Back at the castle. the Ball room was getting every thing ready. the food were placed on the tables, Steiren was still arguing with Zidane. Garnet made her rounds at the tables. it wasn't a grand big party just a small party for friends.

" for the last time Keep your hands off of the Queen" Stirener commanded. Zidane made faces at the old knight, he ran over to Garnet, just to set him off Zidane gave the queen a little tushy squeeze. the Queen's face went red

" THAT'S IT! " Stierner roared, he took out his sword and started to swing at the mankey tail man Zidane easily dogged him

" ZIDANE!" a shriek cried from the halls. The Knight and the thief froze. Eiko came running into the room, she flung her self at him, her little wings giving her the extra flight. she tackled him to the floor.

" Uh Eiko?" he asked. Eiko wouldn't let go. Garnet saw the little girl but she just laughed she knew that some day Eiko will out grow this.

" whats wrong Eiko" she asked. Eiko eye caught Garnet, then continued to wail on Zidane, she was trying to make Garnet jealous

" oh Zidane" she cried " Vivi has been kidnapped". Zidane got the girl off of him he got off the floor

" oh come on Eiko" he said " maybe he was hiding in a good hiding spot"

" I m seriouse!" the girl screamed " Vivi was taken by a dark cloud with eyes" she pouted, Garnet leaned down to the child

" Eiko where was the last place you saw Vivi?" she asked

" I"M TELLING THE TRUTH!" Eiko exploded " Vivi was taken by a dark clue with glowing eyes"

" look I'm gonna look for him" Zidane suggested " and if I come back with him you owe every one an apology" He said to Eiko


" good luck Zidane" the Queen told her. Zidane ran out of the castle to look for the young black mage.


The cloud that took Vivi flew to what looked like a black a red fortress. The cloud came into a room, the cloud turned into a man with long red hair and had a black coat, Vivi was struggling in his arms

" well done Gust" a woman voice called. Vivi struggling came to a halt. his vision turn to what appeared to be a beautiful woman, her pale skin reflecting what light there is,long dark purple hair and her dress was long, black and purple color, she smiled down on the Mage

" release him Gust" she commanded. Gust let the child down, she walked over to the child, her pale hand touched his cheek

" relax little one" she cooed " I'm not going to hurt you"

" your not?" the mage asked " then why was I brought here?". the woman smiled

" That will be explained in time" she said, looked up at Gust who been standing there the whole time " Gust i like you to leave the Mage Child and me alone fore a while" she commanded. Gust bowed to her

" yes my lady" he exited the room. Vivi watched him go then he turn back to the woman. The woman went back to her throne, she gestured her finger for Vivi to come closer to her, The Mage obeyed

" excuse me" he muttered the woman picked up on his voice

" yes " she replied

" could you tell me who you are and what you plan to do with me?" he asked he was still shivering from fright. The woman patted his head

" oh coruse my child" she said" how rude of me" she smiled " my Name is Valerina" she told him " and i want you to join my side". Vivi backed away

" no" he cried " I wont be a puppet" he wanted to run but couldn't. Valerina had control on him

" don't make this hard on your self Mage" she hissed " I will have that black magic that you posses" she brought the Mage closer to her " now be a good boy and do as a say" she snickered


Eiko paced back and forth, What was Zidane taking so long, suddenly the familiar monkey tail man returned. Eiko flew into his arms and taking him down to the floor

" did you find him?" Garnet asked, Zidane shook his head

" I looked every where I even went to his home but no answer" he told her

" SEE" Eiko said getting off of Zidanes lap " I told you"

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