Training the Swan

The Epilogue

As cameras flashed nearby, I wiggled my eyebrows as Bella arched one of hers. It was clear if I smeared the piece of cake I held between my fingers, I'd get it later. I offered her a smile, the one that usually had her melting. It only made her more suspicious if the narrowing of her eyes were any indication.

Jacob catcalled nearby, "Do it, do it!" That started a chant throughout the wedding party.

"No! You're gonna mess up Momma's makeup again!" Ellie cried out playfully, giggling as Jacob whispered in her ear as he held her. "You already kissed off her lipstick!"

Bella shook her head at them, turning to look at me again. Her eyes narrowed as she settled her hands on her hips. It was the "I dare you" look.

I dared.

I closed in on her and spread some of the sweet, fluffy frosting across her lips, possibly getting some on her cheek. Her hand caught a hold of my wrist, forcing me to pop the cake in her mouth. Her lips sucked on my fingers, making me groan. Several laughs and snickers came from friends and family, still chanting. She hissed, laughing, as she promptly pulled me by my loose tie toward her. She smacked me a big kiss, smearing the frosting between us.

I groaned and kissed her properly. She was sweet, the frosting perfectly complementing her taste. As if her sucking on my fingers weren't enough to arouse me, her doing it to my tongue sent me into overdrive. I wanted to find the closest sturdy table and take her hard and fast—the first time.

"Edward's turn," someone said, probably Jacob. The asshole was really asking for it.

We pulled apart, but I kept her close, since her dress hid my reaction to the kiss. She smiled up at me, looking utterly smug about it. Before I could complain to her, my mom handed Bella another piece of cake, a big one.

Her smile widened as my eyes narrowed. She was going to get me. There was no doubt in my mind.

"Not the hair!" one of my cousins said. "Don't mess with the hair!"

I rolled my eyes and kept my eyes on my wife. Fuck, it felt fucking good to say those words and know that she was all mine.

Bella crooked a finger, asking me to bend down a little closer to her. Even knowing what was likely to happen, I'd do whatever she asked. She held up the piece of cake and as I took a bite, she smashed it against my face. She twisted away, screaming as I growled. As cameras continued to flash, I chased her around the table, earning giggles from our daughter and laughter from the rest of our friends and family.

"That's what you get!" she teased from the end of a table.

"Oh this is a lot more than I did to you," I said as she squealed, using Alice and her mother as a shield. They laughed as I bowed, offering an apology, before plowed right through them.

I finally got a hold of Bella and kissed her again, smearing what was left of the cake between us.

A few minutes later, after we cleaned up, we were on the dance floor.

"Brat," I hummed against her neck, her arms wrapping around me as my mom and aunt set about cutting the remaining cake. We swayed to the music that restarted, pressed close together. As we continued to dance, I looked around to those that were able to join us for our wedding.

Rosalie and Emmett were sitting at a table nearby, laughing at Alice and Jasper, who removed a glass of champagne from her underage fingers. I never would've thought that they were compatible, considering Jasper's quiet, subdued nature, while Alice was like a mini hurricane wherever she went. I hoped for the best for them.

Bella gestured toward Emmett, who had a hand over Rosalie's stomach, whispering something in her ear that made her blush. She had come a long way from the frightened woman who came to Charlie for help against her abusive boyfriend, Royce.

They had a long and dangerous road ahead of them. However, Emmett was working hard to dissolve the organization; he wanted to ensure that the city wouldn't fall into control of a bloodthirsty tyrant. No matter what, someone would take over his operations. It worked that way no matter what city a person lived in. Most people were oblivious to that ugly truth. I had no doubt, with Rosalie by Emmett's side, that he'd do what he set out to do. His unborn child was another reason for him to want a stable, safe future.

As we slowly made another turn on the floor, I watched as Jacob led Vanessa to a table, his arm around her waist. I haven't seen him so enraptured by a woman since he met Bella. I guess it was a good thing that the woman was moving to Seattle, where she had an aunt she wanted to be closer to. It wouldn't be long before she told him her plans. It would be good to see him happy again.

Bella captured my attention with a small nip at my chin. I looked down at her and smiled. "What are you doing?"

I shrugged. "Wondering what's in store for everyone we know and love."

"Well, my parents are heading on a honeymoon for about a month or two."

I smiled at the thought. Renee and Alice, from what I heard, were still fucking pissed about the whole "Bella's fake death" scene on Charlie's wedding day in Arizona. He was still in the doghouse for it.

