Here you go chapter two






The sun began to rise as a young kit began to stir. After missing the warmth of his 'mama' he quickly rose from the bedroll and left the tent. He was surprised to see Sesshomaru sitting by the campfire with Kagome by his side wrapped in his fur coat thing. Sesshomaru sensed the young kit and before he could cause any problems he spoke. "You will be silent as to not wake the miko. This Sesshomaru does not wish to harm the miko, but instead help her as she has a greater purpose than any in this world."

Shippo confused by what the Inu lord said asked "What do you mean?"

Sesshomaru looked at the kit with emotionless eyes for a split second before his face changes into something that resembled happiness. "This miko is the one of prophecy. The miko who will raise the greatest demon of all time, The Fox King. He will bring peace back to the lands, but as it stands she is weak. Maybe because of what that damned hanyou did to her, thats why I am here. I am going to train her as well as protect her until she can wake the Kyuubi."

Shippo at the mention of the Kyuubi couldn't contain his happiness, finally his lord would be awaken and by his own 'mother' no less. He slowly and cautiously walked next to Kagome as to not wake her. He almost did as he gasped loudly as he saw the mark on her forehead. "The mark of the Kyuubi."

Sesshomaru smiled "yes the mark of the Kyuubi, she has been blessed with the most sacred marks in all of demon law. It shows to all the demons that she is to be protected at all cost, but at the same time she will be targeted by those demons that don't want the Kyuubi awaken. That is why I am here." Then Sesshomaru got up and turn the rabbits he had cooking over the fire. After he saw that they were done he passed one to the kitsune before he went to wake up Kagome.

Kagome was having the most pleasant dream she had so far, she and Naruto were sitting by the ocean while the sun was setting. But instead of watching the sunset they were doing more adult things. "Mnn Naruto-sama." she moaned as Sesshomaru was about to wake her up which made him almost trip which is something being who he was.

"Miko it is time to get up and moving, hurry your meal is getting cold." he said as he nudged her shoulder. Kagome slowly opened her eyes trying to focus her eyes in the morning light. When they were fully focused she saw Sesshomaru standing a couple feet away. She almost yelled before he raised his hand getting her attention.

"Miko, this Sesshomaru wishes you no harm, I am here to escort you to the Southern castle to wake the Kyuubi."

Kagome got confused as to who or what the Kyuubi was and was about to ask but Sesshomaru beat her to it "You have met him already but by another name Naruto I recall him say" Kagome couldn't believe what she was hearing. Naruto the Kyuubi of legend, said that was awaken by a miko and brought forth a great peace that still existed in her time.


Inuyasha was beyond pissed, here he goes all the way to Kagome's time only to find out that she has not return there. As he got into the well to return his anger slowly died down as worry set in. Maybe something happened to her on her way to the well, maybe Naruku captured her and is using her to find the shards. No he had to find her no matter what, then he remembered something on his way to the well but at the time wasn't thinking straight. He did not pick up her scent as a matter of fact her scent was heading in the opposite direction, south deeper towards the Southern Lands. A place that no one had ever been to.

In fact the Southern Lands was so cut off from the other lands one would think it was nothing but a dead zone void of life. In realty the Southern Lands was covered by an illusion made by the 'mystics' of the land to keep intruders away, and if by some chance they manage to cross the borders they would meet the 'shadow warriors' and no one escapes them. Not even Naruku was dumb enough to try and cross that border. So why was Kagome heading in that direction of all places? Was the question in Inuyasha's mind.

It didn't matter seeing that by the time they reached the last camp they were in her scent would have been gone. Kagome and Shippo would be anywhere by then.....what a minute Shippo. The human scent will dissipate after a couple of hours but the scent of a demon will linger for days. So if he followed Shippo's scent then he will be able to find Kagome. He reemerged from the well in his own time and ran back to the old camp leaving a confused Sango and Miruku. They quickly started to follow Inuyasha. As they traveled Miruku tried to find out where Kagome was but Inuyasha was quiet. After running for three hours straight at full speed they reached the old camp.

Inuyasha began to sniff around looking for Shippo's scent, after finding the scent heading in the direction that he last smelled Kagome he took off without saying a word. Leaving a still confused Miruku and Sango behind to play catch up.

