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Principal Franklin stood before the five hundred students that were graduating that day. He watched the students shuffle to their seats and got quiet as the last one ran to their place.

"Hello class of 2012," Principal Franklin said, a cheer erupted from the students, "quite down, quiet down." He held up his hands and the students returned to their previously quiet selves.

"Today is a big day for all of you," he started, "it is the beginning of your real lives. You are all going separate ways and growing up. Today I would like to congratulate you all on making it this far." The crowd cheered again, he didn't quiet them this time.

The girl cheering the loudest in the crowd was Samantha Puckett who was excited not only because she was graduating, which many thought would never happen, but because one of her best friends was about to speak. She looked toward the stage where Freddie was sitting, he was wringing his hands together.

She watched him and realized how much he had changed in the last few years. He was still brainy, that would never change, but he had finally grown taller than her and had a better sense of humor than he once had. Taking her insults as jokes as she had intended them to be.

The crowd finally got quiet, and Principal Franklin continued, "Now, to represent your class I would like to present your Valedictorian Fredward Benson." The gym cheered for Freddie as he stood up and walked towards the podium. Freddie's mom's voice was distinct as she yelled his name half-crying.

Freddie waved towards at his mom, and then turned his attention toward the graduating class. He looked towards all the people that he had spent the last five years with.

Gibby Carlson was sitting in the front row pumping his fist in the air. Gibby had grown a foot since they had met and hardly ever took his shirt off any more. He looked towards Carly Shay, the girl he had once been in love with, and she hadn't changed much she still acted like the thirteen year old girl she was when they first met and he hoped that would never change. His eyes moved down the row and stopped at Sam, the girl he shared his first kiss with, she had stopped bullying him and they had actually become really good friends.

Finally he looked at the girl he was dating, Penny. She was smiling at him and waving. They had been dating for almost a year, and he had never been happier with a girlfriend. The crowd went silent as Freddie cleared his throat.

"Thank you Principal Franklin." Freddie said to the man who had just sat down. Principal Franklin nodded at Freddie, "I would like to thank the faculty, the family members, and my fellow graduates. As I wrote this speech I tried to think of what you would want to hear, what wouldn't put you to sleep, and something that wouldn't sound too cliché. So I hope this meets those standards. In the last five years we've spent together I've had the best years of my life. I met my two best friends, Carly Shay and Sam Puckett," he motioned to the two girls in the crowd, they smiled, "I saw Gibby Carlson take his shirt off countless times," the students laughed, each having seen Gibby shirtless at least once, "I spent prom with you all, and broadcasted it on a web show that I've helped run for five years. I met the girl of my dreams," Penny smiled shyly, "and I went to Japan where I got kicked in the face during a fake fight, which I'm sure you've all seen the video." Sam smiled to herself, remembering the time she got stuck with Freddie and Carly in Japan.

"It's hard to believe that we are all leaving this place. Yesterday I cleaned out my locker, and watched as most of you did the same. I saw some cry, some laugh, and some do a weird combination of the two. I'm sure that if we were in a movie they would have played Graduation by Vitamin C, which of course would have annoyed us all in the first thirty seconds. Now, I'm sure you expected me to stand up here and quote some famous person, or give you advice for the future, but seeing as how I've never experienced the future I have no advice to give. So all I can say to you is that it's taken twelve years, and now you all are sitting here in this hot gym, wearing these maroon robes and wearing geometrically shaped hats, but I'm glad to be able to tell you all that we're about to be high school graduates. We finally made it. So, thank you all for helping make these years the times to remember." Freddie turned to walk back to his seat, but stopped and turned back around, "Oh, and don't forget to check out iCarly dot com for all your entertainment needs."

The crowd cheered as Principal Franklin walked up to join Freddie, "I'd like to present Fredward Benson with his high school diploma." The crowd's cheers got louder as Freddie took his diploma and shook Principal Franklin's hand.

"Thanks for helping keep Sam out of my office." He said to Freddie so only he could hear. Freddie nodded and smiled, he had helped Sam stay out of trouble. Freddie walked back to his seat on stage and sat down as Principal Franklin started announcing the first graduates.

