This is a story me, Fluffy, and my bestest friend, Addict, wrote together. We only got so far as the first chapter together but from there I took the reins and added to it so there will be more! We're hoping next time we write a story we can do the whole thing together. Also, all the chapter titles are song titles. See if you know the song and artist! ^^



The clock buzzed loudly in Brookes ear jumping her out a perfectly serene sleep, she groaned and slammed her hand on the snooze button then felt around for the off button. When she couldn't find it she yanked the cord out of the socket instead, it was just as effective. Brooke sat up in bed rubbing her temples she was glad the lights were off and her window was covered by a heavy curtain. Suddenly Brooke's mom Sherri popped into her room in front of the window and swept her curtains away filling the room with blindingly bright natural sunlight. Brooke squinted her eyes and shielded her face with her hand.

"Mum, you seriously did not just apparte in here?" Brooke said exasperatedly.

"Morning to you too, Brooke," Sherri said, smiling cheerily.

"Who said anything about it being good?"

"If you had been listening you would have realized I made no such claim."

Brooke rolled her eyes and glared at Sherri.

"Do you mind leaving, mum, I have to get ready."

"Make it quick, we have to get to Kingscross station by 10:30 and it's 8:45."


Sherri smiled and swept out of Brooke's room closing the door softly behind her. Brooke stood up and walked towards her bathroom and went inside to get ready. When she stepped back out into her room Bailey, her 13 year old sister, was sitting on her bed digging around under her mattress and pillows.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't keep a diary, Bailey?" Brooke said, her arms crossed while she tapped her foot.

"Until I believe you."

"Get out."

"Ask nicely."

"Get out or I'll tell mum about what really happened to her favorite glass doll."

"Fine," Bailey said walking to the door and sticking her tongue out at Brooke,. Brooke did the grown up thing and stuck her tongue back out at her. Then Brooke followed Bailey out into the dining room where Sherri was cooking breakfast with Bridget having a tantrum on her side.

"Breakfast, dear?" Sherri asked sighing.

"Yeah," replied Brooke, then she walked forward and picked up Bridget rubbing their noses together until Bridget stopped crying then Brooke placed her in the high chair next to the table and sat down beside her while Bailey sat as far away as she could get. Sherri plopped down pancakes and syrup on the table and Brooke began to shovel food into her mouth quickly wanting to get done.

"Slow down, eating faster isn't going to make the boys come any quicker," Bailey said.

"Yeah, yeah," Brooke said slowing down some. Sherri shook her head as she sat down on the other side of Bridget and started feeding her since she was only three years old. Brooke finished eating then quickly ran into the living room, Bailey followed her.

"Brooke, they're not going to come this early," Bailey said, looking down at her watch.

"Yeah I know," Brooke said sadly as she sat down on the couch As soon as Brooke reached the cushion a loud noise came from the fireplace. She looked up right as someone came flying out of the fireplace she laughed and stood up.

"Nice entrance, Fred," Brooke said smiling brightly; Brooke helped Fred up right as George came flying out and crashed into Fred causing Fred to crash into Brooke hard enough to knock her over causing Brooke to land hard on her back. She looked up and gasped softly when she noticed how close Fred, who had landed on top of her, was to her. If he moved towards her any more their lips would touch.

"Uh," Brooke said blushing, George grabbed Fred's arm and pulled him off of Brooke.

"Sorry," Fred said blushing, then looked away from Brooke.

"It's okay," Brooke said, standing up and Bailey began to laugh.

"Oh wow, Fred, your face is red," Bailey said teasingly.

"Shut up Bailey," Brooke said gently, pushing her into the dining room.

"So, boys, you can go eat if you want," Brooke said smiling warmly. Fred and George's faces brightened up and they both ran into the dining room, she laughed and followed them. When Brooke walked in Bridget started crying.

"Oh, sweetie, what's wrong?" Brooke asked, as she picked her up and placed Bridget on her hip. Bridget wrapped her little arms around Brooke and continued crying. "Shhh," Brooke said gently rocking her.

"You're going to be a wonderful mum, Brooke," George said, smiling at her.

"Thanks, George," she said blushing. Fred looked up at her then at George then back down at his plate sighing sadly.

"Something wrong, Fred?" Brooke said, hearing his sigh.

"Nope nothing's wrong," he said looking up at her and smiling. Brooke smiled back at him then looked at Bridget who had stopped crying.

"Let's get you dressed sweetie," Brooke said, taking Bridget up to her room so she could change her, Brooke walked into Bridget's room and set her down on the changing table. She then walked over to her dresser and started looking through it for something for her to wear.

"Hey, Brooke," Fred said from the doorway.

"Oh, hey, Fred," Brooke said, glancing up at him then looking back down at the dresser, Fred walked over to Bridget and started tickling her. Bridget begun laughing like crazy, Brooke turned around and watched him a smile on her face.

"What?" he asked smiling at her.

"Nothing," she said, shaking her head slightly and walked over to Bridget where she quickly changed her then picked her up.

"There we go," Brooke said, smiling at Bridget.

"Brooke, you have ten minutes, get a move on!" Sherri shouted from downstairs. "Same goes for you, Bailey!"

"Can you take Bridget out to the car, Fred? I have to get my things," Brooke said, and Fred nodded picking Bridget up in his arms and walked downstairs with her. Then Brooke slipped into her room and pulled her trunk into the doorway along with her owl cage. Bailey followed stat and dropped her things off at the doorway.

"Sean, come put the kid's things in the car!" Sherri shouted into the background, then came around the wall with Bridget on her hip.

Fred got rid of you that fast, huh, Bridget?" Brooke asked, reaching forward and pulling Bridget out of Sherri's arms, she traced Bridget's face with her finger smiling as Bridget giggled. Sean walked into the room and grudgingly began to pack Brooke and Bailey's thing into the van.

"Time to go, children," Sherri said pushing Brooke, Bailey, Fred and George out the door and towards the van. Brooke slid into the backseat and fastened Bridget into the car seat in the middle while Bailey slid in on the other side. Fred and George stepped in after them sitting in the middle seat of the van. Sherri pulled out her wand and waved it around thinking spells in her head which slid the cages next to the car, shut the door and windows, then Brooke heard the locks click into place. Sean put the cages into the trunk then jumped into the driver's seat while Sherri got into the passengers' seat.

"We're off to see the wizard," Bailey said.

"Literally," Brooke said, and everyone smiled, even Bridget.