Meanwhile in the Naruto universe, Kakashi and his Anbu team were looking at the ruined battlefield that his last two students had left behind. He could not fathom the magnitude of damage they had caused. While he was still hurting for the loss of his two students, he had to find out what had happened to Naruto. Even if he was disintegrated from the last attack there had to be something a small trace, anything. He thought back to his last remaining student and how she had changed after that day. Sakura had went from being a useless excuse of a shinobi to a competent one, even if she still had relapses of her fan girlish ways. Even if three years had passed since that faithful day, it took a while for the villagers to get a grip of what happen. When they did they were deeply sadden of the way they acted towards the last Namikaze but what was done was done. Instead they erected a monument on top of the Hokage monument, it was a red stone in the shape of a flame. Naruto's name was placed on the base of the stone with "Hokage in spirit, may he rest in peace" engraved on it.

Kakashi was brought out of his musings when one of his teammates came to him and brought what seemed to been a jewel shard. Even if it was small it held a great deal of power within it and Kakashi knew that it was tied to what had happened to Naruto. He looked into the sky and noticed that the sun was setting and he had to return to the village, so he ordered his team to pack up.

In the village things were bleak and gloomy, most people knew why. Their sunshine had been extinguished the day Naruto 'died'. Now everyone just seemed to be in a gloomy almost pissed off mood not even Konohamaru, who took over the mantle of the prankster of Konoha couldn't bring the mood up. Everyone who knew Naruto missed him a lot but no one missed him more that his female friend, Sakura. She had went into a deep depression for months, also it didn't help that all of her friend had shun her for the remarks she said that faithful day even Ino had shunned her and that hurt her more than anything. As time went on she started to blame herself for what had happened. If she didn't make Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back then he would not have died. As her depression deepen she tried to kill herself once but was stopped by her once friend. Ino had told her that she was being selfish for taking the easy way out, it was only then that Sakura had promised to honor Naruto's death by becoming strong enough to take the mantle of Hokage in his name.

The council tried to turn things in their favor but it backfired. They told the younger generation about what really happen on the day that Kyuubi attacked and how it was sealed into Naruto. They thought that if the younger generation found out what Naruto really was they wouldn't lose face for the treatment they gave him, but it was not to be and a civil war almost broke out. If it wasn't for the quick thinking of the Hokage and the clans that supported Naruto when he was growing up, Konoha would have been destroyed by her own people. She had decreed that the council would stand trial for the abuse of one Konoha's heroes. The trial was anything but fair as the villagers or at least the ones that saw Naruto for who he was decided that enough was enough and had most of the civilian council stripped of power and belongings. With the civilian council gone Danzo had lost all his power and support and was charged for being a traitor and was hanged the following day in the public square as a reminder of what happens to those who betrayed the leaf.

It was almost midnight when Kakashi and his team returned to the village. He told them to go to the headquarters and rest as he would tell the Hokage of their findings. He made his way towards the tower, as he walked he saw the old abandoned space that used to be the ramen shop. It was closed down shorty after Naruto's death. Teuchi and Ayame could not stand being in the same village as those 'bigoted bastards' as they called them. It was such a shame when they left their ramen was one of the best things to eat in the village. He shortly got news that they set up shop in Wave country and were doing quite well. He finally made his way towards the top floor of the tower and knocked on the huge door that went into the Hokage office. "Come in," came a yell from the other side.

Tsunade was a complete mess after the whole incident and the others that followed. After three years thing finally calmed down enough for her to send out a team and have them find any traces of Naruto. Kakashi walked in slowly and placed the jewel shard on her desk. "Hokage-sama we found this shard right where Naruto was last seen, we believe that this shard has something to do with Naruto's whereabouts." Even after three years Kakashi still refused to believe that Naruto was dead just missing. Tsunade looked at the shard with hope in her eyes, if this little shard holds the secret to where Naruto is then she will put all her energy in finding a way for it to reveal its secrets. She quickly got up and took the shard, and left the office towards one of the secret R&D labs deep underground. She was told from the scientist that studied the stone that it gave off a unusual energy not from this world, almost as if its not suppose to be here which confused her. If it was not suppose to be here then what is it doing here. Then a light bulb went off on her head, the stone came from another dimension meaning that Naruto isn't dead or at least she hope he is not, but in another dimension. The only problem now was how to open the door once again and bring him home.


