no chapter, but, with the new school year, something has come to my attention. I have taken Creative Writing this year for first quarter and I will not have as much time to write chapters as I would like. This class is going to take up most of my time and I'll be writing essays and/or short stories at least 3 days a week. Even though it's the first day, I've already gotten two assignments from that class. I will do my best to find spare time to write even after using creativity to write my assignments. I cannot make any promises of when I'll be able to update next, hopefully it will at least be a few times within the next 9 weeks. I do apologize in advance that if there's barely any creativity in the chapter(s) that will hopefully be released within the next 9 weeks. I honestly did not realize how many assignments for one class I would be doing at once.

Other than that, the only class I'll get homework from is Chemistry in the Community. I hope that the homework I get from Chemistry in the Community will not take up much time and I'll have a bit more time to write. I will try to make a schedule for myself for these 9 weeks for when I'll have free time to write the chapters. I'm not going to promise anything since the schedule will be subject to change most of the time.

As I stated before, I will do my best to write in my free time. Please remember that I also make amvs, am casting for a fan dub, helping a friend cast for their fan dub, trying to get an abridged series going, helping another friend cast for their abridged series, and will be featured in a few abridged series and, maybe, some fan dubs. Whatever free time I have will be taken up with writing and helping with fan dubs and abridged series. As I said before, I will do my best to update within the next 9 weeks.