hey guys –

i need to take a break from this story because i dont have the time to spend writting it, and also, i dont have any inspiration. I hate leaving you guys on the hook but I WILL BE BACK!!! Some things have been hapening in my family and i just cant afford to b concentrating on anyone or anything but them. please understand that i love you guys and you keep me writting this story! i might write a few one shots every now and then so add me to author aleart if u want to read anything of mine.

specifically to heypeepsox16: thank you so much for being here for me and supporting me :-D I don't know what I would do without you hopefully ull b there to beta all my stories

specifically to my cousins: guys, I promise promise promise ill work on it. just not now. u guys will be the first ones to read it and if I start a new story ull b the first ones to know. I luv u guys

I hope u guys understand, and I hope I didn't lose any of you as readers because when I come back ill be fully charged and this story will be better than ever! I hope u guys can forgive me and see past this. there still is a chance I wont return with this story but a different one, and I hope u all read that when it comes out aswell. thanks for reading and caring about my story! I just cant write this story at the moment.

I want to thank the following people for reading and reviewing my story, thanks guys!

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please vote on the poll on my profile because that is my game plan for attacking this story when i come back if you guys want ill update short little tidbits of chapters when i can but they wont be good because they will be rushed! i am so so so sooo sorry about this you guys! please forgive me!


Edward's Doll