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So, to put it simply... I am the first to use a FemNeji! (Pairing-wise, anyway.) And don't give me that look, I mean look at him! If you were to look at him from a standard point of view, he has female characteristics, including his friggin hair. Just... Just look at him, and you can tell right away!

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Also note: This takes place in Shippuden. This is to avoid any confusion.

Special Note: lpride21 has informed me that there are no ninja in the valley of the wave. I must apologize for this, it was a typo. I meant to say Ninja of the Sea. It has been fixed.


Chapter 1: Mission Gone Wrong

It was an hour ago. Naruto had fallen asleep in his house and gotten up from his sleep late in the morning, since he stood up practicing some jutsu in one of the training fields. He was rudely awoken by a knock on his door.

"Hmmm...?" Naruto slowly opened his eyes to the sudden sound. He looked up sleepily while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He got up, still in a groggy mood, and opened the entrance to his apartment. As he opened the door, he saw a tall man in a grey vest, and other ninja attire, he also wore a type of animal mask. Naruto widened his eyes at the sudden intruder, immediately recognizing who it is.

"ANBU?" Naruto blurted out. "Did I do something wrong?" The ANBU member shook his head. He raised a thumb to the direction of his back.

"Hokage-sama wants you in her office in a few minutes. She has a mission for you. That is all." The Anbu member then suddenly hops off the balcony of Naruto's apartment. Naruto looked outside, but he could no longer see the ANBU member. Naruto looked out into the morning sky, and saw that it was still pretty bright outside, it woke him up a bit. After straightening his mind out at the sudden turn of events, he heads back inside to get ready to head to Tsunade's office.

Naruto hopped out of his apartment to head to the Hokage's office. He appeared at the front doors of the Hokage building. He entered through and started to traverse the hallways and the stairs of the huge building. After getting around a few twists and corners, and almost running into Tsunade's assistant, Shizune... He appeared in front of the Hokage Office. Naruto knocked on the door to Tsunade's office. It was loud enough to wake the dead. Naruto heard a voice behind the door.


Naruto heard the word, and opened the door. What Naruto saw wasn't surprising, but it was fairly common. He saw Tsunade slouching on her desk, with her hand supporting her head. It was plain obvious that she was being lazy again, what with all of the paperwork she had to go through every day. Tsunade looked at Naruto, wondering what he was looking at.

"Oy, what are you looking at gaki?" Tsunade said, angry. Naruto shook his head.

"It's nothing, Tsunade-baa-chan..." Naruto said, as he scratched his head with a grin on his face. But he gave a more serious look after that. "So, what do you need me for?"

Tsunade straightened up a little bit. "Well, for right now, I'm waiting for Team Gai to show up, since you're going along with them on this mission. You'll be heading to the Country of the Wave." Tsunade explained, but was immediately cut off by Naruto's screaming.

"THE COUNTRY OF THE WAVE!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" Naruto yelled, not believing his ears, but he didn't notice that Tsunade's ears heard him quite clearly... And painfully. She cupped her ears with her hands, to tone down the harshness. Tsunade slammed her desk once the voice settled down in repsonse.

"Dammit Gaki! Don't yell like that!" She held her forehead with her left hand, as her face winced in pain. "I have a headache, alright? So calm down..." Naruto didn't care though, he kept babbling like a little child who just obtained candy.

"B-But! The Country of the Wave! That place... Tazuna... He.. But then Haku... But..." Naruto couldn't get his words straight due to his surprise, and in Tsunade's eyes, it sounded like babbling nonsense.

The country of the wave, Naruto thought. It was one of his first big missions that formed from a C rank into an A rank, due to the hidden surprises and the dangers of the mission. He remembered how he had to fight hired mercenaries, Zabuza and Haku. But they were also missing-nin, making them very dangerous. It's a shame they had to die, since they were betrayed by Gato... Well, the irony was Gato was betrayed, as he died from Zabuza's kunai. Naruto couldn't help but look at the ceiling of the Hokage's office, as he drifted off into his thoughts.

"Oy, Gaki, are you still paying attention? Or is there something you're not telling me?" Tsunade said, snapping Naruto out of his thoughts.

"Well, it all began when I was going on this C-Rank to A-Rank mission..." But before Naruto could get on with the story, a sudden knock was heard on the office door. Tsunade straightened up again to prepare herself for what was to come.

"Naruto, I'll hear about your little story later. I think they're here. ENTER!" Tsunade said to Naruto, and saying enter at the door. The door was opened by none other than Might Gai, and his team consisting of Rock Lee, and Neji. But Naruto noticed that something was missing. A certain brown haired girl that was always part of their team. He narrowed his eyes on that missing spot, while focusing on Gai.

