I've missed Brean and Saley so much on my quest to find new/fresh crossover couples, that I had to go ahead and try to through a fluffy story together.

So this is a crossover story, but to be fair, Brooke and Haley aren't Brooke Davis and Haley James—they're twins and their last name is Singer.

Sadly, my fluffy stories have been lacking in the ideas they need to come to a close—I can get out like maybe ten chapters and then all ideas run dry.

So, that's where you guys come in.

If you would like to keep this particular story going, I'm going to need you guys to help me out with ideas.

I'm always open to suggestions, and I'm thinking of turning this story into kind of a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' only not so complicated.

At the end of each chapter will be a question, which will be polled (by your reviews) before the next chapter comes out.

I want you guys to have as much interaction as possible.



"Sammy, a gun is held like this." Haley said with a smile, getting up behind Sam.

Ever since he was 10 and she was 12, Sam Winchester had found himself crushing on Haley Isabelle Singer. She had this personality about her—kind, shy, coy, brilliant…but open around those she knew, and the most capable when it came to hunting ghosts. Bobby had brought Haley and Brooke up in the world of hunting, and each girl had their own certain talents when it came to the job.

"Sammy? Part of me feels like you're subtly trying to make a move on me." Haley whispered in Sam's ear.

Sam scoffed. "Yeah right, Hales."

Haley smiled. "My bad then, Sammy. Turn the safety off and squeeze the trigger nice and slow."

With that advice, 17 year-old Haley Singer let go of Sam and watched him shoot the target. The bullet went right in the bulls eye, and Haley smiled—she was a good teacher, even though she knew that Sam knew that she knew that he knew how to shoot a firearm.

Sam looked up from his research as his phone rang. He smiled a little as he saw that it was Haley calling, and answered it quickly.

"Well if it isn't Hales." Sam said with a chuckle.

Haley smiled. "Good to hear your voice, Sammy. So…I'm calling to see if you've heard from Brooke."

"If I've heard from Brooke? She's your twin, Hales. Why would she call me and not you?" Sam asked her.

Haley sighed. "Because she and I are fighting right now, but I'm worried. She's been gone for two days out on a hunt. Since our siblings tend to use each other for their dirty pleasures when they're upset, I figured maybe she showed up at your guys' doorstep."

Sam shook his head. "Nope—I haven't hear from Brooke for about as long as I haven't heard from you, Hales…a few months."

"Fine. I'll call you in a few hours if I don't hear from her before then. And if you see or hear from her—" Haley was saying.

"—I'll call you." Sam told her. "Try to keep in touch, Hales. I miss you."

Haley smiled. "I miss you too, Sammy."

With that the two hung up and Sam looked up as Dean came into the motel room with some food from the vending machine. He set it on the table and then looked over at Sam as Sam got up to come and see what Dean had gotten them this time.

"Guess who I just heard from." Dean told his brother merrily.

"Brooke?" Sam asked him.

Dean sighed. "Hales called?"

"Hales called." Sam replied with a nod.

"Well Brooke is fine, and she's on her way here so…" Dean began, and trailed off.

Sam sighed. "You know, I don't understand why you two have to use each other when you're upset."

Dean shrugged. "Well not all of us are relationship people, Sammy."

Sam held his hands up. "Fine, fine—but you like her. You're just too afraid to let her in."

"Are you done, Dr. Phil?" Dean asked his brother.

Sam nodded with a laugh. "Yeah, I'm done. I wanted to head over to a diner to eat a real dinner anyways. How long until she gets here?"

"She said she was about 30 minutes away." Dean replied.

"All right—I'll shower and then leave you two to the room." Sam said, and he shook his head at his brother, but smiled anyways.


"This is ridiculous, Dean!" Brooke said, waving her hands dramatically. "The demon obviously didn't go this way!"

Dean growled. "I think I know where the demon went, Brooke! I'm better at tracking them than you are!"

Brooke laughed. "Better at tracking demons than me? Good one, Dean."

"Do I have to remind you about Ohio last week?" Dean asked.

Brooke rolled her eyes. "I'm going back to the motel!"

"What about the demon?" Dean asked her as she left to leave the tunnels.

"It's not here!" Brooke replied.

Dean angrily followed Dean back to the motel, and they noticed that Haley and Sam were nowhere to be found. There was a note saying they'd gone to talk to someone to try and get a lead, and so Dean did what he did best—he picked a fight with Brooke. Only this time, even though she was so upset, she kissed him. Dean hadn't been expecting it, but the sexual tension between them was undeniable.

"Do you want to?" Brooke asked him, taking off her shirt.

Dean nodded. "Yeah…let's do it."

Dean was more excited than he should have been when Brooke knocked on his door. He opened it and the second he did, Brooke jumped on him. Dean automatically held her tightly, Brooke kissing him and working on unbuttoning his buttons.

"There weren't other men to jump closer to you?" Dean asked her with a chuckle as he shut the door and backed up towards his motel bed.

Brooke shrugged and smiled at him. "You and I have been doing this since I was 16. I figured that you of all people understand what it's like to fight with your sibling and need an outlet to go to."

Dean nodded, and sat on the bed, Brooke resituating on his lap and sliding off his shirt, looking at his t-shirt. She laughed a little and stopped touching him, looking him in the eye.

"What?" Dean asked with a smile. "You stopped."

"You knew I was coming and you still went out of your way to wear a whole bunch of clothes." Brooke said. "I have no idea why I find that so funny, but I do."

Dean shrugged. "You like taking my clothes off, so I just figured I'd let you do it—you are the one who needs the cheering up right now."

Brooke kissed him softly. "How have you been, Dean?"

"I've been good, Brooke. What exactly did you and Haley fight about?" Dean asked, lifting up his arms and letting Brooke pull his t-shirt off.

"We're fighting about hunting and dad again." Brooke said with a sigh. "She's mad at him for forcing us into it, and I'm mad at him for always picking her hunts over mine. Why am I mad at Haley? Last hunt got a little personal and she wouldn't let me finish it."

Dean nodded and when Brooke put her arms up in the air, Dean pulled her shirt off and held her as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"It's been a few months, and I'm sorry I called you for a booty call as our reunion call." Brooke told him sincerely.

Dean shrugged. "Don't worry about it—we're both going to get laid, aren't we? Win, win."

Brooke rolled her eyes as she laughed a little, kissing Dean again. Dean returned it and stroked her hair, both of them stopping and turning to see Sam and Haley enter the motel room. They looked a little upset, and Brooke ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.

"What, Hales?" Brooke asked her.

"It's Dad—he needs help on a hunt." Haley replied.

Question: Should the next chapter be entirely about the hunt, or should Sam and Haley have some romantic interaction outside of the hunt as well?