He Walked Away

OK. I was getting a little jealous reading everyone else's stories, especially since I've been itching to write for awhile now! Here's a little one-shot for your enjoyment! It takes place during "Rapture," right after Castiel returns to Jimmy's body. It's Dean's thoughts after Castiel talks to him.

Disclaimer: Supernatural isn't mine. *sigh* So that means Dean isn't mine. *sniffle* And neither is Castiel. *sob*


Dean stared in stunned silence as he watched Castiel walk away from him. The angel's words had stabbed him like a knife. The cold harshness of them had caught Dean off-guard. It didn't make any sense.

After everything he knew Castiel had gone through. After he had confessed to Dean his doubts. After being betrayed by Uriel. After seeing everything his vessel had gone through. Christ, after he had gone and made the choice to help Dean with Sam and the whole prophet-thing. It didn't make sense for him to be this way now.

What had they done to him?

Who was Castiel now?

Dean felt his heart drop as he heard a flutter of wings as Castiel left the warehouse.


Yeah, can you tell I was slightly distraught over my Angel-Man after seeing this latest episode? I seriously almost cried!

*sigh* I'm such a dork!