Today is the day. I am leaving Phoenix. I am leaving for the rainy city of Forks. Why you may ask am I leaving the city of "Living Like it Matters" for the city that rains and rains? Three big of reasons.

First was a promise that I made to my twin brother Emmett. We always said we would graduate high school together. We'll this is my senior year. I have had a lot of success as a illegal street racer. My pockets are lined enough to serve me for a majority of my adult life. But how long can that continue? I can still race in WA a little travel never hurt.

Second my mom and her husband Phil are moving to Florida. He plays MLB baseball. He got traded to the Florida Marlins. And since I was going to be forced to move anyways why not keep my promise to Emmett.

And last I want a genuine guy. A guy that knows nothing about me. I've never had a boyfriend. I've never had a first kiss. I've never had a one night stand. Sure I flirted but never took it a step further. I get good grades. I love to read. I don't do drugs. I have never had a sip of alcohol besides the champagne at mom and Phil's wedding. But I think its time for me to find love and all that come with that.

So these are three reasons that I find myself boxing up my belongings and sending them 1583 miles to Forks, WA. I love the sun but really I haven't seen my brother or my father in 3 years. My father is Chief of Police in Forks my brother is a football prodigy. I on the other hand am just me.

I discovered illegal street racing fairly by accident. I was on my way to In & Out to pick up some food with my friend Chrisy and two cars where in front of my now replaced truck. They revved there engines and took off like a shot as soon as the light turned green. That was the night Chrisy told me about the illegal street races. We didn't go out that night because my truck wouldn't of made it. But 7 weeks later Phil got signed to the majors and his dream helped my dream come true.

For my 16th birthday Phil and my mom got me a brand new Eclipse. Chrisy called her brother Jesse and he taught me how to drive and fix up the car to racing standards. I went out 3 weeks later. I won against a more experienced driver but that's how I fell in love with racing. I replaced my Eclipse about 5 weeks ago. I now drive a Nissan Skyline GTR it has 1200HP all hand tuned by me. I'm one of the top street racers in Arizona which brings with it a lot of enemies, but that I can handle.

Now with summer ending its time I say goodbye to Phoenix and start a new chapter. Hopefully one filled with adventure but one that I will get more satisfaction. All my stuff is packed and in the back of a moving pod, I throw my I-pod on the deck, my laptop in my passenger side seat, and my purse on the floorboards and I'm off. I'm headed to Forks.

When I called my dad and told him of my plan to move to Forks he couldn't of been any happier. My only request was that he allow me to purchase a portable garage to store my car because there was no way I was letting my baby sit out in the rain 24/7. He said it was alright and I bought it and Charlie had it set up. Emmett still doesn't know that I'm coming. He's been away at football camp. So this is exciting.

Before I get onto the highway for my long drive to Forks. I stop by the Arco and purchase a much needed 4 pack of Monster and a box of energy bars. I would like to say that I'm healthy and that I eat healthy but sometimes I just don't have time to eat right. I have a nice body and I dress nicely. Besides racing the only thing I love just as much is dancing. Any kind of music I can dance to it. That's how I keep my body in shape.

Phil graced me with the finest things a girl could ask for before I started making my own money. I like designer clothes. I like shopping and getting dressed up just like any other girl. I like a nice spa day. I love to travel. But I am by no means spoiled. Once I started making my own money I never asked Phil or my mom for another dime. And I'm proud to say that.

So this is where my journey begins. Bye Phoenix! You gave me some good years.

I arrived in at 10PM on Sunday. Charlie had already enrolled me in school that started tomorrow. I called Charlie when I arrived and got a room at Olympic Lodge. When I called Charlie I told him I was staying in Port Angeles so I can surprise Emmett tomorrow when school started. I showered and went to bed.

When my alarm on my iPhone woke me at 6AM I got dressed in my Seven boot cut jeans, my Chanel top that matched my boots, my diamond encrusted dog tags that where specially made for me by Jacob the Jeweler for my 17th birthday and did my makeup. I went to the checkout desk and handed over my room key and left promptly at 7:15 AM. School started at 8AM and it was a 45 minute drive at normal speed limits. With my speeding I could make it in 30 minutes.

