Author's Note: Someone asked me to do Canada and America, but it turned into USxUK. I admit I find the idea of an adolescent America crushing on England just too adorable for words.

Inexperienced First Kiss: AmericaxEngland+Canada

"Boys are supposed to kiss girls."

"Shut up Canada, and besides, mouths are the same no matter who it's on." America's voice cracked, the bloom of adolescence creeping into it.

Canada gulped. "You could ask someone else."

"There's no one else I'd trust with this," America explained. The pair sat in the silence of a parlor, a cushy sofa beneath them. At this point in time, America was taller than Canada. Long gangly legs marked his recent growth spurt and he could best be described as awkward. He was looking down at Canada with an anxious frown. "I just want to y'know... know how to do it when the time comes."

"What's it matter? You act as if there's someone you want to kiss. Besides, it's not like I have experience."

America looked down at his lap as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. "Never said there wasn't..."

"You could ask England for help," Canada offered.

At this, America's face flushed crimson and his blue eyes grew large as saucers. He squeaked. It was, one of the silliest things Canada had ever seen or heard.

"England? Oh England." The other colony stifled a gentle laugh. "I'll help you." He reached up and grabbed America's shoulders, preparing to attempt a kiss. "But maybe you should wait just a few years before trying it on him?"

America nodded, and the pair fumbled into a kiss.