It had been three days since Kagome found out what she believes Inuyasha really thinks of her. Sesshomaru had picked up Inuyasha's scent closing in on them a day ago, but didn't really care as the damage was done. Kagome had lost all faith in the half demon, and would not follow him any longer. Kagome had been training hard under the watchful eye of Sesshomaru as he said that being the miko of legend many would try to kill her when they first set eyes on her. She had managed to hide the mark that she had on her forehead by using one of the 'illusions' Sesshomaru managed to teach her. He began to teach her in the 'mystic arts' and introduced her to the concepts of a new energy called 'chakra' that the southern people had developed. Even though she had never heard of this new energy she had managed to create a small amount. Sesshomaru told her that with more training she would be able to control the elements with this new power.

When she asked why this power wasn't common knowledge. Sesshomaru told her that the Southern Lands keep this a well guarded secret and only the Lords of the other lands really know the concepts of it. He then expressed to her the severity of keeping this power secret, because if the secret of this power should ever be released into the other lands war would break out and the world would plunged into chaos. She promised a blood oath that she would never reveal the secrets of this chakra to anyone and continued to train in the mystic arts.

Sesshomaru was surprised on how well the miko had taken to the training he had given her. Just yesterday she had managed to bring forth her chakra, even he didn't think she could do it as she was almost sixteen and her coils would have been deemed unusable, but not only did manage to do it, it was an usually high amount, not of a master but also not of a new trainee, a novice really. As the day progress he found out that the energy that she used for her miko powers where similar to the charka of the southern land, so her body had no trouble converting to the new energy. He also noticed that her charka was different than the one of the Southern land, it was more potent and clean. He couldn't wait to see her at her best, when she could bend the elements to her will.

Inuyasha had traveled for two days before he picked up the faint scent of Kagome, he was deeply hurt for what he had said that day. He didn't mean it, he only said those things because Sesshomaru had taken interest in her. As the day wore on he picked up the strong scent of his half brother mixed with the one of Kagome's. He had her and was doing who knows what to her. He had to hurry as any second that he wasted would be a second closers to Kagome's death. Miruku and Sango still hadn't the slightest clue of what was going on, only that Inuyasha and Kagome had another fight which was probably Inuyasha's fault which caused Kagome to run off again, but his time something happened and Inuyasha was trying to find her.


A voice screamed through the darkness, not of pain but of rage. He had lost it all, and who fault was it he did not know. He did not know what he lost but that he lost and that caused him great rage. Suddenly a light cracked into existence the figure was attracted to the light and began to move towards it. He looked into the light and saw a room. In the center of the room was a figure, he could not make out the gender because it was bowing. Then the figure began to speak. "Oh merciful Lord here my plea, this humble servent ask you to grant me power. We of the darkness wish for the death of the Miko of time as she is about to awaken the Kyuubi."

At the mention of the Kyuubi the figure suddenly howled in pain as the memories of years past came to view she suddenly remembered what he lost and who was to blame. "Kukuku...tell me slave who is this Kyuubi." the voice said in a serpentine fashion.

"My Lord the Kyuubi is the Fox King of the Southern lands and goes by the name of Namikaze. That is all the information we have as the Southern lands is guarded by the shadow warriors. That is why we need your strength, and wisdom to guide us." the servent said as he was still bowing.

"Very well I will grant you peasants a portion of my power to aid you in your path but for payment I need a sacrifice, a body." the voice said.

"But my lord I did not bring you a body." he said in a quivering voice.

"Then I will take your!" he voice yelled and a red mist covered the room, the servent began to yell in pain as his soul was ripped out of his body by another more sinister soul. The body finally stopped convulsing and the body stood up. "Kukuku I am finally free from my prison, I will find this Namikaze and I will take his power adding it to my own, but first I must see this miko of time. Maybe she can offer some entertainment before I feast on her soul." then the man opened his eyes to reveal the blood red eyes of the Sharigan.