Bella's POV

"Do you know how many times I've seen this movie?" Emmett groaned as I put in The Wizard of Oz.

"It's a classic," I muttered and I knew he would hear me.

"Classic or not, I've seen it like a million times! Can we watch something newer? Like this." He held up the case to Star Wars Episode 5.

"That's old, too." Alice reminded him from her spot on the lay-z-boy.

"But The wizard of Oz is older. And Star Wars has action. And those awesome laser-guns that make that pew-pew sound. And then when Darth Vader comes in and he's like 'No, Luke, I am your father' Ha! it's awesome! Oh, and it has the mini green dude, Yoda. And then--" He was interrupted by my husband.

"Vote," Edward said casually. "Wizard?" Jasper, Renesmee, Rosalie, and I raised our hands. Okay, 4 against four. That means...

"Tie-Breaker!" Emmet yelled triumphantly. "So what about an arm wrestling match? Or a race? What about a paint-ball fight... On motorcycles!!! Yeah, that'd be awesome!"

Seth raised his hand to shut him up. "Dude, stop talking about things like that, you're going to give Edward a... Well, I guess you can't have a heart attack, can you? Well, Emmett, you're really freaking him out." I looked at Edward. He had the most horrifying look on his face. He kept looking between my daughter and I. Huh, he really was protective.

"Fine, what can we do, Ed-ward." Emmet rolled his eyes, pronouncing each syllable of his name like a mental person, while hitting his chest with the side of his hand.

"Aw, don't ask Edward, Em, he'd pick something really boring. Let's ask Carlisle!"

Carlisle's POV

I was almost finished with my filing when all of my children, and grandchild, and grandson-in-law, and his friend, came in. "Hello, children, to what do I owe this visit?" I asked.

"We need your help. You see... weweregoingtowatchthismovie,TheWizardofOz,butthenEmmettsaidhewantedtowatchStarWars,sowevoted,anditwasatie,andthenEmmettstatrtedlistingcrazythingsthatwecoulddoasatiebreaker,butEdwardwaslookingreallyfreakedout..." Alice said on one breath, but I didn't catch a word she said.

Umm, What? I thought to Edward. He smiled then said, "What Alice was trying to say was, that we need a tie-breaker."

"I really don't know..." I looked behind my family to see a huge owl landing on my window sill. It had a letter tied to it's leg. "What. The. Freak?"