SUMMARY: They were the best of friends. He was the play boy. And she was the hot nerd. She was the best in school. He was the second best. He was her first love. She was just a friend. He fell for a girl. She was shoved out of the picture. She was broken hearted. He did not care. She tried to retain their friendship. He ignored her. She still loved him. He humiliated her. She hated him. He longed for her. She left for another country. He got his heart broken into pieces. Years later, she is Hong Kong's most eligible maiden, a multi billionaire, business tycoon. He was Japan's play boy, a multi-billionaire, business tycoon. She turned to stone. He was yearning for her. Then fate sent them into the whirlwind of love and they are faced with the only failure they ever had. Their High School Failure. Can love long burned out be lit by the fire of his passion? Can this chance lead him to correct his mistakes? Could she ever face her High School Failure? He is Natsume Hyuuga. She is Mikan Sakura. His girlfriend, Luna Koizumi. Their chance, Hotaru Imai and Ruka Nogi. Could love survive an old High School Failure?

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Prologue: Memories are never forgotten

Hong Kong- Sakura Corporations, June 16,2008

Mikan Sakura was busy organizing files for her Conference with the members of the board. She was a very attractive woman. And yet her brain was like a scalpel that could cut through anything in less than a minute. That was why she was the most sought after girl in Hong Kong. That was why she was the richest business woman in Hong Kong.

She tucked her long, wavy, brunette hair that used to be held in two childish pig tails when she was younger behind her ears. Her eyes, the color of chocolate, both rich and bitter, held the tales of her past, of Japan, of her heart break.

Mikan Sakura had only one failure in life. Her High School Failure. Come to think of it, Mikan Sakura was not like this when she was just an innocent girl of sixteen back in her home town, Tokyo, Japan. She was a happy, care free and childish girl, with a touch of stupidity and denseness which worked with her scalpel brain for academic studies.

She was also an athlete. Her good brains and athletic body made her the it girl. Every boy in her former school sought her, courted her, and would even die for her. Of course Mikan was oblivious to that, because she had her eyes for her one and only best friend, her neighbor since kindergarten, and if she was the it girl, that best friend was the it boy.

But now she knew she had been stupid about that. She had let herself be a rag, a toy, and she could never ever forgive her puppeteer, the person responsible for her self exile. She was happy, with her mother and step father, Yuka Andou and Narumi Andou, and her nii-chan, half brother, Tsubasa Andou and his girlfriend and big sister to Mikan, Misaki Harada, and now Misaki Andou

She had Hotaru Imai soon to be Hotaru Nogi and Ruka Nogi, the people who caught her when she fell, who supported her when she completely fell face first on the ground. There was also Anna Umemomiya, Nonoko Osagarawa, and Iinchou Yuu and believe it or not fan-club president Shouda Sumire, who dumped their god for her. But she could not face all that embarrassment left back at home; she could never show her face like that again.

So she fled to Hong Kong, she went to Hong Kong to build herself a name again, so that when she returns to her hometown, to Tokyo, she could raise her head high over those who made her life a living hell. She could regain her pride and have her peace at last, so that she could live with her family again. She was only sixteen when she fled to Hong Kong, she was twenty when she graduated, and now at twenty-two, she is ten times richer than Bill Gates. And going home? She was excited to do it.

She held a news paper in her hands, the headline: Hong Kong's Goddess: Mikan Sakura, returning to hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Oh yes, she thought, I am going home. And she will be able to make a life again, and of course with her power, she will be able to avoid her puppeteer as much as possible. And she will make him feel what she felt. Gone was her happy smile, in place of it was a snarl, a frown or a smirk, but never a smile, never a laugh. Gone was the happy girl, in place of her was an Ice Queen colder than Hotaru Imai, gone was the care free girl, in place of her was a speculative and hard headed woman. Gone was the childish girl, in place of her was a woman, of refined sheen and polish. And most especially, gone was the dense little girl, now there was only a smart woman.

All of this was the fault of her puppeteer, who hurt her, broke her then shoved her away. Natsume Hyuuga. She fisted her hands on the newspaper at the mere thought of him. "Natsume Hyuuga, you will pay." Her chocolate eyes, which used to be alive and shining, now reflected anger, but if it wasn't anger, it was blank, cold and dull.

Tokyo, Japan-Hyuuga Corporations.

Natsume Hyuuga stared at an old and faded photograph. Somehow, after every hard work he put in for his father's company, a look at that picture lifted his spirits. His crimson eyes, which were often burning turned to a peacefulness only the photo can give. His mouth was not curved in a smirk or snarl. His handsome face wasn't impassive or annoyed, it was peaceful. He loosened his tie. He just closed a deal over a telephone company, just another chunk of his oh, so large portfolio. He was after all ranked number one in the world's greatest business men.