I asked, "Did they say where?"

"Nope," she said, laughing. "He won't tell Mom either, it's driving her crazy."

"Sounds like something he'd do." I sighed and asked, "How about Jasper and Alice?"

"He told her she had to go to college," she replied and shrugged. "He might be good for her since he's adamant that she finish her education before they do anything crazy, like get married."

I cocked an eyebrow. "They're that serious?" She nodded, not looking thoroughly pleased. "Wow. As long as they're happy, I guess. Just so you know he'll take really good care of her."

"I know that," she replied, shaking her head. "He proved himself worthy in Arizona. I'm more worried that she'd break his heart. She's so young and she'll make mistakes, I'm sure."

I tightened my hold on her and kissed her temple. She loved so fucking hard sometimes that she couldn't help but want those she cared for to be happy.

"I wish Sam and Leah could've made it," she whispered softly after a few minutes, leaning her head on my shoulder.

"I know, baby." Kissing the top of her head, I explained. "You know if they could they'd be here. But they were worried since Sam had ties to Charlie that he was still under surveillance."

"I guess that means they have to stay away when we return home."

I nodded. "For awhile yes," I said, softening the news with a gentle kiss. "We'll see." I had to tell her something about Sam, but it could wait until later.

"So where are we heading tonight," she asked as I led her to a table when the song ended.

"Nice try, Mrs. Cullen."

She smiled, shaking her head. "You're enjoying calling me that quite a bit." I most definitely was, her Bella Cullen hooded jacket was waiting for her in our luggage. I wanted to see her in it, with nothing else on, too. I could almost imagine those lovely legs of hers exposed as the jacket's hem settled just over the tops of her thighs. Fuck, we had to leave soon.

As we sat, my aunt served us some cake and while we ate, I continued to watch my friends and family. Dad was dancing with Jane, who was trying to get him to do flashy dance move as the DJ played some popular song that I never heard. I watched as Mom sat with Ellie at a table nearby, both talking amongst themselves as Ellie nibbled on a giant slice of cake.

Sensing my eyes on her, my daughter offered me a smile and wave. She blew me a kiss, which I caught mid air, making her giggle. I winked and turned to Bella who was watching me.

"You've been an amazing father," she whispered, tears filling her eyes. "I want to see you with a baby in your arms, sleeping on your chest."

I leaned in, brushing her hair aside to whisper in her ear. "I want to see your belly grow with our son or daughter, watch you sit in a rocker as you breastfeed and listen to you sing a lullaby like you still do with Ellie. I hope you never stop singing like that, sweetheart."

"As long as I have someone willing to listen, I won't." She kissed me then, prolonging it with a sweep of her tongue along my lips. "I love you, so much, Edward."

I smiled as I went back for another kiss. "I know." She laughed, smacking my gut with her hand. "I love you, too. It's a good thing you do though. I would hate to be the only one."

Something caught her attention over my shoulder, and she straightened. "I'm going to change into another dress," she rolled her eyes at her own words, and I knew that was one of my mother's ideas, "and then we can head out for wherever you're taking me."

My hand ran over the curve of her hip, smiling when I gave her ass a little squeeze. "Can't wait, love,"

"I bet."

I held onto her hand as she rose to her feet, our fingers touching as she moved past me. It was then that I noticed Charlie's presence behind me. He must have been what caught her attention. Without a word, he took her place.

Since he appeared for the wedding, we hadn't had a chance to talk and I was glad that he realized I needed to.

"It's been a good day," he said as he sat. I nodded, clearing my throat. "I know you're probably upset with me, you have a good reason to be."

I didn't say anything for a bit, trying to gather my thoughts. "I know you never would've sent Jane to stay with my parents unless you took every precaution to ensure their safety and hers. I also know that you couldn't tell me."

His eyes met mine briefly, nodding. "You weren't ready to go home yet, Edward."

"Yeah," I said, shaking my head. "I guess that was a good thing, because if I had come home a year ago with Jane, I never would've met Bella." Smirking, I teased him. "I bet you wished I had then though."


I knew that now, but it was nice to hear him admit it.

"Why did you choose my parents?"

"Because you loved Jane and Alec, Edward," he said, shrugging. "You were a good kid when we first met, one that hit a bit of bad luck, but you kept working at it. You could've gone home at any moment and your parents would've taken you back with open arms. But you wanted to succeed on your own."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"I thought if your parents could raise a son with that much potential, that much determination to make himself a better man, then they were the right people to raise a very lost little girl."

