E/O Challenge: "Splinter"

Spoilers: The Rapture, all of Season 4 so far really…

Warnings: Language (one word)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did, Sam would be so much more redeemable…and he would stop breaking my poor heart. And giving me nightmares.


"I'm scaring myself," he admits quietly. Knows Dean is looking at him. Knows that the façade he's kept up is now splintering. Knows that a part of him wants Dean to figure it out, to get angry, to yell, scream, and even beat the shit out of him if that's what it takes.

Even with this need gnawing at his insides, there's a small, frightened part of him (still Sam) that wants it to be over. And so he wonders if Dean – who has stopped him from losing sleep, blood, oxygen, even his life – can stop him from losing himself.