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Here goes Chapter 3 : Junjou Terrorist


Chapter 3 : Junjou Terrorist

Miyagi stood in front of his apartment door, listening for movements on the inside. He heard the faint sound of walking and clanging of tools or instruments of some sort. Frowning, he thought "What is Shinobu doing?" His little terrorist was capable of doing things beyond his expectations.

Unlocking the door, he stepped into an atmosphere filled with the smell of…


Shinobu turned around to see his lover entering their home. Funny that he had started calling the house 'their' home. When he had decided to study literature at the university where Miyagi lectured, he stayed at Miyagi's house, not wanting to return to his family home. His father surprisingly entrusted his former son-in-law with the safety and well-being of his son and would send him a cheque every month as a note of thanks.

A hefty sum, he might add.

And not that he would be able to stop Shinobu from moving out even if he had wanted to. Shinobu grinned inwardly from that thought.

Miyagi glanced over to Shinobu who had a apron tied around his waist, one hand holding the frying pan and a ladle in the other, muttered a 'Tadaima' and proceeded to place his things at the usual places. "Oh how cute…" he thought, concealing a snicker before Shinobu answered with an 'Okaeri' and returned to his cooking.

A small fear suddenly sparked in Miyagi as he continued taking in the scent of the house. Shinobu must be cooking the salmon that he had gotten a few days back. It seemed that Shinobu was starting to live a domesticated life of cooking and some minor cleaning. Wincing after recalling the 'cabbage incident', he started convincing himself that his young lover was now experienced enough to actually prepare a proper meal.

Exhaling, he walked over to Shinobu and peered over his shoulder. A deep pot was simmering at one corner which looked a fish stew while Shinobu was frying 2 steak sized pieces of salmon. On the kitchen counter, slices of raw salmon sat in a plate with a wedge of lemon at the corner of the plate.

Miyagi was impressed. It seemed that Shinobu was really preparing a proper meal minus the fact that old habits die hard; he had used only one main ingredient for all his dishes. Shinobu looked up to Miyagi, noticing the older man inspecting his handiwork. "Dinner will be ready in a bit. We're having salmon tonight" he said quietly.

"Well duh…" thought Miyagi as he answered Shinobu with a light kiss on the lips. Shinobu turned a light shade of pink and exclaimed "Ba- baka! Don't do that while I'm cooking!" saying that, Shinobu turned sharply to his frying pan while Miyagi smiled to himself.

It was minutes later that they were both seated at the dining table, a plate of fried salmon, 2 bowls of fish stew, 2 bowls of rice as well as a plate of raw salmon before them. "Itadakimasu" Miyagi muttered before poking his pair of chopsticks into the fried salmon. Shinobu watched Miyagi's actions cautiously, the bowl of rice in hand and a pair of chopsticks in the other, still unmoving.

Placing the flake of salmon in his mouth, Miyagi slowly chewed, still a bit skeptical on his little terrorist's cooking. It was strangely… pleasant. He then picked up a piece of sashimi and plopped it into his mouth. That was fine too. Well, it should be fine considering it's just raw fish but still, Shinobu had cut it just the right size, just enough surface area to actually enjoy it. He then dipped his spoon into the stew and scooped it into his mouth.

It was… alright. "Wow" he thought. Shinobu has really improved.

Shinobu was watching his older lover poke at every single dish and proceeded to actually eat it without much of a reaction. He frowned a little. Did he repeat the 'cabbage incident' with the salmon too?

"Miyagi" his monotone voice rang in Miyagi's head. Miyagi snapped out of his thoughts. "Hmm?" Miyagi asked, his chopsticks having just placed another flake of salmon into his mouth. "Is everything… alright?" Shinobu asked, a hint of uncertainty and confusion evident in his voice.

Miyagi grinned. "Yes, everything's fine. Your cooking is splendid today" he answered. Shinobu's eyes widened. Did he just hear what he thought he just heard? Miyagi had just complimented his cooking! He felt his heart flutter a little at that thought. He had never thought the day would come that Miyagi would compliment his cooking, ever!

Miyagi watched as Shinobu was staring at the table, his face expressionless but he knew inside Shinobu was glowing. "If I didn't know any better, I would think that you're really getting domesticated" he commented. Shinobu's head snapped up at that statement.

Did he just say 'domesticated'?

"I'm not some kind of pet, you dimwit!" Shinobu half-shouted at Miyagi, his face flushed from embarrassment at Miyagi referring to him like a wife of a household. Miyagi just continued his stupid grin.

Despite the 'domesticated' comment from Miyagi, Shinobu had his heart fluttering inside. He had been staying with Miyagi for a few months now and most of the cooking is done by Miyagi. And of course, take-out was their best friend too. Shinobu does simple cooking like making miso soup out of the packet and steaming chawan mushi that Miyagi had prepared beforehand.

Well, that's as far as Miyagi trusts him to do without burning the apartment down. The days when Miyagi works late, Shinobu would be experimenting with food. He bought his own ingredients, cooked his own meals and does the clean up as well, making sure no traces of his experimenting are evident. And his experimenting had paid off!

His heart fluttered again.

Miyagi had placed an elbow on the table, his chin supported by a hand, a grin plastered on his face. He could just imagine the thoughts going through little Shinobu's head.

Miyagi placed another elbow on the table, both hands supporting his chin now. "Shinobu" he said, "Why don't I get you a cookbook?" Shinobu's head snapped up again. His eyes grew larger as he continued to stare at Miyagi.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO DOMESTICATE ME?" Shinobu exclaimed, standing up and slamming his hands against the table. Miyagi winced, Shinobu's voice had left a ring in his ears. He cracked open an eye to see Shinobu smoking from the ears, face flustered from anger, eyes wild.

Shinobu stomped off to his room, adding "You're eating dinner alone tonight!" Miyagi pursued him, muttering "Awww Shinobu-chan, you were doing so well. I'm just trying to develop your natural talent…" With that, a door was slammed in his face.

Miyagi sighed before placing his hand in his pocket and fishing out a cigarette and a lighter. For once, he didn't think before he blurted that sentence out. Well, for a professor in the literature department, he should be the one with most sense and would be expected to choose his words well.


Looks like he has some convincing to do (like a man!) and he wasn't going to do it standing up (… like a man!).



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