Neither of us said a word for a few minutes, the silence broken by Charlie first. "I know I was hard on you when Bella first came to stay with you."

I snorted, that was a fucking understatement. "No shit." He cocked an eyebrow, telling me with a single look that he didn't appreciate the interruption. "Sorry."

"I was scared," he said, looking away for a few seconds. "I was scared that you'd take her away from me when I finally had a chance to get to know her." He raised his hands, gesturing around us.

"You'd thought if it came to it, we'd move somewhere else."

He nodded. "I wouldn't have stopped you if that's what you two wanted," he said with a shrug, clearing his throat harshly. "Stupid cold," he added, coughing a bit. The man was choking up and I couldn't help but smile. I hid it behind my hand of course, I wasn't stupid. "All I want is for you, Bella and Ellie to be happy."

"We are," I replied. "And we'll stay in Washington, though we'll probably be visiting here often."

Charlie nodded and after a few silent minutes, he looked me straight in the eye. "For what it's worth, Edward," he stated firmly. "I never wanted to bring you into my world. You were too smart for your own good, figuring out just what was going on in my restaurant. Only took you a few months."

"I know."

"I wanted to love you like a son."

He probably did even then, but just couldn't show it because it would've put me in danger. I would've been his weakness, and when I looked back, I realized I had been a chink in his armor even then. Charlie gave me so many opportunities like how he gave me a job and the education he knew I would use and thrive with. My graduation he attended. The countless hours he spent by my bedside after I'd taken a bullet for him. The hell he'd given to anyone that gave me trouble. The fact that he let me walk away from the organization the second I asked, no one had ever been allowed to do that besides me.

Why hadn't I seen it before?

I nodded, keeping my eyes on his. "I started figuring that out recently."

Charlie laughed and shook his head. "It's going to take a while for me to learn to love you like a son-in-law though."

That was Charlie's way of telling me he cared and I was grateful for it. "Same here, Pop."

"Yeah, not yet, Edward," he said, grimacing. "That's definitely going to take some time."

I smiled, noticing Bella over his shoulder, biting her lip nervously. She'd been worried about Charlie and me talking. I gave her wink, laughing again when she sighed in relief.

"When will we see you again?" I asked him, watching my wife.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see him smile as he replied, "Ellie has convinced me to meet up with all of you for her birthday in Anaheim."

"If she's making me wear a pair of Mickey Mouse ears," I said as I rose to my feet. "So are you."

He growled, "Over my de—"

Ellie interrupted him before he could continue, tugging on his jacket. "I think he should wear a pirate hat," she said, giggling as Charlie lifted her in his arms and tickling her. "Uncle! Uncle!"

I felt Bella's hand slide along my lower back, wrapping her arm around my waist a second after. "So I guess it's a plan," she said softly to her father, so that no one overheard her. Everyone believed that he was her uncle, who hit it off with Bella's hairdresser. "We'll see you at Disneyland in time for the Christmas and her birthday."

"Yay!" Ellie fist-pumped, high-fiving Charlie and pressing a kiss to his cheek. "We're going to Disneyland." As the music changed to a fast moving, hip-hop song, she begged Charlie to dance with her.

I looked down at Bella, taking in her new dress. God, she was fucking gorgeous. Whatever the fabric it was made of she looked fucking amazing. It was sheer over her shoulders and neck, shiny little crystals appeared to raining down the front, until it reached her waist where it cinched and fit over her delectable curves. Her back was exposed, and I ran my hand down her spine.

Fuck, we needed to get out of there before I did something indecent.

She nudged me with her elbow, smirking as she watched Charlie and Ellie. After a moment, the smile disappeared.

I tipped her chin up so I could see her eyes. "What is it?"

"How long are we going to be gone?" she whispered.

She wasn't ready to leave Ellie yet, not after the long separation while she'd been in Arizona. I pulled her closer to my side, kissing her forehead. "Only a few days and we're staying close enough that I could have you by her side in only a couple of hours if we need to."

She tightened her hold on me. "Thank you."

"I wouldn't be comfortable either, baby," I whispered. "And, even though we should be safe, I'll be taking precautions with our daughter and you for a while longer." It was time to reveal a secret that not even Charlie knew about. Lifting my cell phone, I sent out a text, allowing her to see.

Stand up or nod so my wife could see you.

