Cookbook by Vermillion

I haven't been writing for the past 5 years so please forgive this poor writer. *bows* Hope the characters aren't OC, I've only watched Junjou Romantica the anime and the first 3-4 volumes of the manga.

Enjoy! ^o^


Chapter 1 : Junjou Romantica

"Why did I want to bake a cake again?"

Our great Usami-sensei had just ("successfully!!" he declared) finishedmixing some cooking ingredients in a big plastic bowl. Cake mix splattered everywhere, cracked egg shells sat in a corner and random items lay across the kitchen. A piece of paper sat upright against a cutlery holder with scrawled writing of a cake recipe courtesy of Aikawa (nicely signed with a ^^v at the end).

Usagi stared at the cake mixture, wondering if this somewhat lumpy mixture was ever going to turn out looking like a cake. He frowned a little. Who knew cooking was so darn difficult? Write he can, cook he cannot. He concluded that he could not have ran far from the recipe and proceeded to dump the mixture into a cake tin.

Setting the heating oven to a lower temperature, he shoved the cake tin in and closed the oven door, not before heaving a sigh. He set the timer to 1 and a half hours and turned around to the mess that had the label "Usagi" all over it.

Misaki had work that afternoon and Usagi got bored. Aikawa had left the butter cake recipe with Misaki when she came to pick up Usagi's manuscript days ago and promptly shook Usagi upside down and right-side up when there were grammatical and spelling errors in his script. Misaki had to pry her away before Usagi suffered grievous hurt.

Dumping all the used utensils into the dishwasher (You couldn't possibly think that USAGI would actually WASH the utensils, would you?), throwing away non necessaries and wiping the kitchen counter, he landed his butt on the sofa and proceeded to light a cigarette. Hugging Suzuki-san around the neck with the inner-side of his wrist, he started typing away on his laptop, the last quarter of his 'more civilized' novel, with the oven humming a low whirr behind him.

He had been typing away constantly for about 45 minutes before the wall clock caught his eye. Lifting the laptop off his lap and placing it on the coffee table, he walked over to the oven, sniffing the aroma of the half baked cake. It was beautifully rising and was about an inch of so from the cake pan rim. He smiled. It was perfect.

He glanced at the clock again. It was 3.15 p.m. Misaki would be back at 4.00 p.m. The cake would be done by then. He got back to his typing, all the time smiling (more like smirking) to himself at how happy or touched Misaki would be when he got back home to find a cake sitting on the kitchen counter which is not store bought. Usagi would of course seek compensation in the bedroom for his efforts later that night.

At 3.45 p.m., he checked the cake again. To his shock, it had sunk in the middle. Is that normal? Will it rise again? What can I do to fix it? Is it going to be okay? were among the thoughts that flowed through his mind. Calming himself, he said "Okay, give it 5 minutes". He walked away.

5 minutes later, it was still sunk. "5 more minutes" he told himself and walked away again. Another 5 minutes, it was still sunk and was starting to go a little brown in the center. He started to panic. It was only 5 more minutes till Misaki got home and Misaki's timing was like clockwork sharp! He opened the oven, grabbed the cake tin with his bare hands, yelped and let go of the cake tin. Luckily it landed, on its base with a thud and Usagi let go a relieved sigh. It was still safe.

Grabbing an oven mitten, he carefully picked the cake tin up and placed it on the kitchen counter. He proceeded to bring his eye level down to the rim of the cake tin, looking at the portion whether cake rose and proceeded to sink exactly in the middle. "What on earth did he do wrong?" he wondered. He did follow the recipe exactly.

Like clockwork, Misaki unlocked the front door and shouted a greeting "I'm home" with a very enthusiastic Aikawa by his side. Wait. Aikawa? Usagi's eyes widened. What on earth was she doing here? Misaki glanced over to the kitchen where a very queer looking Usagi was bent over examining the cake like he was conducting a very dangerous experiment. Aikawa peeked over Misaki's shoulder and jaw-dropped when she saw Usagi bending over the counter. And over a cake!

No doubt, very odd indeed.

Usagi was speechless as Misaki and Aikawa stepped closer to him to examine the fruits of his labor that had just slipped into the gutter. They looked down at the cake, then up at each other and then at Usagi. Aikawa hardly contained her laughter while she doubled over laughing while Misaki merely stared at Usagi, dumbfounded.

Here was Lord Usami Akihiko, graduate of Teito University Law School, super famous writer and BL novelist, the youngest recipient of the Naomori award and the recipient of the Kikukawa award… trying to bake a cake. Write novels he could, but bake? He definitely could not.

"Usagi-san, what were you trying to do?" he asked. "What does it LOOK like I was trying to do? I was baking a cake, of course" came Usagi's prompt replying. "Yeah. More like TRYING to bake a cake" thought Misaki as he gave out a sigh.

He looked around the kitchen counter and his eyes rested on a small labeled cylinder container behind the microwave. He walked over to the container and read the label "Baking Soda". He shook the container in front of Usagi. "This was the problem, Usagi-san. You didn't put this in" Misaki said. The baking soda must had rolled behind the microwave oven when Usagi was struggling with everything else.

Usagi frowned. "There was no way he missed anything. He read the recipe thoroughly. Heck, he's the best at reading since he can write! There was no no no way he had missed anything. Misaki was mumbling nonsense. There was just no way". Usagi spent about a minute in denial as Aikawa finally stopped laughing and was now looking at Usagi.

Misaki placed the container down and smiled a little. The thought of his lover baking a cake (trying!) was downright amusing and somewhat thoughtful. Usagi might always use his body as much as he pleased to satisfy his needs and always used his name in his BL novels but it was nice to know that Usagi genuinely cared about him and wanted to make him happy.

"Usagi-san?" he called out, breaking Usagi's stream of thoughts. Usagi just let out a soft "Hmm?" "Why don't I get you a cookbook?" Misaki asked. Aikawa's eyes widened and she slapped a hand over the kitchen counter, the other hand holding her stomach as she fell into fits of laughter, clearly thoroughly humored that Misaki dare even suggest such a preposterous idea.

Usagi had by then placed a cigarette into his mouth, a stream of smoke flowed smoothly from it. He seemed indifferent to the suggestion but suddenly rested his chin on 2 fingers, rubbing his chin, thinking.

"I'm going to bake another cake" he declared as he walked towards the storage area to get another box of cake mix. Misaki and Aikawa stumbled after him, both screaming "NO!!!!!" God knows what will happen next.

Maybe the kitchen will catch fire this time.


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