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Chapter 3: Complicated

Complicated. Thats the only way I can sum women up. I can figure out how to make gold out of coal, but for the life of me I cant figure out the unstable creature that is the female human.

I went down stairs about ten minutes after I found my pants. It took me a while, seeing as my left leg was my leg. I made my way to the kitchen, and seeing how nobody was in it, I made my own cup of tea. Don't ask how, because its a miracle I could with just one arm.

When I walked into the living room, I saw Winry trembling, holding what was left of my right arm. A chimp with no eyes could see where this was headed, so I tried to back up slowly and walk out but to no avail. She turned around quickly, a wrench whizzing right past my ear. I think it buried itself in the wall behind me, am not sure as I didn't wanna take my eyes off her, fearing I might be seeing the pearly white gates if I do.

I tried to crack a smile. "Wh-whats wrong Winry?"


"Oh... you know. This and that." I sipped my tea as I walked to the couch and sat down. " Its just the usual search and stuff. Oh, and some alchemist serial killer got his hands on it."

The shaking got worse. And maybe it was my imagination, but everything got real dark around her.

"You let a serial killer... KILL my greatest achievement?!"

I had to raise an eyebrow to this one. "Oh yea, let me tell. I walked up to this deranged psychopath and asked him kindly, "Oh please Mr. Killer, sir, please destroy my arm in which I need to create my alchemy and destroy most of my brothers armored body." GET REAL! It was either the arm or me, Winry. Which would have rather seen in piece, the arm or me?!"

The shaking stopped, and it lightened up so much, I noticed a new rural painting behind her.

"Th-the arm of course. The arm is replace able, and in the eyes of the military, so are you. But to me... theres only one short, hot headed, feather headed smart ass in my world."

Short....?! Hot headed? Feather? Smart ass? Not the best words....

I wobbled toward her, and put my arm around her, holding her close. Not something I would usually do, but I read somewhere that it was a good way to comfort someone. And I could tell that she was distressed at the fact that there was a serial alchemist killer out there and me and Al could have come back to her in pieces.

"It's alright Winry. I told you the time I come to you in a box is when I-"

" ' -could afford a train home and I had to ship myself via mail.' I remember." She sniffed. Is she crying? She better not get snot on me.

" And that's something I intend to keep to."

"But Al said that you were willing to die that day."

Al and his big mouth..... "I only did that so Al could live. I really thought both of us were gonna bite it for real back then. I had one arm, and no alchemy, and this guy was right on top of me, what was I going to do?"

She lightly pound a fist to my chest. " But- but-"

I took my arm from around her and took hold of her hand, looking her in the eye. Geez, I wonder where all this is coming from. But, as some would, its better to go with the flow.

" But nothing. I will always come back to you, one way or another. Just who the hell do you think I am.**"

I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers... Now what? This is my first time actually going for the kiss, so what now? Do like the Colonel and grab her butt? Actually, it seemed like she read my mind, and I just did I she did. Her lips parted ever so slightly, and her tongue went from her mouth to mind, and ours just swirled around each other, with our lips moving around with the motions. Honestly, here and now, I might have placed this slightly above alchemy. Slightly. But all good things must come to an end, and the end is in sight.




We parted like lightning struck us. I swung around as fast as I could, and forgetting I wasn't using my leg, I feel right on my ass.

I looked up and saw Al in his box that was on its side. Grannys mouth was open, and her pipe on the floor, and Major Armstrong.... looking like Major Armstrong. If I didn't know any better though, I would think he was smiling.

"What the hell is going on here?!"

I ask my self the same question all the time.

I jumped to my feet as best as I could with one arm and looking around the room at all the faces. Alotta faces for one room. Or maybe it was the air of the room.

I looked back at Winry, who had her back to everyone.

"Uhhh... What do you think it was?"


I glared at him, "How would you know what you saw, you don't have any eyes."

Pinako piped up too. "I know what I saw, shrot stuff."

My eyes narrowed when I got to her. "How do you know what you saw? Hmm? Your eye sight is worst then Al's."

Major's voice boomed in. "Edward Elric. Do not try to cover up your actions by mocking these people. You know very well what you were doing."

" And what I- hey what a wait. What "I" was doing. You act like it doesnt take two people to french."

Al really lost it. "YOU WERE FRENCHING?!"

Pinako looked like she was about to faint. And Major... well. Sparkles every where. I think he was daydreaming about some random day.

I turned around and then everything went black again. I'm starting to hate the color.

Chapter 3: END

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