Bella's eyes snapped up to mine, and then started to roam around the room. At almost every other table was one of Sam's men. They didn't look like the other pack members, but that was a good thing. He started to add outsiders in the last year, spanning his business tenfold.

"We're safe," I stated firmly. "But for your peace of mind while we're gone, I thought you'd appreciate that Ellie was watched carefully."

She nodded and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Thank you, I have no idea how you did all of this."

I brushed a wayward curl form her cheek, smoothing a hand down her back again. "Security is a lucrative business. Not even Charlie knows this, but I became Sam's silent partner a while back. Silent as in there's not even paperwork to tie me to the company. Besides my expertise in security and business advice, he needed the money to fund a top notch, global wide security team."

"You never said anything," she said after a minute. "Wait. You won't have to disappear to go on assignment, right?"

I smiled. "No, baby. Silent partner, I just offer advice and money. At this point in my life, with you and Ellie a part of it, I don't want to ever leave you for long periods of time."

She laughed. "Good. As exciting as it sounds to be a bodyguard, there's only one body I want you to concentrate on…tonight."

I hummed and brushed my lips over hers. After a long, lingering kiss, we announced we were on the way. As our friends and family gathered around us, Ellie handed Bella her bouquet from the ceremony. My mother then announced that it was time to throw it and Bella's garter.

Minutes later, Bella stood on a chair as I stood in front of her, holding onto her hips so she wouldn't fall. Behind her were Vanessa, Ellie, Alice, Jane, and several other single women, all looking up as Bella waved the small bunch of flowers overhead. Twice Bella faked it, making them laugh and scream at her.

Finally, at the end of the next countdown, Bella threw it over her shoulder. I looked to see who caught it, finding a wide-eyed Jane holding the bouquet in her hands. However, seconds after, Dad passed her, grabbing the prize and handing the flowers back to my wife.

There were several laughs and Jane groaned, chasing him toward my Mom who was too busy trying to be mad at him. Then he went back for Ellie. Good, I knew he was on my side.

"I can't believe your dad," Bella said from her perch. She looked down at me as she waited for everyone to settle again. "You're enjoying yourself aren't you?" I shrugged, not apologizing for my wandering hands. My fingers were barely grazing her ass.

She threw the bouquet again, this time landing in Vanessa's hands. I searched for Jacob in the crowd, his eyes wide with fear and probably shock. The poor fucker, he was probably next.

I helped Bella down and had her sit on the chair she had stood on. Rubbing my hands together, I circled her to determine the best plan of action. She cocked an eyebrow, tapping her wrist, though she wore no watch, she was telling me I was taking too long. Our audience was eating it up, as I lifted her dress slightly, and she slapped my hand away.

At the next approach, I tapped her shoulder only to move away and made another attempt at her legs. She clamped her legs shut, trapping my hand between her thighs.

I could hear Charlie laughing along with my father. "You have to be faster than that!"

I wiggled the fingers of my trapped hand, watching as Bella's eyes widened. She shook her head, glaring at me. She was right. I wouldn't dare tickle her there with our daughter present. With a lift of her chin, she stood and placed her lovely heeled foot on the chair, smiling as she lifted her dress just an inch. As the men gathered behind her, she continued to tease, revealing the edge of the garter.

I got on my knees, pretending to beg. She shook her head, holding out her palm. Under the chair were the props I asked for. I dropped several fake stacks of money; she tossed it aside dramatically, holding out for more. I laid faux gold and diamonds in her hands and yet they weren't enough.

Then I acted my way into that Eureka moment, smiling as I offered my heart. She threw her arms around me, giving me one hell of a kiss, all the men whistling. With slightly trembling fingers, I slid the white and blue lace garter down her sweet thigh, over her knee where I placed a kiss and tossed it over our heads as I sealed my mouth of hers.

As the men reached for the garter, I lifted Bella in my arms and ran toward the exit. We waited near the door, saying goodbye to everyone. When we reached Ellie, I lifted her in my arms.

"Who got the garter belt, princess?" I asked her, nuzzling her soft cheek.

"Jasper did."

"I bet Jacob didn't take that well," Bella said, rubbing Ellie's back.

"That was fun," Ellie said, nodding several times. "You were so silly, Daddy."

When Bella and I discussed our wedding plans, we wanted as many of the traditions we could get even though technically it was supposed to be only a renewal of vows. We also wanted to have some fun, considering everything we'd been through in the past few months. We deserved it.

