Hey I'm back. No groaning now. This is somewhat of a sequel to rising against the flames.

Summary: Lena has been teaching at the school for two years now. Logan not succeeding in finding any clues to his past returns. Logan asks Lena to help him remember. After pissing the wrong people off Lena lands herself in the past where she meets up with a gambling Cajun that helps her get home. Based off of X-men Origins movie.

Chapter 1: The return

Lena sat in the garden with twenty of the students. Currently she was teaching the class about ethics. All of them leaned in closer trying to catch every word that left her mouth.

"Here's a good question. Because we have our gifts are we obligated to help those that are defenceless?"

Lena watched her class react. Smiling at each expression they showed, she stood up and walked in between them. Reading their thoughts she stopped behind a tall boy. She put a hand on his head

"Freddie what are your thoughts?" she asked bringing the attention onto him

"Umm I think that we shouldn't go out of our way to look for people to help but if we know or see someone getting attacked we help." Lena smiled and nodded at him

"Thank you for that. Anyone else?" An eager girl's hand shot up into the air

"Alora?" Lena called upon the girl

"I think that we should help no matter what. Show a little compassion it's what separates us from the animals."

Lena nodded and looked around looking for anyone else but everyone kept their minds on something else. Sensing someone else Lena looked over at the gravesite of her beloved family to see a familiar face. She smiled and turned back to her class

"That's it for today. Good conversation next class we will talk about the clash between mutants and humans be prepared because I will call on all of you"

The students went their own ways. Lena walked over to where three tombstones sat. She stood beside the man and looked forward

"How did Canada go?" The man shook his head then turned to face her

"Not good kid. Thought I had something but turned out to be nothing. How have you been? I see the students like you" Lena turned towards him and put her hands on her hips

"They don't try to prank me if that's what you mean. I've been ok." Without warning Lena hugged the man tightly then pulled back

"It's good to have you back Logan" he smiled at her

"I need your help." Lena looked shocked for a moment then nodded in understanding

"You want me to try to look into your mind. See if I can loosen up the hold on your memories"

"Pretty much" Lena nodded and took his hand leading him into the mansion

"Let's eat, tell Storm you're here and catch up. We will do that tomorrow; I have to prepare myself for that." Logan stopped pulling Lena back to him. Surprisingly he hugged her

"I missed you to kid"

I know it's short but it's a teaser and I will not continue until I get a review. 1 that's all I ask for. Thanks for reading

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