Chapter 4


Fuzzy, things were fuzzy. And dark, Hinata noted. She tried to make sense of her thoughts, but only random words came to mind. Hanabi. Dog. Stench. Capture.


Against her body's protests, Hinata opened her eyes. They felt unnaturally heavy, like she hadn't opened them in quite some time. She waited until her eyes adjusted to the dim light, and then took in her surroundings.

From what she could tell, she was in some sort of room. Her legs and arms were bound to a chair, and there was a gag in her mouth. The door was right in front of her, but she couldn't so much as lift her leg.

Maybe I can figure out where I am by turning on my Byakugan.

So she tried. And tried. And tried. And tried for another dozen or so times, but no matter how much she wanted to, her chakra just wouldn't gather. Finally, out of strength, she gave up. She was baffled. Her chakra system wasn't working properly, but it was only then that she felt the faint power in the ropes that were restricting her.

Of course. Chakra ropes. They've been eating at my chakra the whole time. Now what?

Helplessly, she scanned the room for her bag. There were countless sharp objects stashed in there, things to cut through the rope. But, of course, there was no sign of it.

Just as she was about to panic, the door opened and sent a beam of light onto her face. She blinked back tears at the sudden brightness of the room.

"You're awake," a gruff voice stated. Hinata saw the outline of a tall man at the door, and her heart began to hammer wildly.

Is he here to kill me? Wait, no, why would they go through all the trouble of tying me up if they were going to kill me. But, what if he does something like… Oh god. I'm gonna be used and then killed. I'm so sorry Hanabi…

"Not very talkative are you?" He had appeared suddenly behind her, bringing the smell of fish along with it. His hands were blue. Wasn't there someone with blue skin who she should remember?

"W-W-Who are you?" Hinata cursed her stutter. What was supposed to sound inquisitive and threatening came out weak and desperate.

"You'll find out soon enough." He began untying her ropes, much to Hinata's surprise. Her hopes were soon dashed when he tied newer ones around her hands and ankles like cuffs,and slung her easily over one shoulder.

Ew. He smells like sea water.

Now being a ninja, and more importantly a kunoichi, she was used to being in tough situations. Above all though, she was an heiress, and her pride strongly objected to being carried like a sack of potatoes. So she struggled. She kicked. She even bit into her captor's ear. All it earned her was a chuckle from the man…


..thing. Fishman. Manfish. Merman? Either way, he didn't do anything, and Hinata was so absorbed in finding out what exactly he was that she didn't notice when they entered a dark room.

She was then thrown to the ground. Without the proper use of her arms and legs, it was taking her too long to stand up. She decided to stay on the floor, and only then noticed the group of people surrounding her. Each was enveloped in shadow, and she could barely see the outlines of their figures. All were wearing some kind of cloak she noted, and Hinata quickly realized just exactly who this was.

The Akatsuki!? Oh no. No no no. This is a mistake. God, this can't be them. Right?!

One of the figures stepped towards her. He looked down at Hinata and smiled.

"Hello Hyuuga." Hinata gritted her teeth. He wasn't even using any honorifics! Technically, she was the head of the clan now! She almost shouted at the figure, but any comeback died in her throat as she accidentally looked up at the figure to her right. She shivered, a long convulsion going through her limbs as she looked into the blood red Sharingan.

It was horrible. Hinata remembered seeing Sasuke use it once on a mission, but this Sharingan felt nothing like it. For some reason, it felt wrong somehow. Cold. The look of a killer. She was ripped from her musings as the fishman form before poked at her leg with his bandaged sword.

"Oi, don't you know it ain't polite to stare?" His sharp teeth practically glowed as he smiled down at her. Hinata shied away from him and looked at the figure who had spoken before as he spoke again.

"I trust you have enjoyed your stay?" There were a few snickers in the background, and Hinata glared up at his shadowed figure.

