Chapter notes: Billy, Penny, Rating T, Angst/romance/friendship. You'll see this chapter come back again in another fiction of mine, with some minor changes. Sorry for the spoiler. CONTEST! I'll write some one-shot in dedication to, and with the prompt of, the person that can guess which other fiction it'll be seen in. Basically, guess right, and you tell me what to write. Have fun.

2: Remorseful

She didn't close her eyes. She just kind of… stopped moving.

"Captain Hammer will save us." And he couldn't take his eyes off her. How could she?! She knew who he was now, had heard what kind of a person Hammer was. He had had a little watch-monitor under his gloves and he was watching the live broadcast under the blanket, timing his entrance. He had seen her get up and leave. He had seen her reaction to Hammer's insults and admission to doing it. And still, she stood by him. And then-

And then…

She just stopped. Billy felt his own heart stop. No, no Penny! Come on, she was going to be okay, she was, she was-… oh god. Oh god. She…

He couldn't look her in the eye anymore. It was a gaze that he knew could now see through him perfectly. She knew everything now. Everything. Billy wasn't a religious person. He wasn't the kind of man to go to church, or to temple, or to mass, or to any such nonsense. He didn't pray, he didn't think anything of a three letter word that most the world held so reverently. But just now, in this second in time, he sent up a plea.

'Don't take her from me.'

It went unheard. As all pleas from those on the path of death destruction and pain did. He was evil, and good did not listen to evil; just look at Hammer. Because Hammer did not listen to him, and because of that Penny was-

Penny was…

He looked at her again, just as the flashes started and the questions came. Why had he-

Why had he…

Billy stood, not knowing what to do. He had to run, his brain was telling him to fly, to get out of there. This wasn't his mess, he didn't create it. Go, just go. In response, his legs sent him out of his crouch. But his heart found its beat again, sending him back to the floor, finding his face so very very close to Penny's. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. Show the world how much he loved her. Instead, he reached up a gloved hand, and closed her eyes. Such beautiful eyes. They were dark, a nice green that worked with her hair. Billy wished he was poetic, wished he could say they were like leaves, or like emeralds, or something expensive and wonderful and green. But they were just green. There was nothing special about Penny's eyes. They didn't have a extraordinary sparkle to them to remind him of gems. They didn't have flecks of lighter color in them to say they were living breathing beings in her face. They were plain, simple, green. They were uncomplicated. They were just like Penny. She was a girl of easy choices, easy wants. They were without the flashy gaudy verbs and adjectives. They were just eyes. And that's what made them beautiful. She didn't need makeup, she didn't need contacts, she didn't need the glamour other women thought they had to have to make themselves beautiful. She had her own simple style. And he has his own simple love.

And now they were gone. There was no life in them. So he closed them. Billy slid his arms around her, easing her off the cold ground. She didn't belong on the ground, hard, cold, uncaring. She was kind, warm, soft, sweet… no, she didn't belong anywhere near the ground. She didn't belong with the dead.

She was on the gurney, and gone. Just like that. Moist came up to Billy, putting a soft hand on his back.

"Doc…" Billy had been silent since Penny had uttered the words that killed him. 'Captain Hammer will save us.' He hadn't said a word. Moist steered him away from the reporters, away from the mass of people. Moist got him into Pink's car, sitting with him in the back. They got away rather easily; the world seemed to be in the same shock Billy was. On the drive back home, Billy didn't move, he didn't speak. Moist wasn't even sure he was breathing. At a red the henchman actually put his fingers to Billy's neck to make sure there was a pulse. He found one. Barley, but he found one.

Barely? But Doc hadn't been hurt…?

Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god. Moist understood, better than he wanted too. He hated having to do this, he really did.

He slapped Billy.

"DOC!" Pink glanced in the mirror, unsure how to help. Billy didn't respond. Moist slapped him again. "Doc come on!" Dead eyes, ones that should have been on Penny, met his own.

"Yes Moist?" There was no life in the voice either.

"…Doc?" Billy looked straight ahead again, seemingly unfazed by the bruise that was forming on his face.

"I'm in the League now."


And he didn't talk the rest of the ride. Moist fumbled with the key, Billy simply watching him like it happened every day. It did, but that was beside the point. The door swung open, and Billy walked through, head high, into the kitchen.

Where he leaned over the sink and vomited.

There was the Billy Moist knew!