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author's note: Rated for drinking, nakedness. And I guess isn't quite a drabble, since I went over 100 words. But it's close. Enjoy (and review!)


it was SO worth it!


"I'm pretty sure the Lake is frozen over, this time of year," Remus tried.

James looked scandalised. "Moony! No mere ice shall stop us! For we are wizards, and wizards are -- "

"Pissed," Remus reminded him pointedly.

"But that's what makes it so right," Sirius argued. "If we were sober, we'd know better."

Peter grinned. "Well, thank Merlin we're not sober, then, eh?"

When Minerva McGonagall found them ten minutes later, she had a conniption fit. "Skinny-dipping?!" she raged. "You were skinny-dipping in the Great Lake? Do the concepts of propriety and restraint and -- common decency! -- mean nothing to you?" She peered more closely at them. "And for Merlin's sake! Are you intoxicated?"

Sirius, Remus, and Peter quickly shook their heads. James, however, took a bit longer.

"Mister Potter?" McGonagall said expectantly.

"Don't worry, guys," James whispered loudly. "She'll never find out. I hid the alcohol...in my body."