The hotel room was dark when they finally awoke from their deep sleep. Haruhiko rolled over, gazing in adoration at his amazing little lover. Satoshi stirred awake and smiled up at the man, who kissed the top of Satoshi's head. "I love you, so, so much," Haruhiko breathed.

"I love you too," Satoshi said earnestly.


"Of course," Satoshi replied, laughing. "I hope we're having room service."

Haruhiko chuckled. "You really like room service, huh?"

"Yeah, well, I do, but the main issue here is that I don't think I can walk!" He groaned as he wriggled his lower extremities under the sheets.

Haruhiko's face was stricken with concern. "I'm sorry! I just got so carried away..."

Satoshi smiled. "It's all right. I'll be fine tomorrow...probably." He waggled a finger mock sternly in Haruhiko's face. "But you better make it up to me, mister. I expect TWO desserts with dinner."

"Done," Haruhiko said, kissing him on the nose.

Dinner was beef tenderloin and new potatoes, with both a creme brulee and a chocolate torte for Satoshi. He licked the last of the sweetness from his spoon and fell back to the bed, lolling in the sheets. "That was soooo good," he sighed, patting his bare, full tummy.

Haruhiko smiled, leaning forward and kissing the boy's navel. He just held Satoshi around the waist for a minute, sighing happily; then he cleared away all the dishes. The two laid down for bed together, falling asleep tangled up together.

When they woke up the next morning, Satoshi was pleased to find that he had recovered the ability to walk. It was, after all, the big day, and they had a wedding to attend. He supposed that a gay wedding was the one event at which the excuse, "had too much butt sex last night to walk," would actually work. But, it was a moot point, for he was fully mobile once again. He dressed himself in the suit that Haruhiko had purchased for him, buttoning the jacket with pride. "I look pretty sexy," he said, nodding to his reflection in the mirror.

"Don't remind me, or we may never make it to the wedding," Haruhiko said, nuzzling his face into the boy's hair. Satoshi just laughed, turning his head and kissing the side of Haruhiko's face.

Later that day, they watched the ceremony from the second row. "So, what do you think about gay marriage?" Satoshi whispered, leaning to Haruhiko's arm.

"Eh? Well...I've never really had an opinion. I...I guess it's fine." He uncrossed and recrossed his legs.

"Hmmm..." Satoshi mused. "I never really could understand why people wanted to chain themselves together like that...but I think I kind of get it now." He leaned forward, resting his elbow on his knee and then his chin on his fist, watching the wedding intently with the most serious expression. Haruhiko just gazed at him, trying to keep the fluttering in his heart from showing on his face.

The ceremony ended with a big kiss and much clapping, then the newlyweds were whisked away by the wedding planner and a horde of photographers. Satoshi and Haruhiko made their way to the reception room, where the crowd was assembled, sipping drinks and chatting. Haruhiko took two glasses of wine from a tray, handing one to Satoshi, who accepted it. He sipped it and glanced around. "Well, I guess your, uh, evil stepmother couldn't make it," he commented dryly.

"Thank goodness for that," Haruhiko responded, just as dryly. Just then, his father approached, Tanaka at his side.

"Well, I never thought I'd see that," Fuyuhiko laughed. "My son, marrying another man. But it was a nice ceremony. You can tell they really love each other. Right, Tanaka?" His eyes gave a mischievous glint as he glanced back at his secret lover.

"Of-of course, Fuyuhiko-sama," Tanaka stuttered. He sipped his glass of white wine nervously.

"I wonder if I'll ever get married again," Fuyuhiko mused aloud. "I think if I ever did, I'd like to do it in Canada." His face lit up. "I hear they have wooden bear carving festivals. Do you like bear carvings, Tanaka?" he asked, and when he received a nervous nod in response, he took the man by the elbow and proceeded to lead him off, chattering happily about bears and wood.

Haruhiko watched them go, his eyebrows lowering suspiciously. Satoshi stifled a giggle, and Haruhiko cut his eyes over at his younger lover. "What?"

"They're cute together," he giggled.

"Wh-who are cute together?!"

"You know. Your dad and the butler."

"Ha?" Haruhiko's face was incredulous. "No."

Satoshi nodded fervently. "Yeah. I've seen the way they cut eyes at each other."

Haruhiko looked skeptical. "I think you must have been mistaken." He looked over in that direction just in time to see Fuyuhiko surreptitiously goose a blushing Tanaka in the corner of the room. "Oh, dear god," Haruhiko said, blanching.

"Yup! See! I told you so!" Satoshi said triumphantly. "My gaydar never lies. That's why I gave you a second smile in the cafe the first time we met."

Haruhiko blushed. "Oh, was that it?" He thought guiltily about how he had soon after offered the boy money to roleplay sexually with him, based only on his appearance. But Satoshi seemed to feel his embarrassment, and moved a little closer.

"It's all fine now," he said simply, and Haruhiko visibly relaxed.

"Haruhiko!" a cheery voice called out. Haruhiko and Satoshi both turned to look, and saw Isaka walking towards him. " old friend. How's it going?"

"I'm doing well," Haruhiko said smoothly. "And you?" He glanced at Isaka's ever present secretary slash boyfriend slash caretaker.

