Haruhiko opened the door to his suite. When his eyes took in the sight of the hesitant boy on the other side, a satisfied smirk crept across his face. "Heh. I knew that sooner or later you'd come to me," he thought triumphantly to himself.

The boy gazed up at him dolefully. "Can I come in?"

"But of course." Haruhiko stepped back, allowing him admittance, and then shut the door firmly behind him, locking it. "Is something bothering you, Misaki?"

The brunet slumped down onto the loveseat in the sitting room of the suite. "It's Akihiko. He's...treating me so badly."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Haruhiko sat down next to him, their thighs just barely touching as he clasped a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder. "But you know you can always come to me."

The boy nodded, swallowing hard. "I...I've been thinking about it, and...can I come live with you after all? I can't bear one more day with him."

Haruhiko's lip curled into a triumphant sneer, unseen by the boy, who was staring down at his hands. "Of course. I'll have a servant go and gather your things, so that you don't have to return; or if you'd like, I'll buy you all new things."

The boy looked up at him, his eyes shimmering with gratitude. "W-would you? Buy me all new things, I mean?" He looked back down at his hands with a disdainful expression. "All my clothes...they stink of him and his nasty cigarettes. I don't want anything to remind me of him."

Haruhiko stroked the back of his glossy chestnut colored head. "We'll go out together tomorrow, and buy whatever you want."

"Goody!" The boy clapped his hands and beamed with excitement. His face then fell a little. "Well, um...I can stay here with you tonight, right? I just can't go back. Not now."

"Yes, you can stay with me tonight," Haruhiko purred. "In fact, there's nothing I'd like more than to spend the night with you." His eyes narrowed with unmistakable intent, and the youth shivered a little under his intense gaze.

"Can I get a shower? It's been a long day." Haruhiko nodded in assent, and led the boy to the elegant bathroom. Since he hadn't brought anything with him, Haruhiko offered him the hotel bathrobe to wear as makeshift sleepwear, and the boy shut the door and began his shower. Haruhiko smiled, anticipating a very enjoyable night indeed. He removed his suit jacket and loosened his tie, then sat in wait for the boy to emerge from the bathroom.

About fifteen minutes later, the door creaked open slowly, and a timid face peeked out. It melted into a smile as he saw Haruhiko, and the boy stepped into the room. "That felt good," he said. His hair was still wet, glistening in the light as he walked towards the bed. "I'm pretty tired. If you don't mind, I'm going to go ahead and get in bed." He lifted the edge of the comforter, and slipped under the sheets with a shy smile.

Haruhiko smiled as well, then removed his tie, laying it over the back of the couch. He then slowly unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes fixed on the innocent face peeking out above the covers of his bed. Once his shirt was open, he took it off and laid it aside, exposing his surprisingly muscular torso. Then his hands were at his belt, unfastening it and pulling it free from the loops of his trousers. He smirked a bit as he saw the boy's eyes widen as his fingers went to the button of his pants. Haruhiko undid that, and then unzipped his pants.

As he eased them down over his silk covered hips, he enjoyed the expressions flitting over the boy's cute little face. When he stood back up, he approached the bed, not even bothering to hide his now fully developed erection, which tented up the silk of his boxers. "You're...it's..." the boy murmured, staring below his waist.

"Yes, I am," Haruhiko said in a low, deep voice. "It's because you're in my bed. Misaki..." He trailed off, climbing up on the bed. The boy made a small noise, then wiggled out from under the covers. He got up on his hands and knees in front of Haruhiko, shrugging off the robe partially to bare his delicate shoulders.

"Do you want me to...I mean, can I...?" the boy asked, his eyes full of hunger. Haruhiko swallowed hard, nodding down on the boy as he rolled his boxers down to expose a thick, weeping length of manhood. "Oh...oh my God..." the boy murmured. "I've never seen one so big..." he whispered, and Haruhiko smirked, knowing that it meant he was bigger than his asshole little brother.

The boy then inched closer, his face hovering dangerously near to Haruhiko's cock. He closed his eyes, and then took the tip in his mouth as he wrapped one slim hand around the base. Haruhiko groaned in ecstasy. For so long, he had been wishing to feel those lips on him; and now it was happening. The boy sucked him timidly at first, then a feverish pace began to build as he got more used to it. Haruhiko gritted his teeth, savoring the sensation.

"Misaki..." he whispered. "I want to fuck you."

The boy removed his lips from Haruhiko's cock with a slow suck, and then looked up at him, batting those adorably thick eyelashes. "Oh, please..." he moaned, and then turned around, removing his robe the rest of the way and then pressing his face into the bed as he wiggled his eager little ass up at the man. Haruhiko groaned in satisfaction and retrieved some lube from the bedside drawer, then slicked himself down fully. He then pressed two slippery fingers up to the boy's tight hole.

"Augh!" The boy whined in half hearted protest as one finger slipped inside, and cried out again as the second joined it. Haruhiko merely smirked more, pumping his fingers in and out to get the boy ready. "P-please...Haruhiko-san..." the boy whimpered, and Haruhiko removed his fingers, then came in close and bumped the head of his cock against the boy.

"Oh, Misaki...this is going to be so good," he whispered, then penetrated him with one swift thrust. The boy screamed out, clutching desperately at the sheets below, but soon his cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure.

"Mmm...Haruhiko-san...it's throbbing...please touch me," he begged, and Haruhiko reached around his waist, pulling at the boy's quivering erection. "Yes! Ah!" Haruhiko pumped steadily at it, stroking the boy towards finish. "Oh! Oh my God! Haruhiko-san! I'm...I'm gonna come!"

"Then come," Haruhiko urged him. The boy screamed out in rapture as he exploded, shooting a thick stream of release onto the sheets in several uneven spurts. Haruhiko groaned in satisfaction, then released the boy's rapidly softening erection from his grasp and instead gripped onto his hips tightly, ramming him hard. "Oh, Misaki...Misaki...I'm going to come inside of you."

"Oooh, yes..." the boy moaned, and then both cried out in joy as Haruhiko spilled deep inside. They stayed together, trembling for a few moments, and then pulled apart carefully.

Haruhiko laid back on the bed. "That was good," he grunted. "It's on the coffee table."

"Thanks," the boy said, and hopped up, disappearing into the bathroom to clean up and retrieve his clothes. He emerged a few minutes later, went over to the coffee table, and then checked the bills in the envelope there. "Thanks again," he said. "Call me any time."

Haruhiko just grunted in response, and the boy skipped outside. "Talk about easy money," the boy, who was actually named Satoshi, said to himself. "This is at least two months of rent. Now I can definitely take less hours at the cafe so that I can audition for that role. What a lucky break! And all I had to do was learn some lines and get fucked...he's not too bad looking, either. It was good acting practice, at any rate."

He wondered who this Misaki was, and why the guy was so hot to roleplay about him. "Must have lost him to the Akihiko guy..." Satoshi mused. "Oh, well, who cares?" He smiled to himself, then headed into the station to return home.