Their first meeting isn't one that is thought of often. It was barely even a meeting by any standards. He had pushed him out of the way and completely forgotten about him there after. But when he had nothing better to do but think about who the man he'd pushed was, the more curious he got.

Nathan, now out of his repo man gear, shut Shilo's door silently. He sighed and made his way down the hall. Holographic photos of his late wife hung on both sides of the hall. Each one he passed seemed to look right into his soul and shout at him for being responsible for her death.

Nathan, once down stairs, sat in a chair. This particular chair was his favorite choice when ever he was tired and thinking too much. Unfortunately he just couldn't seem to get comfortable. He continuously shifted into different positions every few seconds. Growing more aggravated each time he couldn't get into the right position, he finally just stood up. But what to do now?

Thoughts of the mysterious man he had pushed out of his way to get to Shilo went though his mind. Would that man still be there? Would he ever be there again? And just what was he doing there with his Shilo in the first place?

His mind stopped on that thought. What had that man been doing there with Shilo in the first place? How had she even gotten out of her room? But why was she with that man!?

Adrenaline pumping through his body, he grabbed a coat and ran out the door.

At the grave yard, there was no one there but Nathan. The mysterious man was no where to be seen. Nathan was starting to question his mental state when he heard a bang. He quickly hid behind a wall as he looked out over the grave yard.

Another bang sounded and them a small mist of dust. Someone poked their head out of a wall and Nathan noticed it to be the man from earlier. The man coming out of the wall stepped all the way out and dusted himself off.

The man sighed and started walking, "Hopefully Miss. Sweet" He said with much sarcasm, "doesn't try taking too much this time. Stupid slut thinks she's probably my only customer."

The man started walking over in Nathans direction and a sudden rage filled Nathan as he grabbed a hold of the man and slammed him into the wall.

"Who are you and what were you doing here with my daughter?" Nathan said in a craggily voice.

"Woah, woah, slow down. Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter, but what were you doing with the girl that was here earlier?"

"Oh, you mean that kid? Hey now, she was here before me. Chasing some bug."

Nathan didn't say anything, but he growled and didn't let the man go.

"So…You going to let me go now?"

Nathan glared at the man and asked, "Who are you?"

This time the man didn't reply. Nathan was going to say something when the man spoke up, "You can call me Grave Robber."

Nathan didn't let go immediately, he stood there, holding this Grave Robber person a good few inches off the ground.

Then he let Grave Robber go and continued to glare at him. Grave Robber said a quick farewell and dashed off at a quick walk.

Well? I hop GR isn't too OOC. I'm trying to build the relationship in how I think it would go to make it canon. So take THAT Manda! I may not understand how it could be canon, but maybe I can just make so it could be a possibility! And I found out who Spooky Dan is, lol.