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Freddie looked at Sam once she stopped pulling him down the stairs. She had hastily put on her shoes, and hadn't even tried to fix her hair, it now looked like she had gotten in a fight with a curling iron.

"Sam." He said as she pulled in towards the door to the apartment complex. He looked over his shoulder half expecting Lewbert to be at the desk about to yell at them. He knew it was past midnight, but you never knew what Lewbert was doing.

"What?" She asked once they'd made it out the doors and into the parking lot. She was now making her way towards the silver Prius that she assumed was Freddie's. He mumbled his next few words, he didn't want Sam to get mad at him.

"What did you say?" She asked, turning her full attention to him.

"We can't go to Europe," he said not much louder than before, but he knew Sam had heard him.

"Yes we can," Sam said nonchalantly, "Now let's go."

"No Sam," Freddie pulled out of Sam's grip, she stared at him. Her glare was enough to make anyone scared, but Freddie had grown immune to it over the years. Freddie sighed, "We can't just go to Europe. First, my mom would neve—"

"You're worried that your mom wont let you?" Sam cut him off, "Sorry Benson," He could tell that she was angry now, "I didn't realized that you couldn't do things with out her permission. You know, like stay at Carly's overnight."

"Carlys is across the hall," he said, his own voice rising in anger, "not across the country. I know you are bad at geography, but I'm sure you understand the difference."

A low snarl came from Sam, she could handle most insults but not insults about her intelligence. "Fine, if you want to stay in Seattle all summer by yourself, living your mom's life then be my guest. I'm going to Europe with or without you." She turned and left Freddie standing there. She pulled Freddie's keys out of her pocket and unlocked his car.

"Sam" Freddie ran up behind her and grabbed his keys from her, "How did you—," Sam shushed him, "You just had a yel—" Sam shushed him again throwing him another glare. He grumbled, but tried to talk again, "Do you want to add Grand Theft Auto to your record?"

"So you're coming with me then?" She asked, taking the keys back from him and walking over to the driver's side.

"You're not driving." He said pointing to her, he started towards the driver's side, but she just shrugged.

"Do you really want to fight me for the right to drive?" She asked, he stopped and retreated back to the passenger side. He was bigger than Sam, but there was no way he could beat her in a fight.

"Besides, you don't know where we are going." She said as she slid into the car, Freddie did the same.

"You could have told me," He mumbled so Sam couldn't hear him. There was no way he was going to get punched before sunrise.

Sam was a reckless driver to say the least, the only car she'd ever owned was totaled within a week, and no one ever let her drive there's. Freddie was gripping the sides on his seat as she took turns.

"Are we almost there?" He asked, his face was paler than usual. Sam groaned, which Freddie assumed meant 'Stop complaining' or possible 'I want ham'. He was never quite sure with Sam. He sighed and stared out the windshield as they passed through downtown.

Sam took a sharp right turn and they entered the part of town that Freddie's mom had always warned him about. It was scary in the day, but a night it was terrifying. Sam stopped in front of a sad looking, run down house. She turned the car off and got out. Freddie sat there for a moment and then doing the same.

Sam was trudging through the front lawn up to the front door of the house. Freddie looked at the house from the street, it was a faded blue that must have looked nice ten years ago, but now just looked like it needed to be repainted… or torn down.

Freddie watched Sam unlock the door and go inside, leaving it open for him to follow. He debated on if it was safer to stay out in the street or to go in to the house. He heard fighting down the street, and ran quickly towards Sam's house. He closed the door once he got into the room. The smell of cigarettes and cats filled the room, it took him by surprise because to his knowledge Sam didn't have cats.

He looked at the shabby room he was in, and assumed it was the living room. There was a broken down couch near one wall, it looked toxic and he opted to stand instead of sit on it.

"Freddie." Sam's voice came from a room the branched off the 'living room'. Freddie followed the sound of Sam's voice to the room that it was coming from. He walked into the green room she was in.

"Yeah Sam?" Freddie asked, he was looking around the room and not at Sam. He had never seen Sam's house, let alone her bedroom. He wasn't sure if he'd ever see it again so he wanted to remember it.

Strangely enough her room wasn't covered in pictures of food, or girly cow. It was cleaner than the rest of the house, and she had pictures around her room of people from iCarly, Katastrophe Kris, her and Carly, Spencer. He smiled when he saw the pictures of him and Sam that were on her dresser.

"I'll be ready in two minutes okay?" Sam said as she walked past him, and back into the living room, "I just have to get my toothbrush." He didn't mind spending time in her room, if she had made him stay out in the living room he would be making her hurry up, but this was nice.

He walked over and sat down on her bed, and looked at her ceiling, Sam had stuck glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to her ceiling, he frowned Penny had done the same thing. He sighed and looked down towards the floor, "Penny" he shook his head sadly.

Sam ran back in and threw an armful of things into the suitcase and zipped it up with some difficulty. "Okay, Benson," Sam said picking her suitcase up, "Let's go." She smiled at him, he pushed away his sadness and stood up.

"Okay, but I am driving," he said, holding out his hand for the keys. Sam rolled her eyes and handed them to him. He smiled, victorious and the two left Sam's room. He opened the front door for her and walked out after her. She made her way towards the car, but Freddie stood on the porch.

"Shouldn't you lock the door?" Freddie asked her, motioning to the rusty door handle.

