a little body dress in blue with a wizard hat can be seen skipping along the streets of Alexandria. The was humming a little tune. I was his 10th birthday and the Queen of Alexandria was hosting a party for him. He couldn't wait to see his friends from his past adventures. Princess Garnet, Aldbert Steirner, Eiko, and Zidane. Vivi Orunitia acted was excited like any other normal 10 year old. Vivi didn't watch where he was going until a little girl came falling from a roof laded on him.

" oh sorry" she said getting off. Vivi got up dusting his coat

" I sould be sorry" he said " i didn't watch where i was going". The girl giggled

" oh Vivi with that aditude you gonna let people walk all over you" she said. Vivi didn't make any comment insted he rached out to the girl

" Tag you it Eiko" he said taking off. Eiko watched him go, she stomp her foot and pouted

" I'll get you Vivi" she said chasing after him


meanwhile at Alexandria castle in the ball room a The young Queeen Garnet was checking the decorations. she heard a loud crash, on the east side of the room, A man dress in heavy armor just seemed not to be able to get up,

" Steirner" a captain of a female guards said helping up " what am I gonna do with you"

" your highness you like the Decorations?" He asked the Queen. Garnet gave him a puzzled look

" I'm sorry Steirner" she said " it's up to Vivi to decide. after all it is his birthday"

" yeah" a voice called out of the corner " speaking of birthday boy where is he" a young man came up behind the Queen, he wraped his arm around her waist, his tail was swishing from side to side.

" release your had from the Queen" Steirner demanded having his hand on his hilt ready to kill the monkey man

" Steirner I though after all we been through we were friends" He said " beside I am dating the Queen"

" to me your still a street theif who kidnapped our Queen long ago" he said Charging. The monkey tail man dodge him, he lifted Garnet into his rams, He jumped up on to a railing to get her out of the way

" oh Zidane do you have to go make him mad" Garnet asked. Zidane smiled

" oh relax I'm just teasing him" he said. Zidane Jumped back down " come on Steirner don't make me call you rusty all over again"

" I warn you, you better not do anything unforgivable to the Queen" he was about to continue that is until a hand snacked him across his head. The Captain of the Female gaurds was glaring at him

" Thank Betrix" Zidane said

" don't worry Zidane" she said


unaware to the friends a dark force was watching from her crystal ball. Her violet eyes glowed from the Crysyal glow as she watched, then the Ball switched to the 2 Children playing on the Streets, here eyes widen at the sight of Vivi ducking and sneaking from Eiko. she smiled

" oh i have found you at last" she said " your black magic shall be mine. she waved her arm into a circle the out shot a red maroon ball, it turn into a dark cloud

" Yes my lady" it said

" seek out the Mage child" she commanded " and bring him to me" she sealed her command with a kiss she blew to the cloud

" as you wish" it said taking off. The woman continued to watch from her crystal ball

" Vivi you shall be mine" she snickered.

The sun was setting in the sky. Eiko was looking for Vivi, this time they were playing hide and seek. Eiko was walking down the ally way but it seem to dark, she started to get a little frighten

" oh " she buried her head into her hands " I'm so afraid" she sobbed " I'll never find Vivi" . unaware to her Vivi was hiding in a barrel next to her, he poked his head out of the barrel, He felt bad for making Eiko cry, He got out of the barrel and walked over to her

" I'm sorry" Eiko" he said . Eiko looked up and pounced on him

" I got you" she said " Vivi didn't I tell you people will walk over you" she giggled " now come one lets go back to the Castle" she helped Vivi off the ground. suddenly a gust of wind blew over the kingdom. The children looked up at a big dark cloud, Eiko hid behind Vivi

" This doesn't look good" she said, The wind blew hard on the kids, Eiko was trying hard not to get blown away. Vivi tried to stand up to it

if only mister Steirtren was here Vivi thought. The cloud started to form eyes insted of the wind blowing them away it started to suck them up. The children flew into the sky. Eiko manage to grab part of a building she used her free hand to grab Vivi's

" Hang on Vivi" she said her little wings begin to flap but the grip she had on Vivi's began to slip then let go. Vivi flew up into the Sky

" Eiko " he cried as the giant cloud sucked him up

" Vivi!" she cried. Her friend was gone and the terible wind disapeared.

well this has to be my first final fantasy fic ever

and just lets face the fact that Eiko and Vivi are children allright.

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