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All through out time many battles have been fought, some for glory others for redemption. This was no different, one wanted to become strong and seek revenge for the death of his clan and such gain the glory of the strongest of his clan. The other wanted his friend to give up in his quest of revenge and move on. They had fought for several minutes now not giving the other a chance to gain the upper hand.

"Damn it Sasuke come to your senses and return to the village before its to late." a blond hair teenager yelled as he clutched his stomach to stop the bleeding from a kunai stab wound.

"Please dobe why would I return to that pathetic village, they only wanted to hold me back. They should have given me the best teacher like Jiraya but instead they gave him to you a worthless shinobi." Sasuke said as he tied his arm with a piece of cloth to cover a deep wound. "I will become stronger by going to Orichimaru, then I will kill my brother but first I am going to kill you and claim the ultimate form of the Sharingan." and Sasuke went into his second curse seal form, and began to make the seals for the chidori

Naruto saw that he was really trying to kill him, and a tear fell from his face "I'm sorry Sakura-chan but I tried to bring him back but I see that he will not come back. It is my duty as a leaf ninja to stop him. I can't fulfill my promise to you." Suddenly he let his demon chakra come out and engulf him. Long ago he had come to terms with his inner demon and they came to a agreement. Naruto could use its chakra, and when the time came Naruto became its successor as the new Kyuubi. The demonic chakra then began to pool on Naruto's hand and began to form a ball of pure evil chakra.

They both charged at each other with the intent on stopping the other. "Chidori""Rasengan" they both yelled as the two justus hit each other. Both fighting for dominance, then they were covered by a black ball of dark energy. Everything went silent, no noise not even from the waterfall was heard. At that time Kakashi had shown up to the ball of evil energy shrink in size. Suddenly a scream was heard as the ball exploded. After the smoke cleared on the ground was a burnt corpse of Sasuke but Naruto was nowhere to be found. Kakashi cautiously walked up to the body of his once student. Tears fell from his visible eye not for the dead body but for his missing student.

Only hours ago he learned that Naruto was indeed the son of his beloved sensie and mother figure. How he didn't see it before he had no idea. Deep down he knew but did not want to believe as it brought back those memories, now because of his stupid beliefs his only tie to him was gone maybe vaporize by the attack. "I am sorry Naruto I have failed you. I'm sorry Minato-sensie, Kushina I have failed you too." He then picked up Sasuke not before giving him a hateful glare, he was close to leaving the body here to rot but it was his duty to bring back the body of the traitor. He turned around and was about to leave not before looking at the last spot he saw Naruto and said "Go Naruto rest now you deserve it, go be with your parents." and then he left.

It had taken him two hours to reach the gates of Konoha. As he got closer he saw that a crowd had formed hoping to see the return of their beloved Utchia. In front of the group was his female student with hope in her eyes. He knew that the news was going to break her but it was unavoidable now. The crowd began to cheer when they spotted Kakashi with Sasuke, tears of happiness began to form on Sakura as Kakashi got near. The cheering stopped when they noticed in what condition Sasuke was in, they immediately sent for a medic who happen to be at the scene. "Don't bother he is dead as is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze." Kakashi said purposely letting his father's name slip. It didn't matter he was dead.

The crowd was confused why did Kakashi use the clan name of their beloved Fourth Hokage on the demon. It was then that they began to wonder, he does look like him, and how many blond-haired blue eyes people were in Konoha. Only the Namikaze clan and Yamanaka clan. Slowly dread began to settle, they remembered that he was seeing a whirlpool ninja by the name of Kushina Uzu....maki. No it couldn't be Naruto Uzumaki was the Fourth son and they treated him like trash, no it had to be a lie. Right? Then they heard their current Hokage confirm what they feared "So the Namikaze clan is really gone now?"

The council was sadden but slowly their greed settle in now they can raid the Namikaze clan vaults and take all their secrets, and treasure for their own. Suddenly a big explosion was felt, it came from the Namikaze compound. Everyone turned to see a big wall made of fire climb into the sky. The some of the council turned to the Hokage who had tears in her eyes. They saw that she had her hands in the ram hand sign. "What the meaning of this?!" one of the members yelled.

"It was in the Fourths will, if his son were to die before he can claim his heritage then it was to be destroyed, also all his assets are to be redistributed to the clan that had helped his son throughout the years. So that means Yamanaka, Inuzuka, Mitarashi, Sarutobi, Morino, and Yuhi clans are to see me tomorrow." and with that she left to morn the lose of her little brother.

Everyone slowly left to prepare the funeral of Sasuke and Naruto. Sakura just cried upon the corpse of Sasuke silently cursing Naruto for his death Kakashi heard her and was disgusted by her actions. He walked up to her and looked at her with complete hatred. Sakura couldn't believe what happened next, he slapped her and walked walked away. Not before saying "What a selfish bitch, I am done with you don't ever speak to me again or I will kill you."

"Why?" was all she could say.

"Because you would cry over a traitor and curse the greatest hero Konoha had ever seen or will ever see. If it wasn't for Naruto and the sacrifice at his birth Konoha would not be standing. The Utchia clan was nothing but traitors, even you beloved Sasuke was one." and he left.