"Erm, where's Tenten?"Naruto asked Gai. He gave a puzzling look, as he put his hand on his chin, and closed his eyes, deep in thought.

"Hai, Tenten isn't here since the springtime of youth was not on her side. It's a shame. HOW CAN THE SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH ABANDON ONE OF MY TEAMMATES!?!?" Like always, Naruto had no idea what he was saying. But Lee decided to join in the confusion as well. Lee looked at Gai, and gave him a thumbs up and that cheesy smile of his.



"HAI GAI-SENSEI!" Lee and Gai, as they say, go ahead and run towards the sunset. Unfortunately... The 'sunset' was right behind the window, where Tsunade is. Gai and Lee start running off towards the window and...

"O-Oy! Don't run towards the...!" Tsunade tried to say, but was cut off by the shatter of glass. Gai and Lee ran towards the window, and started heading towards the sun. Naruto, Neji, and Tsunade stood there dumbfounded at their behavior. Tsunade just sat down and sighed, and pinched the base point of her nose.

"Argh... Those two and their antics are going to be the death of me..." Tsunade said.

"Wow... Those two are a few sunsets short from reality..." Naruto said, making a bad joke.

Neji just grumbled, as he facepalmed his forehead. "Those idiots..." Naruto walked up to Neji.

"Neji, why isn't Tenten here?" Naruto asked, a little worried about the hair-bunned weaponmistress.

"She's sick with a cold. She doesn't want to hinder our progress with the group, so she sat this one out."

"Okay... so why did Fuzzy Brows and.." Neji just grumbled again, not wanting to explain their foolish antics.


"You two, front and center!" Tsunade yelled at Neji and Naruto. Neji and Naruto walked up in front of the Hokage Desk, as Tsunade sat down again.

"Anyway you two, I'll go ahead and brief you up since those two won't be coming back for now." Naruto and Neji perked their ears up for the information that was about to be given to them. Tsunade took out a scroll from her desk and layed it out for all to see. It was showing some mission statistics and reports. Tsunade points at some information within the scroll.

"The village of Nanaza has been suffering from a few attacks from a few bandits. Currently, they have only resulted in pillaging the village, and only threatening a few villagers. But if this keeps up, the village will end up very poor, and suffer. And if the village has nothing to offer the bandits, the bandits may destroy the village, and this is something that we cannot allow." Tsunade stood up and pointed at Naruto. "Naruto, I assigned you to Team Gai because I am aware of Tenten's condition. Plus, this is considered a B-Rank mission, which means I don't want to take any risks. You will assist Team Gai and liberate the village from these bandit attacks. The village rests on the edge of the Country of the Wave. I suggest you all move out tomorrow." Naruto and Neji nodded.

"Hai, Hokage-sama. I will notify Gai-sensei and Lee.... Ah...!" Neji then leaned on the ground, holding his head. Naruto and Tsunade became wide-eyed. Naruto supported Neji.

"Neji, what's wrong!?" Neji held his hand up to show that he does not need assistance. Neji stood up and got his bearings straight. Neji looked at Naruto.

"It's nothing. Just a slight headache. Too much has been happening to me as of late... Tch, Damn Lee and sensei..." Neji walked out of the Hokage office, holding his head. Naruto started to go after him, but...

"No Naruto. If he says he's fine, he's fine. I suggest you just go home and prepare for the trip tomorrow."

"But Tsunade-baa---" Naruto was cut off by Tsunade.

"I can understand you're worried about him, but don't let it get to you. Neji's a strong shinobi. And even he won't let anything get in his way." Tsunade said. Naruto looked at the door. But he shook it off. She was right, Neji was strong, he wouldn't let this get ahold of him that easily. Naruto nodded and bowed, leaving the Hokage office.

The Next Day...

Naruto headed off towards the main gate, with his backpack and everything. He saw Neji, Might Gai, and Rock Lee ready to go.


"We're not running..." Neji said, as he sighed. Gai looked at Naruto.

"I uh.. I have a hip condition." Naruto said, pointing at his leg. Gai looked at Lee.


"HARUMPH! THAT'S THE SPIRIT, MY STUDENT! ONWARD! WE SHALL RUN TO WAVE." Gai shouted. Gai and Lee started to race each other, and ran at such an unparalleled speed. Neji and Naruto just stood there, and just looked at them run off. They both sighed at the same time as they walked through the forest.

