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A/N: This story is still a work in progress. I was just bored one day and started writing. So I'm not sure where I'm going with this story just yet. I'm just going to post a couple of chapter's and see if I should continue or not.

[Third-Person POV]

Bella walked into her only class of the day and took her usual seat in the back of the classroom. She pulled out a notebook from her bag cause they would be taking notes today and she wanted to have enough to study with over the week, since she would be missing classes the rest of the week. She was going back to Forks, Washington, to visit her dad, Charlie, and her good friend, Jacob.

Bella was nervous and a little intimidated to go back to Forks, she hasn't been there in over three years, since that September that Edward left her, and said he didn't want her anymore. About a month after that happen, Bella went to live with her mother and Phil in Jacksonville, Florida. Bella and Jacob Black became best friends in that month before she left. They were always together, it was like they were joined at the hip. He helped Bella cope when Edward left. But she wasn't really ever happy. Being with Jacob numbed the pain. She was able to laugh and smile again, but once she would go home the depression would come back, along with the painful memories of Edward. There was just to much about Forks that reminded Bella of him. So that's why she left. She thought moving would be for the best. Nothing in Jacksonville would remind her of him. So, she finished her senior year there, and was accepted into Yale. So now she was in her second year of college at Yale University.

Once class was over Bella gathered her things and walked back to her dorm. She went into her room and stuffed her notes into her oversized tote she would be taking along with her and then laid it next to her suitcase.

At that moment she heard the front door being opened and closed as someone called for her, "Bella?"