"No one messes with the Puckett house." She said, opening the back seat door to Freddie's car, which she hadn't locked when she'd gone inside.

Freddie jogged back to the car and opened the driver's side door. He slid into the seat feeling relieved that Sam didn't have the chance to crash his car again. Sam closed the back door and finally got in next to him.

"I guess it's time to get my stuff." He said as he started the car. He pulled away from the curb and started back towards the apartment building.

"You're getting excited for Europe aren't you?" Sam said, she punched his shoulder lightly. She laughed half-heartedly and replied with a yeah. She frowned and settled back into her seat.

They didn't talk again until they were back in the apartment building, quietly ascending the floors in the elevator. The eight was the brightest thing in the dim elevator.

"So," Sam said finally breaking the silence, Freddie looked at her, "are we gonna tell Carly or just surprise her?"

"Um.." was Freddie's reply, he hadn't planned anymore than Sam had. He hadn't even thought he'd be going to Europe two hours ago.

"Wow, way to answer my question." Sam said. The elevator doors opened and a ping was emitted from the elevators speakers. The two stepped out onto the eighth floor and looked around. No lights were on; it was barely three in the morning. They no longer had to sleep, because they knew no one would wake up.

Freddie led the way to his apartment, Sam close behind him. They reached the door, Freddie pulled the spare key from above the doorframe. Sam looked at him with a smile, "That's a great hiding place, so original." She said. Freddie sneered at her and unlocked the door quietly, his mom wasn't a light sleeper but he didn't want to take any chances.

Sam had been in Freddie's apartment frequently enough in the past the she knew the way to his bedroom. She walked past him to hallways that led off of the living room area. He followed behind her, "You could let me lead the way in my house, you know." Freddie said to her quietly, she shrugged but kept on walking.

She opened the door at the end of the short hallway, and flipped on the light to his room. She hadn't been in it for a few years, since she'd pulled him out of his room in the middle of the night. It was different now; his walls had gone from dingy off-white to a dark blue.

She stood there as he hurried around her, pulling clothes out of his dresser and getting the suitcase that was hidden in the back of the closet. She looked at him and sat down on the bed that matched the color of his walls.

"Why do you have a suitcase hidden in your closet?" Sam asked him as he started putting folded shirts into the bag.

"My mom thinks that if she gives me bags I'll pack and leave her." He said, "She used to check my backpack every day before I went to school to make sure I wasn't bringing books."

"I guess she was right," Sam said, referring to the fact that he was now packing in the middle of the night to leave her. She laid back on his bed, only to have a small pillow stuck under her. She pulled it out from under her and looked at the little orange pillow.

"RSS feed pillows?" Sam asked him, he stopped packing and looked at her, "You're such a geek." She said tossing the pillow at him. He smiled and caught it, putting it back on the bed.

"Stay here, I'll be back in a minute," he said, quietly walking out of his room. She took this as an opportunity to look through his things. She stood up and went over to his desk, his laptop sat open and turned on. Probably incase there was a super geek emergency in the middle of the night. She smiled as she looked at the Galaxy Wars action figures that lined the top shelf of the desk.

She moved on to his dresser that he kept all his "important things" on. It was cluttered with random papers and computer add-ons. She counted at least six thumb drives, why anyone would need more than one was beyond her. He also had pictures, just like she did. None of them were the same as hers. He had one of him and his mom from at least ten years ago, one of him and the Plain White Tee's, and a one of him and Carly. She sighed, looking at the last few pictures, She was in a few but Penny was in more.

"I hate her," She mumbled laying Penny's pictures frame side down. She turned around, on the opposite wall was a picture that was blown up and printed to be half the size of the wall. It matched the picture that Freddie had given her for graduation.

Freddie walked back into the room with a small zipped bag that had to contain his toiletries. Of course he has a travel bag Sam thought as he put into his bag. He zipped it up, and walked over to his desk to pack up his laptop.

"Do you think iCarly will happen in Europe?" He asked Sam as he zipped up his laptop bag. Sam shrugged walking out into the hallway, "Thanks for answering my question," he said, imitating Sam. She rolled her eyes, but he couldn't see because she was in front of him.

The two quietly made it out of Freddie's apartment and once in the hallway he re-hid the key. If was nearing three thirty, Carly and company would be waking up soon, expecting them to be in the apartment. The quickly made it down the elevator and out to Freddie's car where they stored the bag.

"So, we'll just surprise Carly at the airport," Sam said as Freddie locked his car. They looked at each other, both hoping that this was a good idea, but not wanting the other to know they were worried.

"Yep, we will just show up on the plane. She'll be really excited," he said as they made their way back into the building. A ruffled looking Lewbert sat at his desk, eying them suspiciously.

"Why are you kids doing down here at this time?" He didn't wait for them to answer, "Get out of here." They took the stairs up two at a time to get away from him, they stopped on the second floor to catch the elevator.

"Why is Lewbert here so early?" Sam asked, as the doors opened. She punched in the code to get into the Shay apartment.

"He has no life, all he does is hate children and sit at that desk," Freddie said, watching the light pass each floor till it stopped on eight. The elevator pinged and the doors opened, they stepped out of the elevator. The doors closed as they reached the couch, where they both curled up on opposite sides to sleep before they were woken by the Shay family.


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