Each person came up and accepted their diploma proudly and waved to their friends or families in the crowd. Sam walked on to the stage, people cheered for her as she walked towards the principal. She ignored each administrator she passed, Freddie stood at the end of the row. She stopped when she got to him, and smiled.

Freddie pulled her towards him and hugged her. "I can't believe you're graduating, I never thought I'd live to see this day." He whispered to her. They released each other and she smiled.

"Well believe it Benson." She said as she walked towards Principal Franklin. She shook his hand and took her diploma from him. "Boston here I come." She yelled, she scanned the crowd for her mom, hoping that she had remembered that it was her graduation. Sadly she was nowhere to be found, but Sam saw the next best thing. Her boyfriend of two years who had graduated last year was sitting dead center watching her. She waved at him, and he just nodded in response. Sam's smile faded a little as she left the stage.

Why had he not waved back? Why was he not clapping? She thought as she followed the line of students towards the gym.

Carly waited at the side of the stage, watching as everyone waved at their parents and friends. She saw Sam looking for her mom and she frowned, "Sam's mom must not have remembered," she muttered to herself. She felt bad that Sam's mom was in town and didn't come, unlike her parents who were stationed somewhere the pacific.

"Carly Shay." Principal Franklin called, Carly smiled as she walked on to the stage. She was ecstatic as they cheered for her, she saw Freddie standing up and she ran towards him. Attacking him in a hug that almost knocked him over.

"It all went according to the Freddie Benson master plan." She yelled in his ear, but the cheers covered up her yelling.

Freddie laughed as they released each other. "Except for one thing," He said with a smile, "I'm not gonna marry you."

She laughed at him, "No you're gonna marry—" She was cut off by Principal Franklin.

"Carly, soon please." He motioned towards the diploma in his hand. She smiled and made her way towards him. She shook his hand as she took her diploma. She turned towards the crowd and pumped her fist in the air. Her eyes scanned the crowd for Spencer, she started walking off stage when she finally saw him.

She screamed and waved towards the four people that sat towards the top of the gym bleachers. One who was Spencer, one being her grandfather, and the other two being her parents, all of them were waving back. She smiled and moved off the stage, breaking the line order to find Sam.

She ran down the line of students until she saw the blonde hair that she often pulled Sam by. "Samantha Puckett." She yelled, Sam turned around and smiled at her.

"Carly Shay, we've actually done it." She said as enthusiastically as Carly had, "We're leaving this place for good." The two girls high fived and Carly cut in front of Sam in the line, they had always planned to sit next to each other at graduation. The only thing different than their plan was that Freddie wasn't next to them, but was up on stage.

Carly was about to tell Sam about her parents, but stopped herself, she didn't want Sam to feel worse about her mom not showing up than she already did.

"Did you see Penny?" Carly said to Sam, annoyed.

"Of course I saw Freddie's precious 'Lucky Penny'" Sam said rolling her eyes at what Freddie often called his girlfriend. She shuttered thinking of Penny, "I can't believe she has to come to our graduation party."

Carly groaned in agreement, " I hate her, she's so…" Carly paused thinking of the right word to describe the vile that was Penny Yzenski.

"Appalling, disgraceful, despicable, loathsome, immoral" Sam suggested.

Carly laughed, "Oh come on be nice," She said nudging Sam, "but yes all of those." The two girls laughed as they walked back into the gym, they waved towards Freddie who was watching them. He lifted his hand and waved back with two fingers.

"Look at him being all Valedictorian like." Sam said as they sat down, "He's so not all proper like that."

Carly smiled, "Well he is representing the whole class." She said emphasizing the words whole and class.

Sam laughed at Carly's remake, "If you took the whole senior class and made one person out of them they wouldn't be half as proper as Freddie."

"But they would be five hundred times as large." Carly joked. Sam laughed, but abruptly stopped when Penny walked on stage. Sam and Carly groaned in unison. Penny walked slowly across the sage and shook hands with every school official she passed.

"She's such a joke." Carly said, annoyed at Penny and her need to look perfect.

"I wonder if she's gonna kiss Freddie." Sam said, she shuttered at the thought, "If she does I swear I'll hurl."

