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Chapter 5

"Aki…san…." Ruka whispered, staring at the teenage Queen beside her Jester. Aki was the Queen that she heard about from the White Rabbit and the folks from the tea party.

Aki had a stern look plastered on her face. She wore a red and black Victorian gown that gave her the name "Queen of Hearts" by the unique designs. A golden crown rested on her head.

"Hihihihihi… my Queen…." Jeager bowed in a respectable manner. Aki didn't seem to mind him. She glanced towards the side where the group was and inspected the area. Her eyes widened a little as if she spotted something strange, then walked over to one of the bushes.

She studied the rose carefully then pricked the loose paint from the rose. Her brows furrowed angrily and exclaimed furiously, "Who has been painting my roses red?!!!" her words were hoarse and cold as ice.

Blitz, Nerve, Taka, Carly, and Ruka shrieked in horror. They noticed they were holding paintbrushes with red paint. They started to play a game of "Hop-Potato" with the paintbrush….until it landed in Blitz' hands. The Queen's eyes met her servants' and made them shook in fear.

"You three….." she growled. "Off with their head!!" she immediately ordered her guards. The guards didn't hesitate as they dragged Blitz, Nerve, and Taka by the arms towards the dungeon. Their cries of mercy trailed off into the distance until they were out of earshot or eyeshot. Jeager followed the guards towards the dungeon, cackling mischievously.

Ruka felt guilt in her stomach and sympathy that she wasn't able to help them. She glanced towards Aki. She remembered that Aki was once the cruel Black Rose Witch that gave no mercy. The Queen reminded her of that Aki during the Fortune Cup.

"Ano… Queen of Hearts…Errr… my Queen….." Carly stammered nervously, correcting herself to how to address Aki. "Um….that…was a bit harsh…"

Aki shot her a cold glance, which caused shivers down Carly's spine. "You are?" she inquired coldly. She then turned to Ruka. "And this is?"

"Ah…Humpty Dumpty….Your Majesty…" she curtsied and gestured Ruka to do the same. "This….is my friend, Ruka"

"Its nice to meet you, Your Majesty," Ruka curtsied.

"Oh, I see."

Ruka blinked. Aki's response was calm and a bit warm. She glanced up as Aki gestured the girls to raise their heads. Ruka saw that Aki's expression had changed from cold to warm. She had a kind smile on her rosy lips.

Just as Ruka opened her mouth, she heard a familiar voice approaching from the distance. She quickly turned to face that voice and became surprised to see…..

"Your Majesty!! I found him! I found your lost cat!!" Rua exclaimed happily.

"You? You little, good for nothing bunny!" Jack grunted, dragging the poor Cheshire Cat by the leash that struggled with futile effort. "Who did all the work with the traps and all?!!" His outfit was tattered and his hair was a mess.

"Nya….. but it was so funny how you failed the first three times!" the White Rabbit laughed. Jack grimaced. As he was about to strangle the bunny, Crow and Kiryu quickly held him back and they and Rally tried to calm him down.

Ruka stared at the newcomers dumbfounded. Carly seemed pleased when Jack arrived. "Mad Hatter!!" she chirped. The Mad Hatter didn't seem to hear as he was trying to pick a fight with the guys. Humpty Dumpty growled irritably. She searched in her egg capsule, took out an Easter egg and through it square at Jack's head. The guys quickly stepped to the side as the egg hit.

"You jerk!!" she screeched as she violently through her egg.

Jack hollered and winced in pain as the egg cracked on his head. "Ow!! Gah! My eyes!" He let go of the leash and covered his eyes where the yolk spilled. Yusei turned and hissed angrily at the blonde. He then rushed over to Aki.

"Mistress…." Yusei purred as he went on his knees and rubbed against Aki's skirt.

Ruka's cheeks flushed pink as she stared at the scene. Rua gagged. Aki smiled as she caressed Yusei's head, twining her fingers between his strands. Yusei purred playfully as Aki scratched his cat ears. Ruka clasped her hands to her mouth and let out a slight chuckle. It was slightly hard for her to imagine the real Aki and Yusei to do that in public. Also, it was quite funny and cute to see them act in that scene.

