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Chapter 2: Mistakes

I woke up early that next morning in my hotel room. I felt exhausted. It was as if the burden of what I had to do was resting on my eyelids, threatening to take over. I had to kill him; no matter how much I wanted to just take him with me, pray he'd see reason. I could hide him. Save him.

I was lying to myself. I knew from all my years that once a person went Strigoi, no one ever came back.

I got dressed and quickly grabbed my belongings. I did not want to waste a second of sunlight, it could mean my death to waste time. One wrong move and that was it.

I thought of all of the things Dimitri taught me about the fight, and as a last resort, I would run. I had to get back, for Lissa. I'm sure that Christian would be able to protect her easily, but at what cost? Would it be his life? I had to protect every royal I could after this.

I made my way to the tunnels, stake in hand. It was dark, almost too dark, but I was able to see just enough to get through, but not enough to feel comfortable. Did I think I could just waltz down here and demand to see Dimitri? Yes, that's exactly what I wanted. Any Strigoi who gets and my way won't live to tell the tail, that, I'll be sure of.

I passed by the list of initials, thankful to know by the bond that Lissa had not been harmed.

It was then that I heard the voices just in the next curve of the tunnel. They were hushed and serious, not moving. I could tell there were two of them, and that neither were my Dimitri. I quickly darted to where they were, stake sheathed in my coat.

"Where is Dimitri?" I demanded them.

"Never heard of him." The one on the left said in a dark, almost seductive voice. It was what he said that made me laugh. 'never heard of him', that was almost impossible, most people, strigoi or not, know…knew who he was.

"That's bullshit and we both know that, I have immediate business with him, tell me where he is or let me pass to find him myself." I have no idea where my gut was coming from because to be honest, I was scared shitless.

"Who's looking for Dimitri?" A voice said from further down the tunnel. Even in his current Strigoi state, I knew that voice anywhere.

But the welcoming that I was given was not at all what I had planned. They attacked me. So it was three Strigoi against one dhampir. This was just great.

The one that had pulled my strings would be the first to go, so I lunged at him, beginning a dangerous waltz. I didn't realize what was happening until my head hit the ground, and man it hit hard. I couldn't see anymore, but I could still hear the fight above me, why were they still fighting if I was down already?

This was it, I thought, I am about to die, there is no one here to save me now. I embraced the darkness that my eyes were giving me, one last present of mercy. I passed out and welcomed the easy death.

But life had other plans; I was able to open my eyes. I was being captivated; my capture was running with me in tow. I fidgeted to be able to get a better glimpse to get an idea of where I was, where we were going.

It was Dimitri. He had saved me when I'd come here to kill him to save him. What time was it? He can't take me from here during the day; he knows what the sun would do to him.

"Rose, what were you thinking coming down here like that, you could have been killed." He said to me, scolding me like a teacher would a student. He had red eyes, and his skin was the palest of pale. It was still him though, he had helped me escape.

"Dimitri" It was all I could get out of my broken heart as I started into his serious eyes.

"You have to leave, Rose. Now" He said. Urging me forward, he tried to get me to leave.

"I think you misunderstand on why I've come in the first place." I turned to him, hand ready to grab the stake. "You told me once that you'd want someone to do this for you." As soon as the realization hit him, his eyes widened and I pounced only to be knocked against the ground yet again. I looked up to see two different Strigoi coming at me when they burst into flame, screaming at the agony, and then finally dropping to the ground in between Dimitri and I, dead.

"What the…" I said, completely baffled. Only one person did I know who was willing to use his affinity like that and that was "Christian!!!!" I screamed his name in pure happiness and worry.

He said nothing to me, but ran forward and picked me and turned to run. I lifted my head and looked back to see Dimitri's pained face.

He ran me out of the tunnel easily because Dimitri had brought me to end where the light was almost creeping in; I knew that no Strigoi could follow us out. I wanted to fight with Christian to put me down, but I couldn't let him stay there in the tunnels.

"So tell me why you came on a suicide mission again?" he asked me. He'd never understand the crazy truth behind it that I had to come to kill Dimitri. Thinking about it now though, after seeing and witnessing first-hand that he still possessed some part of his old self, he had his humanity still living in him. That in time, too, would be gone.

"Tell me why you followed me on my suicide mission?" I asked, now angry that he had once again, put himself in danger.

"Lissa couldn't watch you leave, so we followed you, we were prepared to drop out but it only took two days to find you, we all have to go back to school." He said, begging me to return back to the school with him, finish out the semester before I did anything crazy. I let him take me.