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Note: Boy love, 8059 from Gokudera's POV.

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For the Mature audiences.

Just a little short something that made me laugh. Reviews?



Oh man, isn't he done yet?! I mean, come on, it's been…actually I don't know how long it's been but surely he should be done already! Damn, sounds like I don't like having sex with my boyfriend. I do, I do! I really do! But he is so insatiable, he wears me the fuck out! Oh wait, hold on, hold on a minute…

"Ohh, mmm…ahh!"

Okay, I'm back. He loves hearing me moan. My "sexy voice", he calls it. How embarrassing. I guess it turns him on or something. At this point, I'll do anything to get him to hurry up and cum already! Sheesh! You already fucked me three times tonight! Oh crap, what's he doing now? Don't flip me over…don't…don't…and he flipped me over. Back on my back. He just has to look at me.

Alright, let's see, I have to do things that'll help him get off, so he can get off of me. Hmm, okay wrap my arms around his neck, give him a little nibble on his ear, yep, yep. Okay now, rub my foot on the back of his leg, down his calf. Oh! He liked that, made quite a sexy noise himself, hehe. Give a little arch in the back, push into him just as hard as he's pushing into you. Yes! This is working, he's getting that look. Finally!

"Ohh, Yama…moto…"

Shit, I should've said his first name. He likes that better. Damn, if I wasn't so tired I'd remember all this crap. Alright, now slide your hands down his broad tan shoulders, give him a little scratch as you slide your fingers down his back. Oh yeah, liked that didn't you, my sexy lover. Should I go further? Why not? Who's got a firm ass? My boyfriend does, that's who. Now, grab that sexy ass. Oh yeah, that's mine.

Oh shit, what am I thinking?! No, no, no!! I'm getting hard again. Fuck! He'll think I want more. Go limp, go limp! Think of something not sexy, something not sexy. Ryohei, Gianinni, Longchamp's girlfriends, Takeshi's abs…oh damn, what? This isn't working, my body is betraying me. How dare you get turned on! We're tired remember?!


Whoa, that just slipped out. He's doing that thing, that thing that I love. He's hitting my good spot. Damn him! Why is he so stubborn?! Oh no, no, no. He whispered my name softly against my ear. He knows that sends shivers down my body. And he's starting with the "I love you's" again. Just hold onto him, he likes when you hold him close. Puppies, Zebras, Namimori School, anything. Don't cum before him, don't you dare! He'll think it's cute and get distracted and start all over again! Don't!!

He's putting my leg on his shoulder. I'm done for, I have just lost control of this situation. Did I really have it to begin with? Fucker. Oh, he is pounding into me so hard, I'm seeing stars. Look stars, floating around my eyes.


And I came.

And he didn't.

I really hate my traitorous body right now. Hate! See, he's smiling at me, so happy with himself for turning me into a writhing, screaming mess. Yep, that's exactly what I have become. But this rest time is nice, cuddling in those big arms. I fit perfectly in them, and they're so warm. I guess I am happy right now. My body is forgiven for the moment. Maybe I can finally get some sleep.

Wait! What?! What do you mean rest time's over?! Not again!

Dammit, I'm not getting any sleep tonight…