As Gai and Lee went speeding off towards Wave, Naruto and Neji decided to just screw it, and run after them. They didn't want to be separated from the group if any enemies appeared. It wouldn't be a good position. As they sped off to Wave, they noticed that they were noticing more water in the area. To put it simply, they were seeing rivers, mini-waterfalls, and even puddles from here and there. It would seem they were getting closer to the Country of Wave. Gai and the rest of the group stopped abruptly. Gai turned to his team.

"Alright my students! Mine and Lee's Springtime of Youth is growing tired. We must rest to recuperate our energy! So we sit!" Gai and Lee sit on the ground, as Gai ordered. Neji and Naruto looked at each other, and sighed. They sat on the ground as well, resting their legs. Naruto took off his backpack, while grabbing out what seemed to be a copy of Icha Icha Paradise, the 2nd volume. Naruto began to read it, but shocking the hell out of Gai, Lee, and Neji.

"N-Naruto! What are you doing with such an unyouthful book!" Gai said, shocked. Naruto looked at him, as he skimmed a few pages.

"Tch, Ero-sennin wants me to read this book. He said that I don't read enough good literature these days. But you know what?" Naruto tossed the book into a nearby river. It made a tiny splash as the book sunk into the bottom. "It's too damn boring! Why can't he just give me a book on jutsu or hand signs!? I'm a ninja for cryin' out loud!" Naruto pounded on the ground in frustration, and scratched his head furiously. "WHY DOESN'T THAT STUPID PERVERTED SAGE TEACH ME ANYTHING GOOD!? AT LEAST GIVE ME A KATON JUTSU OR SOMETHING!! OR A SUITON JUTSU! Those would give me an advantage in battle!"

Unknown to Naruto, his wish was about to come true. As Naruto kept scratching his head in frustration, he heard something.

"Suiton! Mizu Dangan no jutsu!" A geyser of water suddenly shot out of the nearby river they were sitting against, and the geyser was aimed towards Naruto. Naruto noticed it before it hit him, and dodged out of the way. Same goes for the rest of the group. They got up from the ground and prepared their battle positions. Gai-sensei, Lee, and Neji got into their taijutsu stances. The one who fired the jutsu at Naruto started to show from an orb of water that suddenly rose from the river. The water from the outside of the orb seemed to be sliding off it, as if the orb was giving a type of waterfall. As the water ball evaporated, it slowly resembled a person. This certain person then fully appeared, and was standing on the ground, near the river.

This wasn't any particular person, but it was a ninja. She wore a headband with a unknown symbol, but it was slashed off, indicating she was a missing-nin. She wore a type of blue kimono with blue frills and waves on them, covering her entire body. She also wore two earrings that were in the shape of orbs. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and her hair color was a bright green. She smiled as he saw her victims.

"Well well, there was a 75% probability that you would be hit by that attack, but it would seem my miscalculations were wrong.... How boring." She smiled. She pointed at the blonde shinobi. "And you brat. Trying to beg for a jutsu you can't even learn to begin with? How obviously pathetic. Everything is about calculating of what you are capable of, and yet you force your way to such lengths..."


"H-How dare you!? I'm not that old you brat! I'm 29, and I calculate I have 60 more years before I die!"

"Yeah well, your math is starting to annoy the hell out of me lady!"

"Boy....!!!!" The girl was getting agitated at Naruto's badgering. Gai thought this was the perfect time to strike.

"Tch... Lee! Neji! It is time to give her the springtime of youth!"Gai said to the group.

"HAI, SENSEI!" Neji and Lee shouted. However... Something grabbed them from behind, and pinned them to the ground. Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Gai looked behind them to see the same girl, pinning them to the ground. The same with the others, they were pinned by the same woman! The main green-haired girl giggled, as she walked up to them. Team Gai looked up at her, and growled.

"My my... Did I also mention there was a 95% probability that you would fall for my trap as well? When you all dodged my Suiton jutsu, I took the obvious procedure to pin you all with my Water Clones. All of you failed to notice the water all around you, including the puddles of water!" The green-haired girl said. They all understood it now. "And this is where your death begins, my darling little ninja..." She then took out several kunai from under her Kimono sleeves, and pointed them to the pinned shinobi. She then shouted out:

"I am Naomi, An ex-ninja from the Land of Sea." Naomi threw her kunais at the group. "And there's a 100% probability that you will die from this attack!!!"

AN: Well that was a rough chapter, but I managed to get the 1st chapter done. Oh, and for those who are confused...

Mizu Dangan no jutsu: Water Bullet

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