The two girls watched as Penny made her way towards Freddie, he was about to stand when she extended her hand. He stared at her confused, but shook her hand slowly. Carly and Sam gasped and looked at each other.

"Did 'sleep-with-many Penny' just shake her boyfriend's hand?" Sam asked, she said it loud enough that the people around her stared. She wished that Penny had heard, but sadly Penny was walking off the stage diploma in hand. No one but her family was cheering.

Penny was the last person to leave the stage, and Principal Franklin turned to address the class. "I present the class of 2012" Principal Franklin motioned towards Freddie who walked towards the front of the stage. He moved the tassle on his cap to the right, as he did so did the rest of his class in the gym. He saw the last graduates walking toward their places.

The gym erupted in cheers, the students threw beach balls that they had secretly blown up during the graduation, and sprayed silly string at each other. One person was even throwing glitter.

Freddie cheered and ran towards the crowd that had thrown their hands into the air. He jump towards them, the football players catching him and starting the only graduation crowd surf they'd ever seen.

"Freddie Benson." Principal Franklin yelled as he ran towards the end of the stage.

"Come on Ted, we're graduates now." Freddie said as he threw his cap into the air. Countless others did the same as he was passed among the many people, he saw Sam and Carly standing on their chairs pointing at him and screaming.

"Freddie Benson, I never knew you had it in you." Sam yelled, cupping her hands around her mouth to amplify her voice.

"I guess you don't know me as well as you thought you did." Freddie said, laughing.

The people who were holding him put him down near Sam and Carly, the three of them yelled with excitement. The Penny Incident was momentarily pushed from Freddie's mind.

The three of them left together, all riding in Freddie's Prius that his mom had insisted he get, because she wanted their cars to match. Sam sat in the passenger seat as she had permanent shotgun.

"You have such an old woman's car Freddie." Sam said, closing the door to the silver car, "Honestly how many teen boys own Priuses?"

"Are you sure it's not Pries?" Carly asked buckling her seat belt.

Freddie laughed, "It was either a Prius or a bike." he said, "and this didn't require body gear and a helmet to use." He pulled away from the school and headed towards the apartment building that they had spent most of the last five year in.

" You know it's gonna be weird this summer." Sam said looking at Carly, "I don't think Spencer likes me eating all the ham when you're not there"

"Wait, you're gonna go to Carly's when she's in Europe?" Freddie asked.

"Yeah," Sam said as if it was obvious, "What did you expect me to do? Stay at home?" she laughed sarcastically.

"I thought you'd stay with Mr. Love-of-your-life, Kris." he said, it was obvious that Freddie hated Kris as much as Sam hated Penny.

"Kris doesn't keep ham at his house." Sam said, "Duh." Carly rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Spencer doesn't mind if you eat all the ham, he minds when you eat his ham sculptures." Carly said.

"How was I supposed to know that was a sculpture." Sam said, it was more of a statement than a question.

"It was shaped like a moose." Carly said as she laughed.

"All I did was eat the antlers." Sam replied, "It could've passed as a cow."

Freddie laughed at the two of them, "God, I'm gonna miss you two being this funny."

"We're always gonna be this funny." Carly said, as Freddie pulled into the parking lot of their apartment building.

"I know, but you're not gonna be this funny together," he said exaggerating the word together. He put the car in park and Sam sighed.

"Don't get all emotional Benson," Sam said as she opened the door, "You crying in a Prius would be well quite frankly the girliest thing ever. I mean we might have to re-name you Francine."

"Oh come on Puckett, you know you're gonna miss us." Freddie said opening his door and getting out.

"I'm gonna miss Carly, I still have to deal with you for the next three months." Sam joked. Carly got out of the car and closed her door.

"Now let's not fight children." Carly said grabbing them each by their arm and pulled them towards the doors.

Upon entering the building they saw the 'Congratulations Grads' banner hanging above the entrance to the elevator room. They smiled at each other, "Who is ready to party?" Sam said, wriggling away from Carly and walking towards the elevator.

Lewbert walked out of the room where Sam was headed. He glared at the three of them.