"Oh, I'm as rotten as ever," Isaka replied breezily. He looked at Satoshi. "So what, is that the new craze for Usami brothers? To get a hot little 'chibitan' to sex up?"

Satoshi just smiled. "I remember you. You got trashed and got kicked out of the club last week for groping the dancers."

Isaka's face fell. "W-what the hell..." He regained his normal composure a moment later, resuming his loud blathering. "So yeah, Akihiko's got a sexy little chibitan, Haruhiko's got a sexy little chibitan...what's next? Even old Fuyuhiko will have a sexy little chibitan?" He laughed raucously, scanning the crowd for the Usami family patriarch, then he hissed as he caught sight of the man. "Oh, no, shit...he's got an old ass butler. Seriously, what the hell's up with that? I didn't even know old Daddy Moneybags was into that!" He laughed and drained his glass, then headed off in search of more alcohol.

Haruhiko just sighed and rubbed his forehead, and just then, loud clapping and cheering signaled that the newlyweds had rejoined the party. Usagi was smiling from ear to ear, while Misaki was flushed and happy looking as they made their way through the crowd.

They eventually reached Haruhiko and Satoshi, who offered their congratulations. Satoshi expressed delight and envy that the newlyweds were headed for Hawaii, so as soon as Usagi and Misaki moved along, Haruhiko lifted his eyebrows and pursued the subject. "When is your next break from school?" he asked.

Satoshi blushed. "Ah! I didn't mean you had to take me...but...anyway, that's not what I was hinting at or anything."

"I'll take you, if you want to go," Haruhiko said.

" that somewhere that you want to go? H-have you ever been?" Satoshi asked nervously.

"Sure, I've been...but I've never been with anyone." Haruhiko smiled gently. "I'd really love to...take you, you know."

Satoshi's face flushed red entirely. "Oh. Oh, wow," he said, unable to muster up much else. "Um..." he played with the stem of his wine glass.

"Do you not want to go?" Haruhiko asked, sounding slightly disappointed.

"Of c-course I want to go!" Satoshi exclaimed. "Yeah, definitely." He smiled up shyly at his older lover, who had to resist the urge to wrap him up in his arms and kiss him deeply.

They made it through the reception, but as soon as the newlyweds made their exit, they were gone as well, hurrying up to their suite. Inside, Haruhiko undressed Satoshi with his long, nimble fingers; his hot lips crashing urgently into the boy's soft skin over and over. He yanked the covers down, then urged Satoshi onto the bed. Being mindful of the ravaging he had given the boy just a day earlier, he resolved to leave his backside alone. He removed his own clothing, then got on the bed as well.

Rolling onto his back, he pulled Satoshi over him, so that the boy straddled his waist. "Satoshi," he panted, his voice thick with need. "I want to see you touch yourself."

Satoshi's mouth fell open and his eyes went half lidded as he began to breathe heavily. His hand found its way below his waist, where it tentatively smoothed over his already hard member. Haruhiko groaned in delight at the sight, watching Satoshi's beautifully delicate hand slide over himself over and over. The head shimmered with the evidence of his lust, and beaded up more and more as he pulled at it. "Haru...hiko..." Satoshi whispered, rocking his hips slightly as he pleasured himself.

"Ohhh...Satoshi..." Haruhiko groaned, holding onto the boy's hips. It was all he could do not to roughly jerk him downwards and impale him on his surging erection. But he knew better, and he restrained himself. Instead, he licked his lips and watched the boy jerk himself off energetically.

" you want me to...come on you?" the boy whispered, and Haruhiko shuddered in delight.

"Yes...all over me..." Haruhiko whispered lustfully.

"All over you?" Satoshi was panting hard now, rocking fervently as he got closer.

"All over me. Come all over me..." Haruhiko groaned, and Satoshi let go with a loud cry, spurting out onto his lover's broad chest and throat. A stray drop landed on Haruhiko's lower lip, and he lapped it up like it was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

Satoshi collapsed off to the side, quickly spreading himself out. "Now, come on me, Haruhiko. I want you to." His big, earnest eyes gazed up at the man adoringly, and Haruhiko grunted in pleasure as he wiped himself off and moved over Satoshi's prone body and began stroking his thick, hot length.

"Mmm...Satoshi..." Haruhiko groaned. Satoshi just smiled, his eyes falling half closed, and he played with one pert little nipple as if to tease his lover. Haruhiko moaned lustfully at the sight, pulling himself harder in response. "Oooh...I'm going to come all over you," he groaned.

"Yes...please," Satoshi murmured, squirming on the bed. "Come on my face," he whispered, blushing as soon as he said it.

"Ahhh....nhaaa..." Haruhiko moaned incoherently, overwhelmed by desire. He fell forward and came suddenly, his release surging out powerfully and splashing across Satoshi's lips, cheeks, and eyelashes. Haruhiko rode out the waves of his orgasm, gazing down at the amazingly satisfying sight of Satoshi so erotically decorated. Satoshi panted and sighed happily, then Haruhiko snatched up some tissues and cleaned the boy's face, apologizing profusely.

", I asked you to do it," Satoshi pointed out. He took a tissue from Haruhiko and dabbed the rest of his face clean. "I liked it," he said simply.

"Oh, Satoshi..." Haruhiko sighed, laying down on the boy's warm little body and embracing him. They kissed happily, drifting off into satisfied sleep.