Same streets.

Same buildings.

Same predictable people.

*sigh*…Life is boring...

Everything I watch is becoming monotone and boring. Simple and predictable.

When did the world started to lose that spark that makes it so impressive?

My name is Raim Hanta: age 17…; personal appeareance…: dishelved black hair (I hate combing it, okay?) and eyes…residen… oh why I am even bothering…

In order words, a normal teenager… with a normal life… which...depending on your shitty point of view, may or may not suck.

I live alone, I didn't know my parents nor I care about who they were or they did. I live by my rules, in order words, I hate being pushed around.

But still, I am part of that endless cycle called daily live. Wake up. Brush your teeth. Dress up. Eat. Go to the high school. Eat again. Practice with a wooden sword (swordmanship is one of the things I respect). Get back home. Eat once more. Sleep. Repeat process again.

I just wanted my life to be have a meaning. Not a life like the rest. Be someone. I almost gave up…..

…Until that event happened. My life did a complete 180º in a blink of an eye.

Human of the other side: A Touhou Project fanfic

Episode 1: Border of Reality and Fantasy

It all started that morning. Like every morning.

"All right, listen up everyone! You too Raim, don't slack off during the day."

"Like I care. Hmm?"

His name is Mr. Hiran. Your average teacher in your average high school of your average life. No more comments. Please forget he existed.

"Today we are having two new students in our institude. Be gentle with them. I hope some of you would show some courtesy to them."

"What…you're talking about me?"

"Please come in."

The door opened and two girls showed up. The first one had brown hair. She was wearing a black hat and a tie (Why is she wearing it in the first place? This isn't a formal reunion...), along with a white shirt and a brown dress. Also, she was holding a book (Is she some kind of book freak?). The other one had blond hair and was wearing a purple vest. What caught my attention was that she was also wearing a white poofyhat on her head. Why she was wearing a hat like that, I'll never know.

"Hello, I'd like to introduce ourselves. My name is Renko Usami and this is my friend Maribel Han, but just call her Mary."

"Renko! How many times I have to tell you that you should call me by my real name!"

But in the end, they were just normal humans. Heck, I even had wished that they could be aliens or something else, but noooo…

"Okay, enough with the introductions, please have a seat."

And they did. Right next to me (both sides). Joy.

The day continued normally. Writing notes. Memorizing names of "important" people and so on, until Maribel broke the ice.

"Say, what's your name? You haven't spoken any word since the beginning of the day. Are you mute?"

"No. I just don't want to speak. And as for my name, I won't tell you."

"Ehhh? Why?" Maribel interrupted.

"Why? Because I don't want to. Period." I grumbled.

"Hey Mary, leave him alone. It seems he doesn't want to speak . Just let him be."

"But Renko, don't we need someone to guide us in this town?"

"Then ask someone else. Not me, thank you."

"You heard the man. Leave him alone. We better ask other person." Renko added.

"But the others don't seem interested. They think we are crazy. Really, is it a big deal to help us to find the border to that other world."

"Yeah, find the border to…Wait, what? What did you just said?"

"Perfect, another person who thinks we are crazy." Renko braced herself for my comment.

"No, no! I'm just …kind of interested. Even though you are crazy."

Their reactions were both a mix of surprise and joy. Really, were they unexpecting a positive answer? Well, judging by their words...I suppose everyone consider this duo as crazy.

"What? You don't think we are crazy?"

"In fact, yes, but… No, I don't. So you like paranormal stuff? I can't believe I am having a conversation longer than a minute..."

"Of course! You see…"

And they explained all they knew. I didn't expect a girl like Maribel to be able to watch borders (In fact, I believed that was impossible!) and also to dream about another world with a humanoid nine-tailed fox and a cat (The border part was more believable that this). According to Maribel, that fantastic world is called Gensokyo and is home of many kinds of youkai and also humans.(But don't youkai eat human beings? How they can live in harmony?).

Good god. They are crazier than I thought. But at least it's something that can distract me from this boring day.

"So let me get this straight, you need my help as a guide of this town in order to find a border or whatever connected to Gensokyo. Great, I caught the name quickly. And if we find it, to make a report about it, right?"

"Yes, you have very good memory."

"Gee thanks."

"So we should start after classes, right Mary?"

"Is Maribel, Renko! How many times do I have to tell you?"

And the classes ended. Funny how a little meeting can set course to a different way of living.

That afternoon the three of us went "border seaching". I brought my wooden sword (gotta be prepared somehow) and some food. I was wearing a green sleeveless sweater, dark blue jeans (the left part of the jeans was torn so it looks like a combination between jeans and shorts. What else I can say?), a red shirt and black sneakers. Maribel and Renko went silent for a moment, but the awkwardness passed very quickly. So we started to find a border in any kind of place, asking people if they had felt something strange in the neighborhood, even using a strange device that, according to Maribel, could pick up disturbances( it looked more like a metal detector and, how did they got something like this? Did they stole it or was hand-made?) to find those borders were the activities of that afternoon.

"Ugh, it's no use. We have searched everywhere in town and there hasn't been a reaction. Does this thing even work?"

"Well , we haven't tried using it yet so…"

"WHAT? !" I snapped. "You're telling me that I have been carrying a piece of junk for nothing? !"

"Raim, calm down! We just wanted to try…"

"And you did! What's the result? Nothing! We have been doing this for how long, four hours? And nothing! I knew this was a bad idea…"

"Hey you can't give up just know, maybe something will happen…"

"…Maybe. Maybe not." I rubbed my forehead. "Okay, I won't quit , but if something doesn't happen within the next hour, I'm going ba…"

*beep* *beep* *beep*

"Huh? Could it be…?"

I couldn't believe it. The piece of junk actually worked!

"Hey, we have a signal!"

"Really, where?" Maribel shouted while lifting me with her hands (Was she this strong or is it the joy of finally finding a trace of a border? I will never know.).

"Let's see... What the?"

"What is it, Rain?" Renko asked.

"It's Raim!" I countered. "And the signal comes from an abandoned shrine!"

"What? Where? Why?" Maribel asked.

"I don't know! Just drop me already, goddammit!" I begged Maribel and she released me. Now my butt hurts.

"Ouch. Ok, let's get a move on! Quick, follow me, I know where it is!"

"Okay, lead the way."

And so we ran. I couldn't believe I could run so fast. Maybe it was the excitement of finding something out of the ordinary or I was this fast already. Anyway, we reached the shrine in less than five minutes. And what we found wasn't exactly what I expected. In front of the shrine…was nothing.

Well...that was anticlimactic.

"Huh? That's weird. The signal came from here. What does this mean Maribel?"

Silence. Maribel was either not listening to me or spacing out.

"Maribel? Hey, earth to Maribel, what's wrong?" Renko asked worried.

"…shrine maiden… spell card…danmaku..."

"What? What are you talking about? Snap out of it!"

I reached my hand to her shoulder to wake her up, but suddenly many things happened in five seconds.

One. There was a tremor. Nobody lost their balance.

Two. Maribel screamed. I could just sworn it was of something being hurt. She pushed me to the stairs we climbed.

Three. While falling I saw something open on thin air. It was some sort of gap with eyes inside of it. I was slowly falling inside.

Four. Renko shouted my name, with an expresion of amusement and terror. Maribel collapsed . The sky filled with many gaps, but then dissapeared. Half of my body was inside the gap.

Five. All my body was inside the gap. The gap closed.

I was between confused and shocked. I found myself floating in a space full of eyes ( do astronauts feel like this at space?) . Thankfully, I could breathe. But all of that didn't matter, as I shouted the three words that could express what I felt.


...*sigh* This is when things get weird.