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Psychicshipping - Divine x Aki Izayoi

Akiza raised her hand, curling it into a fist before gently knocking on the heavily polished, wooden door. Her hand then fell to her side as she patiently waited for permission for her entry.

"Come in," said Divine coolly from the other side. Akiza obeyed the order and entered the door silently to be greeted darkness, the only sense of light being a few smoldering candles. The claw signer squinted as her eyes attempted to adjust to the dim atmosphere. Suddenly, Divine emerged from behind one of his many bookcases, his sultry emerald green eyes fixed on the young woman, examining her as if she was a rare gemstone.

"So good of you to come, Akiza," he replied in a low, husky voice as he approached her, immediately reaching for her corset. Akiza did nothing as he ripped it off of her, kissing her neck passionately, suckling at it hungrily. The signer closed her eyes and sighed. This was becoming a nightly ritual for the two of them, and she learning to grow used to it--even if she hated it.

"Well, I think I've seen enough," said a female voice that was seperate from Akiza. Divine instantly broke away glaring at the area where the voice had come.

"Show yourself," he growled.

"Gladly," replied the voice, its owner stepping out from the shadows to reveal herself as a teenage girl.

"Who are you?" demanded Divine angrily, irritated with the girl's nonchalant demeanor. The teen cocked her eyebrow at the male in disbelief, her lips pursed slightly.

"You're psychic, aren't you? Can't you, like, read my mind or something? Whatever, my name is Carly, and I am God. . .No, not really. But the power over you imaginary characters is nice," mused Carly to herself. Akiza blinked in confusion and looked up at Divine, who looked rather bemused himself.

"Why. . .Are you here?" asked Akiza, gaining the courage to speak.

"Because this is one screwed up situation," replied Carly in a matter-of-fact voice as she pulled up a chair and sat in it. "First off, your names are completely out of line. Akiza is the American name, yet Divine is the Japanese. What the hell? I see this all the time, writer's using both the Japanese and American names in the same text. Authors need to pick one version and stick to it. Although, I advise writers to follow the original Japanese standards, simply because I hate the dub. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. And it's a big turn-off to see God-awful names like Trudge, and Mina, and Lazar in stories. And maybe I'm biased because I hate 4kids, but that's just my opinion."

"What writers? And who is 4kids?" asked Divine, his eyes narrowing at Carly suspiciously. The teen suddenly paused, considering what to say to the older man as she was very much aware that they were on one of the highest floors of one of the tallest buildings in Neo Domino--so pushing her out an open window could easily send her plummeting to her death. . .But what were the chances of him trying that when he had psychic powers that could kill her in an instant? In any case, the girl decided to not worry about such trivial things since she knew that the power of her keyboard and typing skills combined could whip Divine's ass any day.

"Ignorace is bliss, so I won't tell you about the writers. . .4kids, however. . .is an evil organization that performs more hianus acts than the Arcadia movement. I plan to burn down their building next week. Wanna join?" offered Carly, her mood taking a cheerful turn. Divine gave her an odd look but didn't reply in spite of her suggestion.

"Anyway, there's more I want to point out; why does everyone think you, Divine, is a sexual maniac? How come no one thinks you're a 30-year old virgin? I mean, I think you're a sexual maniac too, but still. . ." Carly's voice trailed off as she noticed the murderous look cross Divine's face. The girl let out an uneasy laugh and then turned to Akiza. "As for you. . .You were fine character-wise, but please change your name to Aki Izayoi. Akiza Izinski just sounds. . .bad."

Now even Akiza was glaring at Carly, which was her hint that it was time to leave--after all, her mission was complete. She pissed off the characters, satisfied her power-hungry nature, and bagged on 4kids. In other words, it was a good day.

"I'm going to make myself a sandwich now," declared Carly suddenly before she snapped her fingers and disappeared in a poof of glittery sparkles.

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