Author's Note: This is my take on a possible third season, and also a possible tie-in with the new movies. I've decided to take a departure from the well worn path of Jameron fanfics, and write something involving a John/Allison relationship. Just letting you know up front, but I hope that doesn't deter the Jameron fans from reading this story. Also, since I'm trying to tie this in with the new movie(s), don't be surprised to see Kate Brewster(Connor) show up at some point.

Rewriting The History of Things To Come

Chapter 1 – First Impressions

John was in shock and dismay. How could Derek not know who he was? And what was with that comment about being famous for wearing his brother's coat? It wasn't until he saw Kyle step out of the shadows that he realized that Derek's brother was the father he never met. Of course he knew that Derek's brother was Kyle, and he should have known what he meant instantly, but confusion was attacking him from every angle. His brain was didn't have the quick wit that it would normally have.

But as soon as he saw him, he knew it was Kyle. Even without ever having seen a picture, and having no idea what he looked like, he knew. It was an unknown presence about him... like meeting someone from a past life.

Kyle seemed to have a similar reaction to John. As though he just couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew the kid from somewhere.

Before John could process any more thought on the subject of his father, he saw her.

Cameron, he thought as he watched the brown haired girl appear from behind Kyle. His level of elation started to rise. His foggy, time-lagged brain was swelling with joy as he saw his cyborg companion approaching. But as quickly as his mood increased, it fell. When he saw her crouch down and pet the guard dog, it clicked in his head. It couldn't be Cameron. Dogs hated Cameron. And this girl was smiling. She seemed too... alive, to be Cameron. He had grown so accustomed to seeing nothing but a blank stare on Cameron's face, that the slightest smile from the unknown girl in front of him was enough to seal John's mind. No...She's not Cameron.

He was both devastated and confused at the same time. It was obviously not Cameron, but who? This girl was obviously human.

Her smile faded quickly when she looked up at the strange boy that had suddenly appeared in the tunnels, and who was wearing her boss's coat. Her demeanor changed to that of suspicion and contempt.

"What's your name, kid?" Kyle finally asked him.

At first, John was tongue tied. He had freely given his name to Derek, but that was like greeting old friends. Old, dead friends anyway. Hearing his father speak to him for the first time sent chill down his spine, as did the raised eyebrow that Kyle shot at him for not answering the question in a timely fashion.

"John. Connor." He swallowed the lump that was building in his throat.

"Well, John... would you mind telling me what you're doing in our camp, and with my coat?"

"I... I didn't know it was yours." John stammered. "I just grabbed the first piece of clothing I could find."

"Why were you naked in the first place?" Kyle pressed on.

What was he supposed to say to that? That he just arrived from the good 'ole year of 2009? Oh and by the way, clothing doesn't go through the time machine? No. That conversation would have to wait for another day, if ever.

Before John could come up with a convincing lie, the girl stood up from her crouched position next to the dog and said to Kyle, "I'll tell you why. Because he's one of those goddamned Burbank punks." She turned to John and glared at him though thin eyes. "That's right, isn't it, you little maggot?" She took a couple steps toward John, accosting him.

Both confused by her accusation, and somewhat frightened by her advance, John took a half step back. "No... I'm not from..."

"You lying sack of shit!" she scolded him, tilting her head slightly to the side, which reminded him—and simultaneously scared the hell out of him--of Cameron. She's not Cameron, he repeated to himself, and stood his ground.

"I'm not from Burbank," he said solidly and confidently, matching her glare with his own. Like staring into the eyes of a wild dog, this only managed to anger her even more, and her fist soon landed on John's jaw.

He fell to the ground, half in shock, and half in pain. She had one hell of a right hook. He couldn't imagine a punch from Cameron being much worse.

"BASTARD!" she yelled as she kicked him in the ribs. "You elitist pricks! You tell Grissam that he and the rest of those sons of bitches are going to PAY some day!"

Another kick would have landed in John's gut if Kyle hadn't yanked her back, causing her to stumble, and kick nothing but air. She would have fallen over if Kyle's grip on her overcoat was anything but vice-like. "ALLISON!! Stop!" He commanded. "We don't know anything about this boy yet, so control yourself!"