"What sacrifice is he talking about?" she said out loud. It was Asuma who answered.

"Thirteen years ago the Kyuubi attacked, thought the part where the Fourth killed it was a cover up of what really happened. There is no way you can kill a great demon like the Kyuubi as it had a enormous amount of chakra. So he did the next best thing he sealed it into a newborn child but there was a problem. There was no newborns in Konoha, so with a great amount of pain and regret for what she was about to do the Fourths wife induce labor knowing that she would not survive. Naruto was that child, the Fourth then used his own son as the vessel to seal the Kyuubi using his own soul to bring forth the Shinigami. Naruto lost his parents, his humanity and his chances for a normal life in a matter of two hours. He became a hero that day and he was hated for it." Asuma finished and he left the girl with her precious Sasuke.

"Oh Kami," was all she can say as she remembered how she treated Naruto through the years because she wanted to fit in with the crowd. Tears began to flow "Naruto I am so sorry."


Darkness was all he see as opened his eyes, he felt no pain as a matter of fact he couldn't feel anything. He looked around trying to find anything but only saw darkness. Then he heard a small sound through the void, it was the sound of someone crying.


Kagome had just woken up from her sleep, she remembered the fight she was just in. She wanted to show Inuyasha that she was indeed strong and didn't need him to aways protect her. She had held her own for a while but the demon had gotten behind her and cut her on her shoulder before everything black.

"So you are finally up?" a female said as she began to clean the wound and change her wrappings. "you had me worried Kagome if it wasn't for Inuyasha it would have killed you, need to be careful next time."

"I'm sorry Sango, I will try to be careful next time." she said as she slowly got up and got dressed. She left her tent and went looking for Inuyasha so she can thank him for saving her again. As she neared Inuyasha she heard him speaking with someone.

"So I see the Miko was injured yet again. Tell me why do you keep protecting her if she is so weak." a male voice asked from the shadows.

"Shut up Sesshomaru, what are you doing here anyways?" Inuyasha yelled as he got into a battle stance

"That is none of your concern now answer me why do you continue traveling with the weak Miko, is it because you wish to mate with her?"

"Please me mate with someone so weak, no I only let her travel with me because she is of use to me. She is nothing more than a shard detector to me, and once I have the jewel I will kill her. Besides I have someone I wish to mate with." Inuyasha lied as he knew that if his half brother knew of his real feelings he would use her to hurt him.

"Oh, I see. That dead Miko I sometime smell on you. Is that who you wish to mate with then." Sesshomaru said as he came into the moonlight. "Well then, hanyou today I will leave in peace but next time the sword will be mine," and then he vanished.

Inuyasha was confused as to why he was here, and didn't try to fight him. That is when he smelled the salt in the air. "No, it can't be!" Then he turned around and saw Kagome behind a tree with tears flowing from her eyes. He saw as she turned around and ran back to camp. "So thats why you came you bastard!" Inuyasha then began to run after her.

Kagome reached the camp and went into her tent, grabbed her things and silently tried to leave the camp but a small voice stopped her. "Mama, where are you going and why are you crying?" a small fox kit said as he slowly came to her. How could she forget her kit she thought as she knelt to pick him up.

"Shippo, I need to leave here. I can't stay here any longer, will you come with me son." She said as she cradled him.

"Of course mama, I don't want to lose you." and the mother/son pair left the camp.

Inuyasha ran into the camp and went straight toward Kagome's tent he needed to explain why he said what he said only to find the tent missing and all of her things gone. He knew where she would go, he woke the group up and told them that they needed to go. It took them ten minutes to pack up. They noticed that Kagome was gone and had a feeling as to where they were headed.

Kagome thought about going back to her own time but then remembered that Inuyasha would expect that so she went south instead of east to where the well was. She walked for ten hours holding her kit. She knew that by the time Inuyasha found out that she was not in her time her scent would have been dissipated and he could not follow her. Once she was in the Southern lands she made camp and fed Shippo before he went to sleep. Once he was asleep she walked to an open plain and looked at the stars. The memories of what Inuyasha said came back and she began to cry.


Naruto began to float towards the sound and as he did he could see a young woman crying in what seemed to be a meadow. Naruto being who he was hated to see anyone cry, he especially had a soft spot towards women.


As Kagome cried she heard someone talking, at first it was faint but it got louder as she began to concentrate on the voice. "Tell me why are you crying miss?" it asked. She thought she was going crazy as she could not sense anyone. "Whose there?"

"My name is Naruto. Again tell me why are you crying?" the voice said.

Kagome didn't know why but she could tell that she could trust this Naruto. She told him her whole story starting from when she fell into the well. "and he said that I am nothing but a shard detector and will kill me as soon as he has the jewel. I loved him but he only used me." and she began to cry again.

By the end of her tale Naruto was pissed and promised that when he found this Inuyasha he was going to pay for making this girl cry. "Please don't shed tears for him. You are strong I can sense it in you,"

"No I am not!! I am weak I can't even protect myself and now I have endangered my kit by bringing him with me, and now I am all alone" She said then she felt a small breeze caress her tear filled face, it almost felt like someone hand wiping her tears away and she felt safe.