It was Bella's idea to put on a little performance for the garter toss.

"I'm going to miss you, Daddy," Ellie whispered, wrapping her arms around my neck tightly. She kissed my entire face and planted a big one on my mouth.

I laughed as I squeezed her tight. "I'll miss you, too."

"You call us if you need anything, baby," Bella said, holding out her arms for Ellie. Our daughter wrapped her arms around her mother, sighing when her head fell on her shoulder.

"Grandma Lizzy said she was going to keep me busy," she replied. "But that I can call you in the afternoon. How long are you gonna be gone again?"

Since I arranged everything, I replied. "We'll be gone for three nights, two days, princess."

She sighed and kissed Bella, holding her close. "I guess I can wait that long to tell you."

"Tell us what?" I asked her.

"I better not tell you yet," she whispered, looking unsure.

"Now you have to tell us," Bella said, pulling back enough to see Ellie's face.

Ellie sighed and shrugged. "You see, there's this boy I like and he kissed me on the cheek the other day."

"Jacob," I called out before she could finish. I looked back at her. "I want his name, social security number, telephone number, and address. Never mind I can find out his address."

"Hey, I thought you were supposed to be leaving," Jacob said as he joined us.

"Find out all you can about this boy that kissed Ellie," I stated, ignoring the way Ellie and Bella groaned in protest.

"This is probably not a good time to tell him that he's coming over for a play date when we go back home," she whispered to my wife, just loud enough for me to hear most of it.

"Not going to happen," I growled. I wasn't ready for Ellie having boyfriends, kissing anyone or play dates with boys.

Bella sighed as Ellie scowled at me. "No, it's definitely not a good time."

As I turned to Jacob again, who asked if I was serious, I heard Ellie whisper, "You can talk to him, Momma."

"I'll see what I can do."

I was so fucked, because Bella was good at convincing me do anything she asked. I also didn't want her to lengthen the sex ban. However, we're talking about my baby girl. Jacob gave me a look, letting me know that I was overreacting. I sighed. They already won.

"Fine," I said to my girls. "You can have a play date with your b-b—" Jacob smacked my back. The shithead was looking for a damn ass kicking. "Friend when we get back."

My baby girl shifted toward me from Bella's arms and she puckered up for a kiss. How could I resist that sweetness? After her sweet little kiss, I set her down and didn't miss the wink she shared with her mother. I was never going to win with those two around. Some boys, as in brothers, for Ellie would help even things up…eventually.


We'd been in the car for twenty minutes heading out of the city to our destination. Bella had been quiet for a while, holding my hand over the gearshift of one of Dad's cars I borrowed. Her body shifted, as her legs crossed, drawing my eye to the newly exposed skin.

"You seem far away," I said, returning my eyes to the road.

She offered me a smile. "And your mind seems somewhere else, too."

"Oh it's somewhere all right. In the gutter, considering all the things I want to do to you, but I can see that something is on your mind."

"I want to paint again."

And that would require surgery.

"We could probably enlist Carlisle's help, find a specialist back home."

She looked at me again, drawing my gaze. "You wouldn't mind if I decided to go back to work?"

"If you want to teach again, I'll make sure you get the credentials you need under Marie Cullen, it'll take time though. If that's not what you want to do, I'll be there to support you no matter what it is."

"I want to focus on art again," she replied softly. "My mind is whirling with ideas for projects. Your mother's work is inspiring."

When Mom found out about Bella and Ellie's love of painting and her granddaughter's incredible gift, she was ecstatic. The three of them bonded over the pieces in her gallery and her current projects. They even discussed the potential of an art studio in our home; the conservatory would be the perfect place with all the light and wide-open floor plan.

"I dabbled in photography, loved it as much as painting."

"Whatever you want to do," I said, kissing her hand.

She sighed. "I'd like for us to consider what to do about Ellie's education, too."

We did need to talk about that. Soon there would be no reason to hide her intelligence. Though it was best to wait out the school year, I wanted the best for her.

"We can talk to Ms. Gomez and see what she thinks."

"That would be a great idea. We can look into tutors again. Ellie was talking about taking dance this year, too." I nodded, and then shook my head as I laughed. "What is it?" she asked.

"I never would have imagined a better life for myself."

She laughed. "So you're not afraid of tutors, two temperamental artists in your home, boys calling to talk to our baby girl and the prospect of trading in the car for a mini van?"