And wasn't it a coincidence that the girl he was looking at and the number two and only female in the list were the same. Yep, the brunette girl, with her happy smile, bright eyes and sharp brain. This girl was his best friend. Was. And that, he thought sadly, was his own fault. Natsume Hyuuga was never wrong, except for one bleary, High School Failure.

At sixteen Hyuuga Natsume was a killer. He was hot, smart and rich. What more could you ask for? So, like his goddess best friend he too, was the it person back then. But he was the opposite of his brunette. He was cold, mean and relentless. Yet he still had the softest of spots for this dense girl, who was his equal in both money and brain.

Isn't that why she became his best friend? Because they had a click? Now because of his own stupidity, he hurt the only friend he had. And had turned her away, had made her hate him. And as much as he hates to admit it, when this girl left, it was as if half of his body died. He missed the girl. Goddammit, he loved her. And he had not realized that until she left him, heart torn and bloody.

And the words she said to him, shit, if it didn't punch a hole to his gut. It all but left him empty for days. He was happy when she was there. He had an amazing father and mother, Natsuki and Nina Hyuuga. He had a big sister, Kyria and a little one Itsumi Aoi or simply Aoi. He had a good friend in Hijiri Youichi, Aoi's play date and then, the brunette who was his first friend.

Then to tidy things up, the captain of the cheering squad fell for him. And he for her. Man was she adorable. Koizumi Luna, the girl who destroyed his friendship with a girl he realized important only after she waltzed out of his life. No that was harsh. Luna did not do anything, he did. He hurt the girl he loved. Because he gave in to pride. Because he was stupid.

And now, she hated him. He tried to call her, reach out to her, even fly to Hong Kong! But all he got were doors on his face and finally a restraining warrant. That really killed him. Then he saw the bright eyes go dull, the happy smiles turn to fake, then the fake smiles vanish. Her pigtails to let it alone hair. And her happy face was now stoic.

His fault he knows. And he would go mad if he did not do anything just now. So he was willing to risk his pride, even his life just to reach out to her. He picked up a phone and dialed, prayed and waited. "Imai Technologies, Ms. Hotaru Imai soon to be Mrs. Hotaru Nogi's office this is Amanatsu, Invention Number 0021498, how may I help you?"

"Ah, this is Natsume Hyuuga, I want to speak to Ms. Imai." Natsume replied. "One moment, I will just check clearance with Ms. Imai." Natsume heard a faint voice sing in the back ground, it was her voice, and hearing that made memories gush back. Amanatsu means Natsumikan. She gave that robot to him as a present on February 14,1998, their first high school valentine. And he gave it back to her, he remembered, he gave back everything.

He sighed, and was about to drop the receiver when a brisk voice spoke through the line. "What the hell do you want Hyuuga?" Imai Hotaru, is still the same. "Imai, I wanted to ask you a favor." Natsume began. Then there was silence. He heard a faint, Amanatsu cancel my meetings, a jerkhead finally hit his head on a wall and got some brains back, he had to smile at that. One of his snickers.

"Listen to me Hyuuga, I canceled on a lot of money here, I figure my fiancé will have to deal for me a while. So what is this favor, and this will cost you Hyuuga. Because I don't give a rat's skinny ass about your woes." He could almost see Hotaru and the burning anger for him, yet here she was, making time for a jerkhead. "I want to be the best man on your wedding." Natsume shivered as the Ice Queen gave chills from the phone line. "Why?" Was the simple low toned warning Hotaru gave off.

"Okay I know I screwed up Imai. I knew I was, still, stupid. But I want to make it back to her Imai, I miss her…. I, to hell, I love her Imai. And I want her back, and she would use every power she has just to keep me away. I need you here Imai, I'll pay you whatever." Natsume did not care he was begging Hotaru Imai; he did not care if he was being burned to hell. He did not give a damn.

"Come to rehearsals three days from now Hyuuga, she will come home three days from now. Just tell this to Ruka. And Hyuuga, don't hurt her again, or I will squeeze your balls blue, fry it for breakfast and feed it to my dog. Hear me?" Natsume smirked. When push comes to shove, always come to Hotaru Imai soon to be Hotaru Nogi. "I swear Imai." Then he heard a dial tone, and he called Ruka.

Later, he was still holding the photograph of him and a cheerful brunette. They were under a Sakura Tree, with the engraving of BFF:NH and MS. She had her arms on his waist while he slung an arm over her shoulders. For the rarest time he smiled.

Mikan Sakura. The girl who could fill him again. "I swear I will never let go again."


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