Looking up from an elk, I heard a noise. The grass was being crushed by something, though I could not make it out. With a raise of my eyebrow I relied closer on my extra sense, and was quickly awarded with the maker of such racket. I laughed and jumped, grabbing the elk on the way, as Emmett barreled out from the brush. He was fast, putting the full movement of his massive arms into each step, but I rose quickly above him and landed behind him.

"Cheater!" He yelled out, making a sharp turn in one bound back towards me. I brushed the dirt off my pants and sprang again, this time leaving the elk to distract him. I could see him lick his lips childishly and speed up toward the carcass. This time I did not move my body, but let myself fall to the ground from where I'd jumped from. Landing silently on my feet, I brushed off my hands and tugged on Emmett's shirt.

"Come on, Emmett. The girls must be ready by now, and our first period teacher's will be thoroughly irritated if we show up late..." I turned and started back toward the house. In a flicker of white I saw Emmett race past me, still licking blood from his lips.

"Again, brother? When are you going to loosen up! We've only gone through school like fifty times. Give it a rest!" His booming laugh disrupted the forest and sent everything running. I merely shook my head and sped up.

As I reached Emmett, I was pulled to a stop by a sickening blackness. I knew from experience that Alice was having a vision. I simply cleared my throat to let Emmett know I was stopping, and then sat down lightly to let the vision pass through Alice and come to me. Before long the blackness turned to white, the brightest, purest white I'd ever seen. My throat ached and throbbed and I laid flat on the ground, hoping to escape the pain. The hunger. I moaned slowly and painfully and tried to sit up, but was pushed back down again.

I heard a shift in the house just a few miles up and Alice quickly concentrated and shut me out of her thoughts. Bewildered, I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts, and stood, walking back home. My family was waiting when I opened the back door. A quick scope of their collective thoughts almost made me laugh.

"Oh, come on now! It was just an odd reaction to Alice's vision. It's happened before, I'm sure it'll happen again." I rolled my eyes and turned to walk past them.

Never that intense, Edward, and you know it. Alice again, of course. She was quite the meddler. I gave her a stern look and walked up stairs to change my clothes. Having to wrestle with Emmett had made me spill my food all over my clothes. I was surprised, noticing this, that Alice hadn't so much as looked at the stain. I shook my head, clearing it of all thoughts once more, and turned on the stereo. Classical music drifted lightly through the room, and I was at peace.


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