A/N I know I promised I would write more often but so much has occurred in the last couple of years that I'm happy again. A happy writer makes for a good story. I don't know how often I will update but I promise it won't be another year without a update Im getting married in 12 days and I thought that I would share my joy with you my loyal readers! So….without further ado I present you with the next chapter of Racing Hearts.


I was nervous. Nervous was an understatement. This is where I excelled on the road, behind the wheel. I was packing my bags since I had sent my baby ahead of time to Seattle. There were lots to be done this weekend. We all packed into Esme's Range Rover. Edward drove and we make it in good time although it was a bit slow for my taste.

We checked into the hotel 3 separate rooms for each set of siblings (although I don't believe it would stay this way for the remainder of the trip). We had made plans to meet up at 7 to go to the under 21 club, although my plan was to mix a little business and pleasure. I heard that this club was the place to be yet needed more financing to get off the ground. I wasn't opposed to a business venture just as long as I wasn't shut out of the decision making process.

We meet at the lobby of the hotel just before 7pm and the boys looked fantastic in there jeans and button downs but no one more handsome than Edward his uncanny ability to look sexy without even trying. We caught a taxi van to the club since it was safer than driving Esme's 70k car around a city we didn't really know. I was thinking about the opportunities and scared of what was ahead of us tomorrow. I was worried about my car, my brother's reaction to tomorrow, and my friend's reaction to actually how popular I was to the car scene.

I didn't know what to expect yet I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was pulled out of my trance with Edward pulling at my hand telling me that we had arrived at the club, there was a line a mile long and everyone was disappointed about the wait until I walked straight to security and was granted entrance with just my name. Hey what can I say there are perks to being me!

As we entered the club we noticed that it was a work in progress and that these owners had to be men. There was no way that a woman had any hand in this place it! It needed some upgrades to get the cliental that would make it successful. I meet with Joaquin who was the manager of the club but at the end of the night I decided it was too much risk and not enough reward for me to enter into a business that I felt would fail. I might be young but I certainly was no dummy. As I walked away I heard a nasally voice I could recognize anywhere. Victoria. She had to be here just before I shared my secret life I didnt want any hassle tonight or have to explain anything tonight so I headed to the darkest part of the club for some water.

After dancing and having a great time we headed back to the hotel at a little past 1 am. When we got back to the hotel Jasper was carrying up Alice and Rosalie was being held up by Emmett. Emmett decided that it would be best that he stay with Rosalie just to make sure she was safe. I was fine with the idea but what about me? Was I chopped liver? Edward said he would stay in Emmett's bed because there was no way he was staying in the same room as his sister, Jasper and there romance.

At a little past 6 am I got a phone call from Chrisy, Jesse, Mandy and Matthew. My crew was in town and they wanted to meet up before I made my big reveal to my Forks family on how popular I was with the underground racing crew. I meet up with Chrisy first who jumped on me and decided that I had to hear ever miniscule detail of their trip from Phoenix. She had met someone while I was gone and was on the fast track to marriage. I texted Alice while I listened to her rant about Jose, I had to let them know I was safe and that I would meet up with them at the car show.


I woke up a little tired knowing that today would be an interesting day. Bella loved cars and wanted to be immersed with them. This car show was her thing and I knew that it would be a perfect day. That was until I woke up and realized that she was already gone. "Where does this girl get the energy to run around all day?" I thought just as I realized that she was gone I started looking around for a note, then I ran to get my cell and wondered if she was alright and not kidnapped. I found my phone didn't have any texts so I went knocking on Emmett and Rosalie's door. Emmett answered and then started freaking out on "What I did to his sister?" I didn't do anything she was gone when I woke up. So Emmett practically took down Alice's door before she had the chance to calm him that she had already left for the car show.

We all dressed and went down for breakfast at McDonalds. We were done we headed back to the Range Rover and drove to the Coliseum that the care show was at. The lines were huge but Bella had advanced ordered the tickets so no long lines for us. As we entered we saw signs going ever direction from concept cars, new releases, Low Riders, hotrods, NHRA Cars, and Import and Drift cars. Knowing Bella we headed to the Import and Drift section knowing that's where we would find her. As we walked for about 15minutes we rounded a hot pink sign with female models. They had a life size cut out telling us to get a autograph from the newly signed Falkin Tire and Red Bull Import Driver. We decided what was there to lose as we got closer we noticed the autographer. All we could say is "Bella? Is that you?"