The adventure begins

Troy had recently just been fucked relentlessly by coach Fine. He couldnt get it out of his mind. Fine was leaving soon and his dad was returning. He enjoyed it so much he was wondering where he could get his next fix. After a wank he decided it was time for bed. Having another dream about coach Fine he was wishing he didnt have to leave just so he could have more sex.

Waking up it was the usual routine, get up, wank, shower, home room and classes. Now it was time to go to basketball practise. He was excited to see his dad again but at the same time wanted the old coach back. Walking in to the room he glanced around and got changed into his kit. Trying very hard not to hit an erection at the sight of the other guys in their boxers. Finally onto the court they started practicing free throws. Emerging was coach Bolton. He walked up to the boys and said "I have an announcement to make". Just then coach Fine walked back into the gym. He met Troys face with a huge grin. Coach Fine was now being made a permanent assistant coach because of his performance in the past week.

After grueling practise the boys were all sweating and glistening. Coach fine was eyeing everyone up. The boys jumped into the showers and got scrubbed down. The two coaches discussed plans as Troy walked in. He tld his father he was going to chads after school so he didnt need a lift home. He left and coach Fine started to get ideas into his head. He suggested that he go take a shower and asked coach Bolton to join him. Jack had woken up late this morning so decided he needed to shower today at some point. They both started stripping and jack had just as much muscle as coach fine did but was a bit more built. Stripping down to his jock strap he looked around and saw Fine in all his glory. He felt slightly intimidated at the size of Fines cock. He slowly bent over whilst taking his strap off. Fine glanced and noticed their was no hair on his ass. This was odd for a 'straight' guy.

They began showering and rubbing shower gel all over. Fine scrubbed his chest and neck working his way downstairs. He had a naked man in front of him so decided to get a bit horny. He started playing with his cock. It slowly started to grow. Coach bolton noticed this and said "what are you doing ?". Fine turned around and smirked at Bolton. He bagan asking questions relating to the shaved ass. Bolton found out Fine was gay and Fine found out Bolton was straight but experimented with fingering himself for pleasure. The ass being bald just made enterance alot easier. Fine suggested they fool around a bit and reach for Boltons cock. Massaging it with soap it was met with a moan. He was enjoying this. He bagan to stroke it softly as h leaned in for a kiss. His lips met Boltons and they shared a kiss whilst feeling each other up. More strokes followed and Boloton was brick hard. Boltons eyes were shut and shot open at a good feeling. Fine had taken all 9 inches of Bolton in his mouth. Bobbing up and down on it Bolton moaned. Fine was an expert at sex, being a bit of a slut he slept around a bit but was always careful. Deepthroating he felt a hand on the back of his head. Bolton was now forcing his cock down fines throat and loving it.

Fine reach through Boltons legs and started invading. Bolton grabbed his hand and forced the finger up. Knowing how it felt he loved the pleasure that he was having right now. After one he inserted a second and finally a third. He was starting to get a bit loose. He got up off the ground and signalled Bolton. He asked " You want to try something new, my cok instead". Bolton agreed and was taken out into the locker room. Fine laid back on a bench and stuck his 14 inch cock in the air. Bolton squated over it and inserted about an inch of it in. They had to stop and pace themselves. Bolton started inserteing more in little by little. To the point where all 14 inches were inside. He was panting and sweating. He got very horny as his prostate was being rubbed against and was leaking pre cum to the point that he started bouncing on fines cock. Moaning and almost screaming turned fine on. He continued to bounce till Fine came in his ass. He got up and took the rest of the cum in his mouth. He had never been so horny in his life. They got up and showered and decided to make this a regular occurance.