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Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a man carrying more burdens than any man ever should. He's seen enough death to traumatize any average person, but he is a Marine; He was taught not to show any deep feelings, regardless of the situation. The death of his wife and daughter hit him hard, as such a horrific murder would hit any relative of the victim. He killed the monster who had taken his wife and daughter away from him. He did have the help of Mike Franks, of course. Without him, he wouldn't have obtained the vital information needed to end the life of someone whom he dared to compare to Satan.

Revenge is a two edged sword...

He was suicidal, he thought he had nothing to live for now that his family was gone. However, Mike Franks had taught him otherwise.

"You can stop people like him from taking lives... and ruining them"

That was what he had said to persuade him join NIS, later named NCIS. That's how he went from Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs, to Special Agent Gibbs. He married again, and again...and again. But still no avail, still no love, still not the same.

He had expected this though; He had lost hope all those years ago. In all honesty, he believed that his house would be forever devoid of the thing that had once made it a home. A family.

Abigail Luanne Sciuto, a woman who had once lived a life of very little sound, preferred her music loud. Her father, Ben, had died in a car accident, leaving her to be the person other than her mother to care for her siblings, Nick and Sophie. It was a job she was proud to do, but it was something that someone as young as her should never have to do. But she did. Because she didn't have a choice...But she loved them anyway and she would be that other source of support - financial and emotional - for as long as Nick and Sophie would allow her to and more.

She went to Valdosta State University, and graduated with honors. She then moved to D.C., where her 'dream job' awaited. She was still able to take care of her family in New Orleans, which is why, even with her current paycheck, she must live in an apartment building much trashier than she should be able to afford. But this tattooed woman with a heart of gold and blood of Caf-Pow, didn't seem to mind.

She dated men unworthy of her, men whom she met in clubs, at parties, or even at tattoo parlors. There was someone out there for her, it's just that she, along with that 'someone', are completely oblivious that it is the other...That is, until a tragedy occurs.

'It is often that death, danger, occupational drive, and a need to do good is what brings people together...A love of caffeine never hurts either'