"What a scary face, Hyuuga. Are you sure you want to do that to the man who's about to give you the offer of a lifetime?" Against her will, she paused in her glaring. What could the Akatsuki offer her?

She looked up at him skeptically. For god's sake, they had kidnapped her. Why would she believe anything he said?

"Join us, Hyuuga. Join the Akatsuki in our quest for peace." Hinata jolted.JoinAkatsuki? The group who had killed hundreds of lives, the group of missing-nins?

Technically I'm a missing-nin too.

That was different. She hadn't murdered anyone.

"No thank you." She had managed, and glared at the figure before her. He just smiled even more.

"And here I thought I could tell you something interesting." This caught Hinata's interest.

"I-Interesting?" Her voice was starting to crack, and Hinata wondered how long she had gone without food in this place.

"Yes. Very interesting." The man moved closer to her face, so close that she could see the rings circling his pupil. "Does something about a Hanabi Hyuuga interest you?"

At the use of Hanabi's name, Hinata felt fear for the worst. "What h-have you done to her!" She struggled to stand up, but failed miserably, and ended up falling flat on her face. Hinata heard some of the figures laugh.

"We haven't done anything to her. The Akatsuki aren't in possession of Hanabi Hyuuga. But we do know where she is. I'm even thinking of telling you." Hinata looked up at him hopefully. They knew where Hanabi was!

"Well, for a price of course." She could practically hear the smugness in his voice.

"A-Anything! I'll do anything! Please, j-just tell me wh-where she is!" Panic made her stutter even more than usual, but Hinata took no notice.

"Anything? Then I'll offer it once more. Join the Akatsuki." Hinata bit the inside of her cheek, deep in thought. The people around her looked expectantly, quite entertained by their little show.

Me and my big mouth. But why, of all people, does he want me to join? I'm still a chuunin, and if we're talking about bloodlines they already have the Sharingan. How do I know there isn't some sort of catch?

"Wh-Why do you want me to j-join? Just let me g-go and I promise not to tell anyone about this. So please-"

"You will deny my offer?" The figure cocked his head at her. "You will betray your own kin, Hyuuga?"

Hinata shook her head violently. "No! Th-that isn't.. At least g-give me some more time to think about it!" Hinata couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. Was she seriously still considering this? It went against everything she was taught.

But what if they do know where Hanabi is. What if I find her? What if they help?

"Then let me make things easier for you, Hyuuga." He had stepped forward again, circling her like a predator. He resembled a wolf, Hinata thought distractedly. "Join the Akatsuki, or die. Much easier now, right?"

If I die, who will save Hanabi? Konoha already , in that case, I have no choice but to-

"Leader?" Both Hinata and the man turned to the new voice's direction. Hinata had to step to the right to see him behind the "Leader" person. Still, all she could make out was his shadowy figure.

"She is a fine specimen of the Hyuuga clan." She didn't like the way he said this, like she was some sort of rare species. "If she refuses, I would like to add her to my collection." Hinata liked that statement even less.

Before she could assure them that no, she wasn't refusing, another voice broke the silence. "No, wait. Leader, if she refuses, I would like her in my possession. She looks like she'd raise quite a price in the slave market." Hinata shivered and tried to object, but all of a sudden there were numerous voices speaking, all proposing worse and worse fates.

"Let me blow her up, un!"

"She's cute! Tobi wants to play with her!"

"Wait a fucking second! Jashin would like the bitch as his sacrifice, so let me have her!"

"Her flesh looks delicious."

Hinata couldn't suppress a shudder at the last one, and tears sprang up to her eyes.

I'm going to be eaten!

"Enough!" The Leader shouted, and all the voices died down to silence. "She hasn't refused yet." He sent her a smug smile. "And I really don't think she's going to now, right Hyuuga?"

Hinata stayed silent, but looked fearfully at the others to make sure thy didn't try anything.

"So, let me ask you again. Hyuuga, will you join the Akatsuki?"

Hinata had to literally swallow down bile as she answered him. This time, there was no hesitation.


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