Right vs. Wrong
By: Manna


It was wrong of him to feel the way that he did. Or perhaps it wasn't wrong so much as it simply wasn't right.

He caught her hand as she turned to leave; she was so light on her feet, so graceful, and her tiny hand fit neatly into his. He brushed his thumb against hers. The situation was awkward, to say the least. She looked surprised, perhaps a little confused.

He wanted to tell her that she had a beautiful smile, that he'd carry Nils on his shoulders through a thousand deserts if it'd make her smile as she had that day. He wanted to tell her that, did she know how poised and elegant she truly was? Did she know that she would, despite her common birth, make an excellent wife for a marquess?

He said nothing. She tried to smile at him, but he was making her uncomfortable, so he let her go, dropped her long, thin fingers about as quickly as sand might drop through an hourglass.

"Tell Eliwood that I want to spar against him, soon," he said, and she nodded, a light blush staining her cheeks. She was, perhaps, the most beautiful woman among them, but he couldn't tell her. He couldn't really tell anyone.

It just wouldn't be right.


Author Notes:

This was requested by Forced Simile. I find Hector/Ninian to be quite plausible, myself.