The Epic War against the Avatar

Chapter Four-Friend or Foe?

The young imp had began working for the new Dungeon Keeper immediately, in strong hope he knew his master. The young imp was wondering if the Dungeon Keeper told the truth or not. But without any other leads, the imp had no other choice but to follow the Dungeon Keeper. Yet he hadn't really learned his name, or remembered it at all. The only one he was sure to trust was his troll friend, he was the only one who could speak the language of the imps.

"So what are you going to do?" Fez asked the imp, "I don't know what it is about that Dungeon Keeper but I just don't like him." "Me work, me ask warlock about master," Pladitz answered simply. "I'm going to ask the same, but I've got a bad experience with those damn mages. Savan was cool with it, but those other guys just don't like me cause I'm a troll and they think I can't read. But I can, smarter than any other troll I am," Fez told the imp as he leaned against the wall of the lair. The imp then picked up his pickaxe and said, "Kay, me work." "Good luck with that," the troll then began to lie down in his flower lair as the imp ran off to work, "You'll need it if my sources are correct…"

Fez kept everything well for the common life of a troll. He worked in the workshop, on daily. He went off to sleep. And he collected payday every week. Fez was the common troll, and kept attention off of him at all times. Yet he was everything but common, as in his thoughts before he slept he schemed. No one knew about the invisible alarm trap that will sense enemies nearby placed under Fez's flower lair created by himself secretly. He was an above average worker, who managed to sneak an extra wage for his hard work. He often blew the entire extra money on the whore of a dark mistress to amuse him, which made him look like he had normal desires. But he was far from normal.

Fez took a long route to the workshop today. He went to the part of that was exposed to water, and went only when no one saw. He carried a large bag with him; it was Pladitz's borrowed with permission. He went out into the water, knowing no one was watching. He opened the bag, and took out a smaller bag. He set the bag in the water, and pushed it away from the Dungeon, armed with a gas trap to kill any one who would try and retrieve it except the only one who could retrieve it yet would have no reason to: Bile demons. Yet there stood one bile demon ready to take the bag: His name was Kelso.

Inside the small bag were a key, a door handle, several seals, and a lot of iron. The materials needed to make an iron door. But there was also a note inside the bag, with Fez's handwriting: What is going on with the other Dungeon Keepers? And have you gathered any more information on this Dungeon Keeper?

Then Fez headed straight for the workshop. People knew he liked to get his feet wet before he went off to work. It was the best excuse. Fez worked around the wall, alone as he 'liked the privacy'. He wonders around the wall, one wall, his 'favorite wall'. Right on the other side of the wall is water. Fez works creating wooden doors, and a few gas traps.

Let's see, gather the wood, and compress it together, then work it into the right form. Seal it to keep the form and strengthen it. Break a hole for the handle. Place the handle in, and recompress the wood together. An easy process for creating a wooden door, now time for another. Knock knock knock. Hmm? A pause, and then knock. I'll respond, knock knock, no break in between them. A pause, and then, knock knock knock… knock… knock knock knock.

Fez responded calmly with each of his own knocks, and then he 'wondered' over to a very specific corner where the walls are the thinnest. He created a wooden door, and then spoke sarcastically, "Yay, done with another one…" Then Fez's voice lost sarcasm and he said, "At least there is no one around to bother me." His voice was at the perfect volume; it looked as if he was just talking to himself, yet it was loud enough to allow a specific one to listen outside the wall. "Fez…" whispered the voice of a familiar warlock. "Savan…" Fez whispered back. "Keeper Phil is doing fine, can't say the same about Keeper Wilson. Apparently he killed several samurais and Knight Aryan is taking it personally by sending his forces after Keeper Wilson," Savan explained, "Keeper Wilson did a poor job of creating an army, and is paying the price. Though, I did manage to have a word with Keeper Phil. He and Keeper Belial are good friends; Keeper Seth here has been pulling Pladitz's leg as we both suspected."

Suddenly another troll came nearby to Fez, who reacted quickly causing Savan to freeze, "Will you go shoo elsewhere? This is my corner, I work in privacy!" The other troll growled to himself and headed off. "That's right, it's my land," Fez spoke proudly, indicating to Savan that it was okay to speak again, "…As I was saying… Keeper Phil is the old friend Keeper Belial talked about with Pladitz, not keeper Seth. I'm going to be waiting for you to show up back at the shop with Pladitz, we'll find out where and what happened to Keeper Belial."

Fez was caught off guard, and didn't expect to have to leave, "Wait, Savan!" Fez's voice was a shout, a cry to stop, but it was also a low whisper that no one else heard. Savan heard, but began to leave quickly. With his invisibility ability, Savan was able to meet with Fez outside the dungeon of Seth in the water and speak, as well as leave without worrying about being spotted.

Thanks to Keeper Wilson, Savan no longer had to be careful of samurais, as they were currently guarding the more inner parts of the hero fort, or attacking Keeper Wilson himself. Savan had no troubles, and headed back to his secret shop. There he expected to wait until Seth's next payday for his creatures, knowing Fez's desire to take the chance to run off with extra loot.

Fez had to figure out what he was going to do. He had to explain to Pladitz what's going on, which would be better done outside of the dungeon where Seth can't hear. He also had to figure out how he would pull it off, Seth is a smart one. Fez had only a short time. After all, Payday is tomorrow.