Aki's smile turned into a crook grin. She pulled Yusei's cat ears and scolded, "You're a very naughty kitty for leaving me!!" He winced from the painful ear pulling and her harsh tone.

The Cheshire cat pouted and whimpered. "….I'm sorry, Mistress….. I….just wanted to play outside…" he admitted sadly.

"And caused nothing but mischief," Kiryu murmured. Yusei's ears pricked up and he hissed angrily at the Carpenter. "Why the hell you hissing at me for, stupid cat!!" Kiryu pointed angrily at the Cheshire Cat. "You ruined my garden!!"

Yusei grinned smugly as his response. He stuck out his tongue childishly at Kiryu and wagged his tail playfully. It angered Kiryu and as he was about to tackle the cat, Crow held him back.

"Carpenter… you're in front of the Queen's presence and its her cat," Crow whispered. His voice quaked with nervousness.

Kiryu ignored him as he exclaimed angrily and struggled. "Let me at that STUPID CAT!!! ARGH!!"

Aki lightly scratched behind Yusei's ear once more. She then turned to the guys with a sadistic grin. "Oh boys….."

Jack, Rally, Rua, Kiryu, and Crow paused as chills went up their spine as they met the Queen's eyes.

"As punishment for my precious little kitty and wanting to hurt him….." she placed her finger and thumb in her mouth and whistled.

In a few moments, Black Rose Dragon appeared from behind the castle. "Black Rose Dragon, attack!"

The guys screamed in horror as they ran for their lives towards the exit with the dragon on their tale. The guys dodged the best they can from the vicious thorns of the dragon's whips. Their cries echoed throughout the garden.

"Ahh!!! I didn't do anything!!!" Rally, Rua, and Crow cried simultaneously.

"What the hell? This is the prize I get for capturing that stupid….GAH!!" Jack complained. The sounds of the whips were heard from the other side of the garden.

Aki cackled evilly in satisfaction as Yusei gently purred and rubbed against her leg.

"Only I can torture my kitty!"

"Meow….." Yusei ignored Aki's comment as he circled her figure and rubbing against her legs. "Meow…."

Ruka and Carly stared blankly as they had watched the scene with dumbstruck looks. Ruka became shocked and at the same time felt a bit sorry for the guys. It was silent between the girls until….

"Mad Hatter!! Wait for me!!" Carly cried as she chased after Jack. Ruka watched after her as she floated away towards the sudden patch of light, then covered in darkness. Ruka blinked in astonishment, then turned towards Yusei and Aki. She also noticed that she wasn't near the gardens or the castle, but surrounded by black.

"Lets go inside, my little kitty," Aki said as she walked side by side with Yusei. Yusei was standing on two and had his hand in the Queen's.

As Ruka was about to chase after them, the couple disappeared into the darkness. Balls of light in various colors appeared and danced around Ruka. Familiar voices echoed from the balls into her mind.


Her vision became blurry, her head spun as the balls circled around her in a slow motion…then began to speed up.


Ruka stirred and saw blurry faces staring down at her.


Ruka's eyes shot open, startled and sat up. She glanced around. She was back in her room. She noticed Rua sitting in front of her on her bed, while Yusei and Aki sat on opposite sides of her bed. They were still in their nightclothes. Ruka looked out the window and noticed it was morning!

"Ruka, I'm glad you're awake," Aki greeted warmly. "Breakfast is going to be ready soon."

Ruka thought for a moment, then realized that Wonderland was all but a dream! She laughed heartily. Yusei, Rua, and Aki switched glances then faced the young Signer.

"What's so funny?" Rua asked, puzzled.

Ruka switched her glances between Yusei and Aki. She then held her laughter, a snort escaped in her breath. How could she tell Yusei and Aki about the "Mistress and Cat" thing?

Ruka calmly inhaled and exhaled. She smiled warmly.

"Nothing," she replied simply, gaining her composure. "And can I suggest something?"

"What is it?" Yusei asked.

"Yusei, can you not make pasta lasagna for dinner with chocolate ice cream cake as dessert?"



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