"First, I am not afraid of tutors as long as they teach her something. As long as you two keep your temperamental attitudes in the studio, I can handle it. The day a boy calls Ellie, we're changing our phone number. And I absolutely draw the line at driving around in a mini van."

She laughed and nodded. I knew she had to be joking since she enjoyed fast cars as much as I did, in fact more. She loved to work on them, too. That reminded me that her birthday was around the corner, it was time for me to look for the perfect present. I would have to enlist help from Jacob and my Dad to find a car for her to restore.

I was a lucky asshole. I had the best woman as a wife. She loved fast cars, sports, action movies and enjoyed to make love at anytime or anywhere.

I heard the chime from Bella's cell phone and knew it was Ellie. She checked it, laughing. "She asked if we were at the cabin yet."

"Well damn, she gave me away."

"A cabin?"

"I said it was only a couple of hours by car. And it's pretty secluded and we'll have it all to ourselves."

She laughed and kissed my cheek. "You don't have to convince me. It sounds perfect and that explains why you only brought us one bag for a three night stay."

I growled, and pulled her hand to my mouth. "We won't be leaving the cabin for much. And being naked all weekend is fucking mandatory."

"Yes, sir," she purred.

Fuck. Did she have any idea what her saying things like that, in that fucking hot voice of hers did to me? I groaned when I felt her free hand rub between my thighs. "Oh fuck," I hissed and released her other hand. Both of my own gripped the steering wheel, desperately trying not to fucking kill us and drive. She added a little more pressure and I knew there was no fucking way I could let her continue. "As good as that fucking feels…oh fuck…so good. If you don't stop we're gonna die on this road."

With a final mind-numbing caress, she pulled away, but kept a hand on my thigh. That only served to keep me highly aroused as I drove toward our destination. I checked my speed and floored it, earning a small breathy laugh.

She was as desperate for me as I was for her. We arrived at the cabin in record fucking time. I threw my seat belt off and had the door opened before the engine even came to a complete stop. Bella looked quite amused as I ran around the car to her side and helped her out.

"Why are you in such—" she started to say before I lifted her in my arms. Surprised by the move, she yelped and hung on tight. I felt the breath of her laughter against my ear, forcing me to quicken my pace. The only thoughts running through my mind was the fact that I needed to be inside her, right the fuck now.

"As if you didn't know," I growled as I ran up the porch steps. "It's been almost a week since I've been inside you. And if I don't do it in the next few minutes, I'll fuck you on the hood of my father's car."

She sighed, batting her lashes like the devil woman she was. "Oh how romantic," she teased, and then she proceeded to nip and lick along my neck. I groaned and my knees nearly buckled at the amazing warmth and wetness. I wanted to feel that on my cock and I was very close to making that a possibility, fuck slow and tender.

It wasn't like us anyway.

"Hurry, babe," she murmured, continuing the delicious torture while I tried to open the door to our retreat. Thank God, I had all the arrangements done ahead of time. There was no way I would've been able to endure checking in with my wife in my arms.

I heard her soft exclamation as the door swung open. "Edward, it's so beautiful."

Candlelight came from every corner and surface of the large one room cabin. White roses filled several vases throughout the room, petals spread across the bed where a nice gift basket lay. I smiled at her and kissed her lips softly.

All right, I was a sucker for slow and tender, too.

Her hands crept up from my shoulders and into my hair, when she tugged to deepen our kiss, while all my thoughts centered on her. Her soft moan increased as I stepped over the threshold, and my foot popped the door closed.

"Edward," she gasped, pressing small kisses along my neck again. "Husband," she added with a bite of her teeth just under my ear. I groaned and shifted her so I could pin her against the door. Her body fit perfectly along mine.

My tie ended up somewhere to my right, her hands pushing my tuxedo jacket from my shoulders and pooled at our feet. I kissed her with the same reverence I always had for her. As if there may not be a next time, I knew I would be able to hold her for much longer. Sixty to seventy years sounded fucking good to me.

"My Bella," I whispered and broke away from her tempting mouth. My lips continued along her jawline and down the graceful arch of her neck. "My wife."

A shuddering moan escaped her then, accompanied by a breathy plea for more. Her hands fell from my shoulders, to the button of my slacks. "Fuck," I hissed, bucking against her stomach, wanting to feel more of her.

"Hurry," she said breathlessly. "Trust me, I'm more than ready."

