Author's Note: For the first day of usxuk's Special Relationship Sweethearts week. The theme was 'Sealed with a Kiss.'


By Everything is Magic

Bubbles, America had decided long ago, were one of mankind's greatest inventions. Well, more specifically, soapy sudsy bubbles, because of course mankind hadn't invented normal bubbles.

He especially loved the foamy ones, the type that coated the surface of the water and rose up in little peaks whenever he took a bubble bath. The type that kind of just sat on top of your head when they landed there, that you could put your mouth near the top of the bubble mountains and blow at, watching as they floated up and landed across the tub.

England called him childish for it, but that was just England. He liked to berate him for his 'right silliness' and scowl, but often when America turned away he'd see England's expression transform into a fond smile out of his peripheral vision.

Right now was one of those times. America's bathtub was really amazing. He'd had a jacuzzi style tub installed the autumn before, because he thought, he deserved to afford himself some luxuries from time to time (heroes needed to be able to relax), and a huge, awesome bathtub with jets and high tech temperature control was definitely that.

Another bonus, not listed in the store when he'd ordered it, but definitely one of the reasons he'd decided upon it, was how easily two people could fit inside.

It hadn't taken that much to coax England to bathe with him in his new tub the first time. They'd showered together many times; sharing kisses and much more and rubbing slick, wet hands across each other's forms. They'd bathed together as well, albeit in smaller tubs. By now America and England, on America's insistence, shared a bath almost every time England visited his Washington D.C. home.

Especially in the freezing winter, which it now was. America had filled up the bathtub to the absolute brim with bubbles, and England muttered a "bloody hell, you're going to flood the room," when he saw it. America just chuckled and stepped into the tub, pulling England in after and planting a quick kiss on his wind-chapped lips.

And now they were both soaking wet, and America was blowing bubbles toward England, which caused him to sputter and grumble and America to laugh. And then England would do it right back, and before long, they were pelting handfuls of the foam at each other, and one even landed rather comedically right over England's eyebrows. America kissed it off, coming away with a foam mustache in the process.

England, who had been attempting to act as if he weren't enjoying their antics, let out a loud laugh at it, and America blushed and was about to retort. Instead he smiled; mischief clear in his expression.

He wiped the mustache off with the back of his forearm and leaned forward, swiftly wrapping his arms around England and tackling him into the water. England flailed, but then relented as America's lips crashed against his, and they both came up for air and continued kissing, their tongues darting into each other's mouths and their breath intermingling. Bubbles popped and foam dispersed into plain old soapy water as they pressed against each other, and once they pulled apart (who knew how long it was? Minutes? America had no idea, although his fingers were quite a bit more wrinkled), England gave him one of those sweet half smiles. Arm swung around America's shoulder, he leaned forward and kissed a dollop of foam off his nose.

America grinned, no… smirked. "Still think bubbles are just for kids, England?"

England huffed and kissed him again.