What Happened?

Summary- Do you ever wonder what happened in those 19 years J.K Rowling skipped out? Break Ups, Marriages, Births, the lot!

Disclaimer- Obviously I don't own Harry Potter (although I TOTALLY wish I did) but I'm not a genius, I don't live in England( I LOVE their accents!! I want one :P) and I'm not richer than the Queen! Happy now?

Chapter 1- Victory

It was over! Finally over! The Wizarding World can finally live in peace and harmony not fear and sorrow. So many deaths, but in the end worth it. They knew what they were fighting for and against, they knew what might happen.

"Still, they all didn't have to die! I could of saved some!" thought Harry Potter, The-Chosen-One, The-Boy-Who-Lived, The-Man-Who-Conquered, The-One-Who-Saved-Us-All and still is only 17. A handsome young man with raven hair that sticks out in all directions and bottle-top round glasses, looking just like his father, James, did when he was still alive, except with the eyes of his delightful mother, Lily. Their eyes are green, not just any normal shade of green, but a green that can not be described with mere words. Bright emerald other-colours-mixed-in-green and every-green-in-the-whole-wide-world-green.

He was exhausted. I mean, who wouldn't be? Being on the run for a year, then defeat the evilest wizard in time isn't fun and games. And not just physically, but emotionally and mentally not just from the battle but from all those years that his young life has been corrupted by the evil, Tom Riddle or more commonly known, Lord Voldemort.

He needed sleep, food, water, his friends and family and most importantly the love-of-his-life Ginny Weasley.

From there on his bed for 7 years, he called Kreacher to ask for some food.

"Master Harry! How are you? Do you want Kreacher to get you anything sir?" asked Kreacher happily, in his bull-croaky voice.

"Yes thankyou Kreacher I would like a sandwich and some water but before that I would like to congratulate you on your efforts earlier in the battle! You helped us greatly and you didn't even have to do anything! You risked your lives to help us! I can't thank you enough!" Harry said.

"Tis was our pleasure sir, I will be back in a moment with your food sir," Kreacher said as he snapped his fingers and apparated away with a familiar 'pop'.

Harry sat on the bed thinking… his life would be much different now and he wouldn't have to live in fear or pressure. He could do anything he wanted now. He could go out with Ginny and not be afraid for her safety. "Ahh, Ginny, I miss her so much. Maybe I can catch up with her today?"

As Kreacher popped back in, two groans could be heard. Harry looked around to see Ron's hangings around his bed been open, to reveal two dishevelled teenagers.

"Hermione? What are you doing in here?"

"I-I, erm, was just, ah, visiting! Yes I was just visiting, yes, no sleeping in Ron's bed, no siree!" said Hermione, blushing in a way that would make a Weasley proud. Ron's ears looked like they were on fire and he looked shocked.

"Ook, erm, did you want Kreacher to get you something or are you going down to the Great Hall?"

"Umm I think we might just go down to the hall, you know how Mum is, probably fussy over everyone and telling Fred and oh" Ron trailed off, remembering what happened the previous day.

"It really happened didn't it? You really saved the Wizarding world? He really died? Coz it feels as if it was a dream…"

"Yes, Ron, it all happened, Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Colin, they all died" Harry said.

"And for a good cause too, Harry, they knew what could happen, they all did, they were fighting for a better world for the rest of us, you know that. Now stop blaming yourself ok? Its not your fault ok?" Hermione reasoned. "Now, we best get downstairs, we don't want Mrs Weasley blowing the door down!"

They reached the hall later and as soon as they walked through the door, they were deafened by the applause and Mrs Weasley ambushed them with one of her bone-crushing hugs each.

"Oh My God, I'm so glad all of you are safe!! I couldn't bear what would've happened if you weren't! Oh, you all look like you need a good feed now go on, hurry up! Fill those plates up!" tutted Mrs Weasley. The whole Weasley family was at breakfast, of couse minus Fred, and all were looking sad and worse for wear. They had red-bloodshot eyes and red faces from crying and grieving. Ginny looked at Harry and…

So... Wat did she say??? hahah well this is my first fanfiction and i dont no whether to continue... it took me a while to do this and yer i just wanna no wat you think... then ill continue if you like it..:P oh and my friends libby .Cullen and laura jazzyjonasluvr are my inspirations! thanks girls


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