I laughed, as I decided to see for myself. Her moan was deep and long when she felt my hand sweeping her knee over my hip and down her thigh. She wasn't wearing hose, her legs bare and smooth under my palm. My fingers spread across her lace covered ass, grinding her against me.

Her head fell back against the door, which reminded me of where we were. Right, romance, I thought to myself. However, when I tried to move way and guide her to the bed, she shook her head.

"Right here, please. It's been a while since you took me like this," she moaned, taking matters into her hands. With a hard tug, my pants were at my feet.

She did not need to tell me twice.

Grunting, I slid two fingers inside her and found her as ready as she claimed to be. She whimpered as I thrust my fingers deeper, wanting to watch her come around them. My eyes focused on her beautiful face as I pressed my thumb over her center. Her lashes fluttered as her eyes closed and she cried out seconds after.

Desperate to feel her muscles tense around me, I shifted enough to free myself and moved her further up the door. Her forehead dropped to my shoulder, but I knew she was watching where we were connected. With nimble fingers, she worked the top portion of her dress off, giving me a tantalizing view of her beautiful breasts.

I pulled her panties to the side, positioning myself. "Hold on, sweetheart."

She tensed waiting for the intrusion, but instead I entered her nice and slow. I groaned as I watched her take me inside her, she moaned and licked her lips, breathless in my arms. Once I was in completely, she lifted her dark gaze to mine and silently asked for a kiss.

I complied and pressed my lips to hers in soft exploration of her mouth. She moaned as I pulled back, gasping as I thrust forward, hard and fast. "More," she hissed, her nails biting on my shoulder. She pulled away from my lips, licking over the pulse on my neck, her hands moving between us, loosening my shirt's buttons.

I worked my hands under her dress, tearing away her panties and softening the impulse with soothing fingers. She moaned, hitting her head on the door. Her laugh was choppy and music to my fucking ears. Thrust for thrust, her hips met mine; crying out when I added the touch of my tongue on her sweet, pink peaks.

Fuck, she was perfection as her body quaked in my arms.

My forehead rested on hers, our eyes on the soft fabric bunched high around her waist, watching us come together repeatedly. Mutual gasps, moans, and groans were our chorus as I continued to thrust inside her. Her fingers tightened in my hair, matching the hold of her thighs around my hips. She was close.

I shifted her enough to change the angle, sharpening it to hit her at the right spot and her next sound was a scream, the heels of her shoes biting against my ass. The bit of pain enriched my pleasure; my own sounds deepening as my thrusts became erratic. She shuddered as her fingers worked between her thighs. At my next plunge, she screamed my name and tightened all her muscles.

I groaned, driving into her harder and faster, until I came with knee-buckling strength. Carefully as I tried to breathe, finding it somewhat difficult, I maneuvered us onto the floor to lie down. Her body draped over my chest, her lips parted against my chest.

After a few minutes when I felt that I could move, I pressed a kiss to her hair as she broke the silence. "That was…" she stopped as she looked up to meet my curious gaze. "That was good."

I laughed, remembering the first time we shared an orgasm in the gym back home, in front of the mirrors. How she somewhat teased me with her inadequate description. I slapped her ass, making her laugh and bite my nipple.

Hissing, I rolled her onto her back and wiggled my eyebrows. "Give me a few minutes and I'll give you fucking amazing."

She hummed and pressed kisses along my jaw and bit the cleft in my chin. I pressed myself against her thighs, feeling not only her warmth, but also her dress. "Don't think it'll take that long." She grinned, looking once again smug.

I shut her up with a kiss, spent several minutes teasing her until she was a mass of nerves, and swiftly lifted her in my arms. Our bodies fell onto the bed, and with a soft moan, she shifted above me to take me inside her.

I removed her dress over her head, hoping it didn't land near any of the candles. Her breasts filled my hands as she rode me slow and deeply, perfectly. I loved watching her like that, pleasure clearly written all over her face.

"I love you," she whispered.

I groaned and shifted to sit upright, changing the angle again. Her lips parted as my mouth closed over hers. Driving my hips up, helping her move with my hands clasped around her ass, I whispered in her ear, "I'll love you, forever."

We had come a long way. She had come to me for help and training. I gave her both, but not only did I help her gain confidence, train her body to kill and survive, but I helped train her heart to let love in again. She had taught me the same.

I would never take her for granted. Nothing had changed just because she was safe, and her enemies were dead.

If it came to it, I would always kill to protect her. Always.

The End

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