Please note: this will not be a Founder's time fic. The prologue is the only part of the story that is set in the Founders time. This will be a time travel fic, but not in the same time frame.

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Summary: Harry Potter willingly relinquished his mortality… but was he ever truly mortal? Buried secrets will emerge. Sent back in time to the year 1948, Harry will have the chance to live as his true self, and find love on the way. Timetravel, slash.

Pairings: TMR/HP (HP/LV) , RL/SB

Please note: Parseltongue is "italics"



In the year 988 A.D, young children gifted with magical powers were hunted down and killed by the order of the church. These children, called wizards by their kind, would form small groups of refugees with other wizards who lived in the same area. Our story takes us to one such group of refugees, four teenagers from the town of Hogsmeade who had just been discovered. The quartet had discovered their powers at a young age and banded together to become stronger. Unfortunately, no matter how much research they did, the group could find no solid information on how to manipulate magic, and had been caught in a foolish attempt to discover these secrets themselves. Magic, after all, was forbidden in their time, and no books had been written, no knowledge imparted, in order to gain the control over magic that the wizards lacked. Many groups had tried, but none had so far succeeded.

That was how Salazar Slytherin, the son of Scotland's High Priest, born with the curse of snake-speak; Godric Gryffindor, first-born son of Hogsmeade's ruling lord; Rowena Ravenclaw, a self-educated peasant with a love for knowledge and the grace of a queen; and Helga Hufflepuff, Godric's illegitimate half sister with an unrelenting dedication; ended up standing in the most beautiful place they had ever seen. While running from a mob of townspeople, they had discovered that none of the normal civilians could approach the majestic mountain top on which they stood.

The four walked forward, eyeing the carved gargoyle which was placed rather inconspicuously in the center of the field.

"What is it?" The other three stared at Salazar for a moment, before Rowena quickly pulled a piece of parchment out of her bag, handing it to the teen. Salazar quickly scribbled his question on the paper.

"It's a statue. It seems to be a likeness to some sort of mythical creature." Rowena replied, eyes fixed on the majestic statue. Her eyes darted to Salazar as he strode towards the statue, reaching out one hand. He placed his outstretched hand on the statue, drawn to it as if it were a magnet, pulling at him from deep within his soul.

He Knew.

"Place your hands on the statue." Salazar's voice was raspy and warped, but it was English all the same. The three rushed over, shock evident on their faces. Ever since his awakening, Salazar had been able to speak only in Parseltongue, one of the main reasons that he had been discovered. Godric all but ran up to the statue, amazed at the object which was so powerful that it had given Salazar back his speech. As he touched the statue along with the two others, he finally understood the world. As the four stood around the statue, darkness enveloped the world.

He stood alone again. He had created his brethren many years ago, as his arms and his legs. They could move, whereas he was stuck eternally in one form. He had created each, and given each a unique name. They had stood beside him for millennia, absorbing the knowledge which he had imparted. They understood the world better than any who had lived in it, and yet they were not, they could not be, one with the world which they lived in. He had set them free, in the hopes that they would become a natural part of the world. He knew that they were the ones meant to lead the world, and his selfishness could not keep them there. Now, they were all gone. It should not have mattered. He was timeless; he lived with them in the past, and would reunite with them in the future; his past and his future were both a part of his present. Even so, he could not shake the eternal loneliness which he felt while knowing that he would live without them for many years, had lived without them for many years, and was living without them even at that moment. When those four children seeking knowledge had approached him, he hoped. Imparting his wishes upon them, he was pleased when they fulfilled his dream and protected his beloveds.

It was just after dark, about a month after the foursome had discovered the statue. Godric, Helga, and Rowena had situated themselves around a roaring campfire, while Salazar had hidden himself off in a dark corner, a newly carved staff balanced in his hands.

"Join us, Salazar!" Godric called. Salazar looked up from his work, the small silver cross which he had been trying to affix into a groove in his staff dangling from his hand. Sighing, he carefully placed the staff against the tree, hung the cross on a chain around his neck, and walked over.

"What is it that you require of me?" Salazar's words still came out warped, but his speech had definitely improved since the day when he had first regained his ability to speak English. Unsurprisingly, Rowena was the one to answer him.

"We were discussing what we should do next. The statue gave us its knowledge, but no specific directive to which we should follow."

"Let's save the other refugees! I'm sure that there are a lot more of us, and if we were to band together, we would become more powerful than all of Europe combined!" Godric replied, his eyes lighting up with eagerness.

"And where would we keep all of these people?" Salazar smirked as Godric failed to answer him. "Do you understand? Life is not so simple—you must look ahead."

"I know" Helga chimed in, "We can build them a school. After all, we have the knowledge." A shining realization dawned upon them.

"It's perfect! With a system of education, we could possible even become an organized society of witches and wizards." Rowena added, her eyes lighting up at the mere thought of being able to educate those who were still lost.

"And with the barrier around this sacred area, none of the normal townspeople will be aware of us." Salazar contributed, his voice laden with barely suppressed interest.

"Excellent! Those dumb muggles will have no idea what's going on!" Godric's statement was met with silence.

"Muggles?" Rowena coughed out, a trace of humor in her tone. Godric's face reddened under the amused stares of the other three.

"I think it's a nice word!" Helga defended, embarrassed for her brother. "What does it mean?"

"Well, I heard father use it once when referring to a captured renegade." Godric mumbled, his face turning even redder. "I thought it would be ironic if we used it to refer to them instead." He searched the others' faces, looking for any signs of approval.

"Muggle it is, then." Salazar expressed his satisfaction, causing Godric to smile brightly.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was built on that very spot, the gargoyle serving as its cornerstone. For years, the Founders worked, not only building the school but also gathering the renegade wizards, until, on the first day of the year 1000, Hogwarts opened her doors to students for the very first time. Exactly 600 years later, the castle would lose the source of its power. The ancient gargoyle was stolen, and would not be seen again for many years. Nearly a thousand years after the school first opened, the world would go through a change so drastic, so impossible, that it would shake the foundations of the entire society and either destroy or save the world on the brink of disaster.

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