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Peter's P.O.V

I sighed deeply as Susan set the plate of teacups down beside me. We sat in the courtyard quietly eating biscuits and scones, each occupied by our own thoughts. I hadn't seen Lucy or Edmund all morning, and they weren't really ones to miss their afternoon tea.

"Something troubling you Pete?" Susan asked as if reading my mind.

"Its… nothing, Su." She raised an eyebrow.

I sighed again. "Lu and Ed haven't been around all morning, and didn't see Lucy after she went to give Avaia breakfast…," I felt my face pale. "You don't think she…,"

"No, of course not," Susan interrupted sharply, "That girl is behind bars, Peter. She can't have done anything."

"Yes, I suppose you're right." She huffed and took a sip of her tea. Suddenly, I heard a loud guffaw, followed by some giggles. My head whipped around, and sure enough, there were Lucy and Avaia exiting the forest, arm in arm, laughing with a very unhappy Edmund in tow.

I stood up, perplexed. Why was Avaia out here?? Why wasn't she in her cell?? Susan followed suit, a bewildered expression on her face. She looked at me, confusion and fear dominating her features.

"It's alright," talking more to myself than her, "I'm sure Lu has a reasonable explanation for this."

"Oh she'd better." They approached the courtyard, and as soon as they caught sight of us their laughter stopped abruptly. Avaia paled, skin whiter than a bone. Edmund's expression was dark, and he studied Avaia with an intensity I'd seen only once before. I shuddered; such memories were better locked away.

"Hi Pete," Lucy said nervously. "Susan."

"Lu," I responded nodding my head curtly, my eyes on Avaia the entire time. She shifted uncomfortably, refusing to meet my gaze.

"Your Majesties," she said, bowing low. Well, I thought smugly, at least she still knows who her superiors are.

I gave Lucy a hard look, and just as I opened my mouth to scold her, she stopped me.

"I can explain!" she blurted.

"I sure hope so Lu." I retorted sternly.

She took a deep breath. "Well, over the last few weeks, Ed and I got to know her really well," Edmund snorted. Avaia whipped her head around and stared at him as if he'd hit her, but he didn't take notice. Odd…

"Okay, scratch that. I have gotten to know Avaia well over the last few weeks, and I decided that she should come outside for a while to get some fresh air." She looked up at me, pleading with her eyes to understand.

"Lu," I sighed, exhausted, "She's a prisoner. And not just any prisoner, a Telmarine prisoner." I turned to glare at the girl, who cringed under my gaze. "We can't trust her."

"Yes you can," Avaia said tentively. I stared at her, surprised at her intrusion. Such matters were not for her to say!

"And what makes you think I can, dear girl?" My tone was mocking.

"Because, your Majesty, my loyalties no longer lay with the Telmarines. They're a cruel and vicious people."

"Finally someone's figured it out." I could've sworn I saw her eyes narrow.

"My ruler is evil and twisted, and I'm supposed to be marrying a man I don't even love, and my father won't do anything about it because he's sucking up to the King," she began hyperventilating, her eyes widening frantically. She couldn't have been lying. I could tell, this Telmarine didn't want to go home after all.

"Can she stay with us, Pete?" Lucy latched onto my arm. "Pretty pretty please???" I was surprised, but I kind of saw it coming. What would our people say? Of course, I still had to consider the fact that she was a Telmarine, and I still wasn't sure if we could trust her. Then Lucy looked up at me with those big, innocent eyes that she knew I couldn't resist.

I sighed, defeated. "Well… ok." As soon as the words left my mouth, she squealed delightedly and leapt into my arms. I laughed and stroked her hair.

"Oh, Pete! Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

"You're welcome! Now, go get yourselves cleaned up before I change my mind."

"Okay!" she squealed happily. "Come on, Avie!" I didn't miss the mixed look of glee and pain that flashed across the girl's face. Then without hesitation, Lucy grabbed Avaia's hand and practically dragged her away, the two girls laughing uproariously. I sighed; glad that's over.

"I don't know about this Pete." I whirled around at the sound of Edmund's voice. He'd been so quiet I'd forgotten he was there.

"What d'ya mean Ed?"

"Well…" he looked down, shifting uncomfortably, "She's a Telmarine, Pete. Since when did we become a boarding house for poor little Telmarines?"

I exhaled deeply. "Ed, Lu trusts her, and she knows her more than any one of us."

He looked me, a hard edge in his gaze. "So you're going to go by what out little sister says?"

"She's not little any more Ed. She's 14," my tone was defensive and stern. "It wasn't that long ago when we didn't believe in her. Now look where we are." He glared at me stubbornly, eyes blazing in the obstinacy and pride my brother was known for.

"Fine," he muttered, "If anything goes wrong, it's on your head." With that, he stalked away. I shook my head. Some things just never change…

Avaia's P.O.V

"Lucy, slow down!" I cried, clutching my stomach. She stopped in mid run and spun on her heels, laughing.

"Come on Avie! Hurry up!"

"I can't!" I panted, "I have a cramp."

"Oh, boo," she said playfully as she skipped over to me. Her face lit up suddenly. "Can I show you something?"

"Uh, sure." Lucy grabbed my hand and pulled gently. Leaving me no choice, but to follow her. She led me through a few hallways and up a giant stairwell.

"Lu, where are you taking me?" I demanded impatiently.

She smirked. "Hold on, we're almost there."

We walked for a few more minutes. "Okay, close your eyes." I huffed dramatically but did as I was told. A few more steps. "Alright. You can open them now." I did so, and gasped loudly. I was standing in a spacious, square shaped room, with pale violet walls and an enormous bed in the middle. Behind it, was a huge window overlooking the forest. The view was breathtaking.

"Do you like it?" Lucy asked, eyes shining with delight.

"Do I like it? Do I ever!" I exclaimed, "It's beautiful! Sure beats the one I had back home."

"Well that's good, because we wouldn't want you to hate your new room…"

I gasped. "Really?? You mean it? Oh thank you Lucy! You have no idea how wonderful this is!" I ran to her and gave her an enormous bear hug. She laughed.

"You're very welcome! Now you'll find all sorts of dresses and gowns in that cupboard over there, so pick something nice and meet us in the dining hall in about an hour for supper."

"Okay, but um… I really don't know where the dining hall is."

"That's alright. I'll send someone to fetch you." With another smile, she skipped out of the room closing the door behind her.

Sighing happily, I plopped down on the bed. Things were starting to look up after all.