"Look at him, Kyle!" she jutted her hand out in John's direction. "Not a speck of dirt on him! He's clean shaven, and about as tough as your average cancer patient! Obviously living in that enclave of Grissam's, enjoying running water and not lifting a finger to fight the machines!"

A couple of "yeah's" came from the small ground of soldiers, accompanied by some nodding.

Derek looked down at the boy on the ground, who was clutching his ribs, and spitting out a small amount of blood that was coming from either his lip, or teeth. He didn't know which. "Just because he's clean doesn't make him the enemy, Allison." He said calmly.

"Damnit Derek! You know as well as I do that he's another one of Grissam's scouts, and..."

Her tantrum was cut short when Kyle, whose fist was still clenching the collar of her coat, rattled her a bit, and told her very authoritatively to stand down. "You are dismissed, soldier." He let go of her coat and glared at her as she huffed and walked away down the corridor. "Derek, take him to the holding cell until we can figure out what to do with him." As he turned to leave he said, "And get him some clothes so I can have my jacket back."

Derek nodded and reached down to offer John his hand. Derek pulled John to his feet. "You all right there, sport?" This was Derek's way of saying "Sorry about Allison... she's wound a pretty tight."

"Yeah... I'll live," he replied sardonically, using his fingers to wiggle a tooth that he suspected of being loose.

Sitting on the cold concrete floor in his holding cell, John had the rest of the day and night to gather his thoughts about just what the hell was going on. He had pieced together that nobody knew who he was because he time-traveled past the time in his life when he would have started leading people to rise against the machines. John Connor didn't exist in this future. He may as well be John Doe. It made him question everything he had been raised to believe. It made his questions his own existence as the "born leader", or "savior of mankind". No Fate... yeah, no shit. He rolled his eyes at the thought. It was apparent people would fight back even without him as their leader. Must be something in the Reese blood though, because Kyle and Derek seem to be in charge... here at least.

And that girl... Allison? She looked so much like Cameron that she could be her identical twin. No... even identical twins usually had subtle nuances that allowed the careful eye to tell them apart. Allison and Cameron were like clones of each other. Clones... he pondered. Was Cameron's skin cloned from Allison? Yeah... gotta be.

Now that he thought about it, he recalled Cameron referring to herself as Allison once. Her chip was acting up, and she thought she was this Allison character. Well it turns out that Allison is a real person, not a character. Allison... from Glendale.... or was it Palmdale? Shit...Time-lag. I can't think straight.

He rested his head on the block wall, exhaled deeply, and thought of Cameron. Oh, Cameron... he began to feel the lump in his throat building again as he recalled Cameron's lifeless body sitting in the chair in the basement of Zierra Corp. Her face was destroyed, but he hardly noticed that. At the time, all he could think about was how to get her chip back. How to get her back.

Idiot! He scolded himself. He was beginning to see what a terrible mistake it was to jump though time with Weaver. He was chasing a ghost. Cameron was gone, and for all he knew, her body vaporized into the ether of space-time along with his clothes when the time-bubble swallowed them all. Now he was stuck here all alone. No one to turn to, no place to call home. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes, pushing out a pair of tears.

I loved you, Cameron. Was that true though? Had he fallen in love with her? This was the first time he had ever admitted it to himself, and something just didn't feel right about it. She wasn't a person. She couldn't feel the love he projected to her, nor could she return it. Furthermore, after having met Allison, he realized that Cameron wasn't even an original. She was obviously a copy of the human girl, both in looks and parts of her personality. It was depressing to John, like he'd been duped by the most elaborate prank in history. It was like Cameron wasn't even real to him any more. He may as well have fallen in love with a photograph.

A photograph... ha! He let out a single chuckle to himself at that though. There's more of that Reese bloodline working its magic. Dad fell in love with a photograph of Mom, and traveled across time to be with her. I go and fall in love with a 'photograph' of... ... Allison... What happens when I finally meet her? She hates my guts.

He wouldn't expect anything less from the cruel irony that is the life of John Connor.

To Be Continued...

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