"No you are wrong, you are strong. You don't deserve to be treated that way, and you are not alone as you have me now. I promise that I will protect you and make you strong enough to protect yourself and the kit."

"How?" was all she said before a figure appeared before her. In front of her was a man about her age. He had blond hair that reached to his waist. All his baby fat was now gone leaving only a face that would turn many face and leave any female in a trance. He had on armor that seemed to be made for someone of royalty but still showed his well toned body. He had nine blond tails swing behind him.

"Don't worry I will find a way." Naruto said as he smiled at Kagome.

All that went through her head was "KAMI HE IS HOT!!!!" as she blushed up a storm. What happened next sent her into a blissful sleep, Naruto walked up to her and kissed her on her forehead. Naruto chuckled as she fainted. Before she hit the ground Sesshomaru caught her.

"So I was right this miko is the one the prophecy spoke of." Sesshomaru said as he looked at the ghostly form of Naruto. "The one that would wake the Lord of the Southern Lands and bring peace to the lands."

Naruto looked at Sesshomaru, "Yes it is time for my awakening," he said as he looked loving at the miko. Yes is was indeed time. Then he looked at Sesshomaru again "take her to my castle, protect her, start her training as she needs to be strong. As for you half brother, he will pay for what he did to her."

"Of course Naruto-dono, it will be this Sesshomaru's honor to aid in your grand awakening." and he gently picked up Kagome and took her back to her camp. Thats when he noticed the mark on here forehead, it was the mark of the Kyuubi, Lord of the Southern lands. Yes he couldn't wait for his awakening, and the return of the 'Fox King'

Naruto returned to the void to wait for his awakening. "Soon Kagome-hime I will be able to hold you in my arms and protect you from harm." he said as he remembered how he got into this.


Naruto had just finished fighting Sasuke when everything went black. Suddenly he found himself in a meadow where three figures where waiting for him. One was a man with blond hair and blue eyes much to his own. The other was a woman with red hair and green eyes. Both of them had tears in their eyes as they looked at him. The woman then enveloped him in a bone crushing hug while crying "my son". The man also hugged them both before the stopped.

Naruto was confused as to who they were, well he knew who the man was as he was his idol growing up. It was none other than the fourth Hokage. The woman he had no idea who she was as he never seen her before. "Who are you, and why are you calling be you son?"

"I am Kushina Uzumaki your mother." she said as she hugged him again. "and this your father son." To say Naruto was confuse would be like saying he had a mild obsession for ramen. Then he looked at Minato, and the memories of all the shit he went through when he was alive. Hurt, sadness and hate went through his mind. Minato sensed this and bowed to his son.

"Naruto, please forgive me for what I did to you. I know it is wrong for me to ask this as we seen your memories of how the villagers treated. It was my wish for them to treat you like a hero but I guess the final wish of a dead man means nothing to them." Minato said as tears of sadness flowed at the start and then of anger as he finished. At first it was hard to forgive him but as he heard the true circumstances of that fateful night he finally forgave them both.

Then the third figure cleared his throat to get their attention. The man had fiery red hair that reached his waist. A blood red royal kimono, on his forehead was a mark that looked like a flame but it was black. He was very handsome for a demon. "Good now that I got your attention it is time to talk about what happens now."

Everyone looked at the man, seeing that he had their complete attention he resumed. "Ok first my name is Kenchi, but my title is Kyuubi. Now as Naruto is my successor I am giving him the title now. To begin I am not from these lands or the same realm, I come from a realm similar to your but demons are more abundant, some live with humans in peace. They even mate with them, but others only live to cause pain and destruction. The land is split into four lands, the Northern Lands controlled by the Dragon clan, the Western Lands ruled by the Inu clan, The Eastern Lands ruled by the Tora clan, and finally the Southern Lands ruled by my clan the Kitsune clan. We four lords rule our respectful lands and keep the peace, as time went on I grew tired of the realm and decided to see the other realms. It was until I found your realm that I met my mate. She was a four tailed kitsune who loved life. I had mated with her and was about to take her back to my realm when a evil demon disguised as one of you ninja. He took advantage that my mate was carrying my kits and killed her sending me into a blood rage." he took a moment to gather his thoughts.

Naruto and his parents now knew why he attacked that night and sympathized with him.

"I kill the demon but because of my rage went to look for the origins of the demon, and you know the rest. Now as my spirit has been removed from my body I am officially dead so I need to find a successor which is Naruto here. Now my lands can not be without a Lord or it will fall into chaos so I will send Naruto's body to my land around the time of my departure about 500 years along with a prophecy. Naruto's spirit will remain here to train, here he will train with both of you in everything you want to teach him. I will teach him the Demon Laws and how to act around the other Lords. As your body is placed in the castle your influence will be known so don't be surprised that you land will resemble that of the one you came from complete with shinobi."

Naruto would train for a good 500 years before he would met the one person who could place his soul into his body.




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