The Epic War against the Avatar

Chapter One-Long Journey

The young imp wandered what seemed to be centuries, in search for his master. He had found nothing, and he continued searching. He searched high and low in every land for the neutral Dungeon Heart of red, which carried the Horned Reaper's face upon it. He searched forever, day and night, in desperate to find his beloved master Dungeon Keeper.

The imp's journey was coming to a close, as there were a few more lands to search. He could not remember where he was, all that the Dungeon Keeper had done, was use the last of his magic to send the imp away, his final words was all the imp had, "I'll be waiting for you."

The imp carried his bag with many things, but the most prized possession he had, he left outside the bag. The moments, and memories he shared with the Dungeon Keeper. The Dungeon Keeper was the only one he had, and he spent his time in his dungeon from beginning to end in every land. There were other imps he shared at hand, but they all met their end by the Avatar's mightiest of knights. The lone imp had no reason by default standards of why he served the Dungeon Keeper, as the Dungeon Keeper burned the claim he had on the imp. The imp had absolute freedom; his reason to go after the Dungeon Keeper was his own, personal reason.

The name of his Dungeon Keeper wasn't well known, yet it wasn't unknown. The name was barely worthy to serve the Dungeon Keeper, in the imp's mind. Yet the name, Belial, was what he remembered.

In the bag the imp carried gold, a large broken fingernail, a magical potion, a cloak with a hood, as well as a sword, and a mace. The gold he had he was allowed to keep from his days of mining. The fingernail belonged to the Dungeon Keeper's Hand of Evil. A powerful warlock gave the magical potion to the imp. The cloak was to keep the imp warm. The sword and mace were both gifts to the imp to be able to defend himself.

The imp knew when he had found the Dungeon Keeper he would need something to awaken him if he had fallen. The imp had no idea what it was, but he was sure there was no need for its retrieval.

The imp currently wanders in the land of Woodly Rhyme. He scurries across the water, lost in memory and location. He eventually came across a large fortress in the water, and wonders what could be inside. He runs around it wildly looking for an entrance. He finds three, and they all look almost exactly the same. He wanders from entrance to entrance wondering which to choose, but then while looking at the entrance between the other two, the door opens. A dwarf emerges from within the fortress, and sees the imp. The imp stares frightened, as he did not have the strength to take on the dwarf with a chance of victory as he had in Elf's Dance. The dwarf was interested in the imp, as he had never seen an imp but only trolls and warlocks. Then the dwarf came to his senses and chased after the imp. The imp ran as an instant reaction, his face and mind full of fear. The dwarf's small feet pounded into the ground splashing water in his face. Even being tired the imp still was going faster than the dwarf, and so was his heartbeat. The dwarf realized this, and prepared to throw his axe. The imp had run into a narrow watery tunnel, and then heard the dwarf's voice as he threw the axe when they were coming to a turn. The imp went through the turn, and dodged the dwarf's axe by inches. The imp ran off as quickly as he could, and realized the splashes of water behind him stopped, and he knew he was no longer followed.

The imp then stops for a rest, and began to lie against an earth wall in the water. Suddenly large splashes of water came from ahead of the river passage where the imp was heading. The imp quickly jumped, and prepared to run again.

A large fat red beast came from the darkness of the tunnel, his face barely visible. Yet the imp knew from his experiences from working for the Dungeon Keeper that it was a bile demon. "Come with me…" he whispered in the lowest possible voice for the imp to hear. The bile demon moved back to where he came from, and the imp knowing not what to do decided to follow the bile demon. The bile demon led the imp to a door that looked like a blue portal, or water with an invisible pebble constantly dropped in. The magic door is what it is. "Stay here… three seconds…" the bile demon whispered. He entered the magic door, and the imp waited. Then he entered the magic door, only for a large boulder to come rolling his away. He was trapped, and the imp could not open the magic door. The imp knew he had been tricked, but he knew he might be able to, if he worked fast enough, fit through the smallest corner the boulder would not occupy and escape his death. Yet as sudden as the boulder trap was triggered, the impenetrable rock across from the magic door suddenly opened up, and a large pair of red hands grabbed the imp and pulled him in.

The imp was inside what appeared to be a shop. There was a workshop nearby, and the red hands that pulled him in belonged to the very same bile demon. The place consisted of three trolls, two bile demons including the one that pulled him in, and a single warlock along with a lone imp. There were other doors going around, and from the design of the walls nearby, the imp knew beyond the doors was a lair, hatchery, and treasury in that order from the entrance to the workshop.

"Welcome!" spoke the warlock in a proud loud voice, "I am Savan, manager of this shop. Do you speak the language of the Dungeon Keepers as I?" "Me no speak, understand yes," spoke the imp in a quiet voice using the imp language. "I see, what is your name?" the warlock asked him. "Me Pladitz," the imp answered calmly. "Were you sent by one of the Dungeon Keepers of this realm?" the warlock asked the imp. "No," the imp answered calmly. "Are you send from a Dungeon Keeper of another land?" the warlock asked. "No," the imp answered, speaking just as calm. "I see… why are you here?" the warlock asked the imp curiously, "Surely you have some purpose of being here as of why you ran around the hero castle once, then moved from each entrance seven times before coming here and following the bile demon, Kelso, here." "Me look for Dungeon Heart of master. Me master waiting. Me come here, search for Dungeon Keeper. Me find old fortress, me wonder what inside. Me not sure, me not know what door lead to. Dwarf come from door, chase Pladitz, me run. Dwarf chase me, me tired, me rest. Bile demon come, tell Pladitz follow him, me follow. Me end up here," the imp answered with a long speech, shortened by his incorrect language. "I see… do you know where the Dungeon Keeper whom is your master is located?" the warlock asked. "Long story, me try short," the imp answered.