"What are you doing here?" He asked loudly, he continued before anyone could answer, "No banners in the lobby." He jumped trying to rip the banner down but just missed.

The three of them hurried past him and hit the elevator button. Sam repetitively hit it, "When will they make a button that recognizes urgency?" She said kicking the elevator doors. They pinged open and she almost fell forward on to the elevator floor, but Freddie caught her by the arm and helped her up.

"Thanks for the balance lesson Benson." She said as they got on to the elevator, Carly had already pressed the button that would take them up to their graduation party. The forty-second elevator ride was quiet, they were too excited and the ride was too short to start a conversation.

When they reached the Shay apartment floor the doors pinged open and one hundred people shouted their names. The walked off the elevator and were each pulled away in different directions.

Carly ran towards her mom and dad, she hadn't seen them in three years, and there was nothing she wanted more than to hug them. She hugged the two of them at the same time and smiled.

"I didn't know you were going to be here." She said almost crying.

"How could we miss your graduation?" Her mom said squeezing her.

Sam saw this encounter as she moved towards the back of the room where she saw Kris standing; she walked up to him and smiled.

"I saw you at graduation today." Sam said, Kris shrugged at her, "Is something wrong?"

Kris opened the back door of the Shay apartment and motioned for Sam to go out into the back hall. She walked out first and he closed the door behind them.

Sam stood there looking at Kris in the dim light of the rarely used hall, "So what's going on?" she asked.

"You're going to college." He said angrily, "That's what's going on."

"You're mad that I'm going to college?" Sam said, not wanting to believe that her boyfriend was mad that she wanted to do something good.

"You're a Puckett," He shouted, "The last time a Puckett went to college was well never. You're not supposed to go to college you're supposed to go to Vegas or jail."

The stab at her family that Kris had just made hurt Sam's feelings. No one was allowed to make fun of her family like that, except well maybe Freddie. She threw him a look of pure disgust, "You do not talk about my family like that." She said, pushing him with all her might, "When you insult a Puckett you insult me." She yelled.

He stammered and just stared at her, "I didn't—I only—"

Sam shoved him again, "Vegas or jail?" she yelled, "I'm going to Boston. Without you." She pushed him one more time, "You should really leave, and you're not welcome here any more." She opened the back door of the Shay apartment and left Kris standing in the hallway.

Freddie hadn't noticed that Sam or Carly had been doing anything, because he was being scolded for crowd surfing by his mother who kept repeating the words 'danger' and 'germs'. He sighed, "Yeah mom, okay. I'll never do it again." Freddie was ignoring his mother and searching the crowd for Penny.

He saw her standing by the stairs looking in disgust at the robot made of bottles in the corner. He left his mom while she was mid-sentence and headed towards Penny. He heard his mom said Fredward Benson, but he ignored her.

"Hey Penny," he said coming up to her, she smiled a little when she looked at him, "Can we talk?"

"Sure," Penny said as she took his hand and made her way towards Spencer's bedroom. Freddie left the door open as they entered the room, "So what did you want to talk about?" Penny asked.

"Um.. well today at graduation—" Freddie was cut off by Penny sighing loudly.

"Honestly I cannot believe you jumped into the crowd," She said in her over-dramatic voice, "You were crazy for doing that."

"I wasn't talking about that Penny," Freddie said, angry at her for assuming that's what he wanted to talk about, "You shook my hand."

"Yeah, so?" She said looking at him.

"We're dating, you could have at least hugged me." He said to her.

"I thought you'd get the hint," She said, placing her hands on her hips, "We're not dating anymore." Freddie's opened his mouth, but couldn't speak. Penny shrugged, "Well bye." She brushed past him and out the door.

"Hey 'sleeps-with-many Penny'" Sam said as she passed her in the hall, "Contracted any STD's lately?"

Penny scoffed at her, "I'm a lady." Sam laughed as she walked towards the bathroom, she noticed Freddie standing in Spencer's room. She walked towards him, "Hey Freddo, you just missed Penny." Freddie made a small noise that Sam could have mistaken for him crying, "Benson, are you okay?"

"No." Freddie muttered.

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