The beggining

Beep !! Beep !!! Beep !!!!!!!

Troy's alarm was sounding at 6am.....Time for another repetitive day of East high.

Troy pulled back his quilts and slowly walked around his house naked. His parents were not home at the moment. His dad was coaching college students for the simester and left 2 days ago. As for his mum, She was away on a business trip. Troy had the house to himself and waltz about as he pleased. He walked into the bathroom and into the shower. He got scrubbed up and jumped into his jock strap and through his clothes on. He started driving the car his dad fixed up for him and picked Gabriella up. Troy and Gabriella had beeen in love for the longest time....with each day growing more and more in love.

They arrived at the school and parted ways. Troy went off to his basketball practise and Gabriella went to mathletes. Troy met Chad and started talking about the new coach that would be taking over for Troy's dad. A man entered the hall. He was tall, slender, black and bald. He shouted " Hello Wildcats I will be your new name is Eric Fine but you may refer to me as coach Fine !!!!!". Everyone just looked at each other and shrugged. The drill started and we done sit ups and push ups and laps around the gym. We started drilling passes and working on new strategies. We had an upcoming match and had to practise. The funny thing though was that coach fine actually done the exercises with us where as coach Bolton never did.

Practise was over and the coach told us to hit the showers so everyone ran out but Troy stayed behind for extra practise. He was the playmaker and always stayed behind. He through a couple of extra free throws and a few runs. Tired about half an hour later he walked into the locker room. The guys were getting out of the shower. Some had towels on and some just walked out naked. Guess certain guys were proud of what they had. The guys got toweled off and grabbed there clothing and got dressed. Troy started stripping and took his jock strap off. He grabbed his towel and walked into the showers.

The water felt good on Troys skin. He grabbed the soap and started carressing his body. His abs showed up under the water and he scrubbed his neck and down his stomach. Eventually he started to stroke his cock. The soap was nice lube and he rubbed up to the tip and down to the base. With each stroke he moaned and moaned. He heard a noice and stopped. Someone was outside getting changed. The coach walked into the showers naked. He was slender, muscled and well sculpted. The thing that shocked troy most was that his cock was HUGE !!!. He was hung like a horse. The water bounced of the coaches skin. Troy found this wierd because his dad never ever showered with the guys but just put it down to because it was his dad.

The coach noticed Troy and moved a shower up and started talking to him. Troy felt very uncomfertable because he was getting hard at seeing the coach naked. The coach noticed this and smirked at Troy. Troy got scared and ran. He grabbed his towel and got changed quickly. Coach fine decided to have some fun and walk out naked and drop his towel. He bent over to pick it up and showed his full set. Troy went bright red in the face and ran. The coach now found a game of cat and mouse and went back to his office.

Troy got home and went straight for a shower. He jumped in the shower and started imagining Gebriella naked. Her perfectly perky boobs, sender body, killer legs and ass and her personal area trimmed neatly. He imagined her playig with herself with one hand on her tit and the other masturbating herself. His imagination suddenly switched to an older black man with a huge cock shoving a dildo up his ass and loving it. Troy was very confused about what he was thinking about. With Gabriella he had never been this hard but with the coach it felt right. He came in the shower and screamed at the top of his lungs. He headed of to bed and went to sleep

The next morning he woke up and got dressed and the same routine to school, hit the gym and get in the shower. Troy started washing himself slowly and moaning. Everyone was gone and the coach walked in naked. He asked what they call him. And Troy said the playmaker. The coach walked up and said they called him Mandingo in school for a good reason. He grabbed Troys hand and wrapped it around his cock. Troy was shocked at the size of it flacid. The coached cock was extremely heavy and thick. Troy turned around and looked up at the coach. The coach looked back down and gave him an approving nod. Troy wrapped both his hands around it as it grew. It was bigger than he anticipated. The coach said it was 13 inches when hard. Troy gazed at the glorious fuck he had ahead of him. He grabbed the length and guided it towards his mouth. Because of its thickness Troy was only able to take a couple of inches. He was down to four inches and was gagging. Troy had never sucked a cock before so wasnt that experienced. The coach got comfortable and grabbed the back of his head and forced it down. Troy continued to choke. A few bobbed later and Troy was hard. The coach lifted his mouth from his cock and told him to stand up. The coach knelt down and took Troys full 8 inch cock into his mouth. The coach knew how to deepthroat and he did it well.

Troy moaned sensually and felt better than he ever had. As Troys cock was being sucked he felt himself being invaded. The coach was probing him from behind. He felt a tingling sensation at his ass. He groaned and his legs buckled. He fell against the wall and the coach continued to suck him off. Troy felt funny, He was about to come. He screamed as his juices filled the coaches mouth but he swallowed every drop. The coach smiled widely with a white substance dripping from the side of his mouth. He continued to probe Troys entrance only rougher. He then told Troy to brace himself. The coach stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked it for a few seconds and slid it in Troys ass slowly. The further it went in the more troy moaned. Troys face was a mixture of pain and curiousity. The coach stood up and turned Troy around. He knelt down and stuck his tongue into Troys ass. Probing it and licking it up and down, left and right. Troy moaned louder. The coach has lubricated him enough and decided to stick his 13 inch cock up Troys ass.

Not the full way just a couple of inches to start and gradually sliding more in with each thrust. Troys back was arched with his ass sticking out. The coach stared at the beautiful body of the young man in front of him and made him even hornier. The coach began to thrust quicker. Troy was reduced to tears. The pain was awful. The coach said. Wait till its all in it will feel alot better. Troy began wondering that if its painful for a couple of inches then would it not be painful for 13 !!!. The coach wrapped his two arms and hooked them under Troys from behind so he was in a full Nelson lock. He thrusted his cock right up Troys ass. Each thrust was feeling better and better. The coach lefted Troy up and Troy wrapped his legs backwrds around the coached waist. The coach had easy access and his cock slid up Troys ass. Troy started to feel the pressure as his prostate was being hit repeatedly. The coach was finished in the shower and while still holding Troy in this position he had him in he lifted him out into the open space and sat down on a bench. He layed back and started thrusting upwards into Troy.

Every thrust was better that the last. Troy was sweating so much he was wetter than he was in the shower. The coach starting yelling. Troy felt the coaches cock moving funny inside him. He was about to come. One last thrust into the air and Troy could feel himself being filled with the coaches juices. Mr. Fine pulled his cock out of Troys ass and a trail of cum leaked down Troys leg. Coach slapped Troy in the ass and told him to hit the showers. Troy did exactly that and took the coach with him. After a good scrub down the two left and never spoke of it. Coach Fine was leaving in the next few days so it was a one off and Troy now had a few plans of his own.