I pulled up at Forks High and glanced at my dash it said it was 7:52AM. I made it with time to spare to get my schedule before I was late. I glanced around the parking lot looking for Emmett's Red Jeep and found it 2 rows back. As I exited my car I seen a group of boys approaching me and my car with wide eyes. I knew the exhaust was loud but I never thought anything about it. So I decided to worn them.

"Now, Now boys. Please look but don't touch. I'm pretty sure mommy and daddy wont have the money to fix what you messed up." I smiled and continued walking.

I walked into the front office and received my schedule. I walked out and bumped into someone landing right on my behind. I looked up to be locked into the most beautiful green eyes.


Today was the first day of the last year I had to spend as a high school student in Forks. I had been adopted when I was 8 years old, along with my twin sister Alice, by Carlisle and Esme Cullen when my mother and father both died in a plane crash leaving on a business trip to Europe.

My parents both loved the life we luxury we lived we had trust fund to last me and Alice forever. We moved to Forks soon after our 10th birthday. I'm happy with the life we life here. I never got interested in any of the plastic girls that live here. Once they found out that I had a handsome rich bachelor the girls decided I was the catch of Forks. I on the other hand wanted nothing to do with any of the girls here. So I shied away never talking to any girls at all. I turned into an introvert.

I went on one date that turned out to be a major disaster. With Forks High School's very own Queen of the plastics Tanya Denali. I took her out to the cliché dinner and a movie. By the end of the night she had decided that it wasn't fancy enough for her. That a suitable first date would be me taking her on a shopping trip to Seattle where I would find endless amounts of money on her. Not going to happen.

Ever since that mistake last year during the week of winter formal she has made hundreds of attempts to sway me in her favor. She has accosted me many times in the hallways. After our date I tried to avoid her as much as possible. She told the entire student body in less than 36 hours that I we were a couple. And when I avoided her she claimed that I was playing hard to get. The entire summer I avoided her phone calls.

When I left to football camp I was grateful that the barrage of phone calls would stop. Thankfully they did. I returned Saturday night and relaxed yesterday and caught a movie with Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice. They were all coupled off. I'm always the 5th wheel. We were all twins. Forks three set, Emmett always talked about his sister but we have never meet her. She lived in Phoenix with Emmett's mom.

But here I am waiting for Alice. My sister the fashion queen on the world.

"Alice, get a move on it we are supposed to get to school early to get our schedules." She bounded down the stairs at this point.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Alice yelled as we headed to my Volvo. My prized possession.

"Edward I have a good feeling about this year. Not just because were seniors but for you in general." I scoffed 'Yeah Right' I thought to myself.

We drove to school listening to some pop song of Alice's I myself would rather listen to something classical but this is what happens when you have a bossy sister. We arrived on time and pulled into the parking lot and parked next to Roses M3.

"About time!" Emmett yelled as we exited the car.

"Well blame that on Alice. She was taking forever to get ready!" I replied as I reached into the trunk for my book bag. And that's when I heard it. By it I mean screeching by none other than Tanya.

"Eddie, I missed you so much!" She tried to hug me but I bent down to pretend to tie my shoe. I said hello but really I was trying to get away as fast as I could. I rushed over to get my schedule. As soon as the coast was clear I began to jog. I really didn't want to run into her again. As I rounded the corner to AP History I hit someone HARD! They flew to the ground and by the time I tried to catch them they had already hit the ground.

I began to apologize profusely and all I saw was a bunch of brown hair. They girl stood up and I was surprised by they designer clothes she was wearing. The only girl that I knew that dressed this well was Alice. She stood up and started to dust herself off and then looked up. I thought I had died. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen looked up from behind the mask of brown hair. She gasp when she saw me. What did I have something on my face? So I began to rub the back of my neck. Stressing out.

She stuck her hand out "Hello, My name is Bella. I'm new here. " I stood there running my hand through my hair staring at her extended hand. I opened my mouth to say hello but the warning bell sounded. She was still looking at me expecting a answer. "We'll I see that the cat has got your tongue. Mind pointing me to AP English." I pointed down the hall. She said thanks and winked at me. I stood there mouth agape still shocked at this beautiful angel that graces the hallways of Forks High School. Thinking 'This is certainly going to be a better year than I expected'.