SUMMARY: They were the best of friends. He was the play boy. And she was the hot nerd. She was the best in school. He was the second best. He was her first love. She was just a friend. He fell for a girl. She was shoved out of the picture. She was broken hearted. He did not care. She tried to retain their friendship. He ignored her. She still loved him. He humiliated her. She hated him. He longed for her. She left for another country. He got his heart broken into pieces. Years later, she is Hong Kong's most eligible maiden, a multi billionaire, business tycoon. He was Japan's play boy, a multi-billionaire, business tycoon. She turned to stone. He was yearning for her. Then fate sent them into the whirlwind of love and they are faced with the only failure they ever had. Their High School Failure. Can love long burned out be lit by the fire of his passion? Can this chance lead him to correct his mistakes? Could she ever face her High School Failure? He is Natsume Hyuuga. She is Mikan Sakura. His girlfriend, Luna Koizumi. Their chance, Hotaru Imai and Ruka Nogi. Could love survive an old High School Failure?

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Chapter Four: Anger and Worry

It was a very pleasant say in Tokyo. But everyone please take note of the linking verb, was. Yes, Tokyo began in a sunny sky and chirping of birds until, well, they met, again.

"Natsume Hyuuga, were you the one who told airport security I am Madame Hyuuga?" Yep, the one and only Mikan Sakura was talking to Hyuuga Natsume, albeit it was through clenched teeth. Kevin was looking back and forth at both of them as they continued their banter.

"Nope." Natsume was answering her in one syllable words. Mikan fumed. "Well, who told airport security I am Madame Hyuuga?" Natsume smirked. "Sis." Mikan took a calming breath. "Kyria?" Again, Natsume smirked. "Yep." Last straw.

"NATSUME HYUUGA!" Mikan was flushed in the face, her hands gripping Natsume's neck as he drove 300 at the interstate hi-way, Natsume's smug smile appeared again. "See, I knew you were still Polka dots of ten years ago, despite whatever they are saying. You might change physically polka, but you can never change who you are."

Natsume sent a glance to her. His crimson eyes boring into her topaz. But she blinked and turned away. "Believe what you want Hyuuga-san, but I can assure you I do not know who Polka Dots is, I am after all Mistress Sakura, it is all I am known for, do excuse my behavior, the flight could wear you out."

Natsume sighed. "Liar." It was all he said and conversation ceased inside the car. "Look, if polka dots no longer exists maybe we could start all over again, after all, we are stuck with each other regardless, atleast for Imai's wedding." It was Mikan's turn to sigh. She stuck her hand out. "I'm Sakura Mikan." Natsume took her hand in and grasped tight. It had been such a long time ago the last time se offered her hand to his. "Hyuuga Natsume."

Mikan smiled at him, but he was disappointed, her smile was that fake one he often sees on the news, a flash flickered in his eyes, but Mikan paid no heed to it. At last she pulled her hand out and stared out the window again. "It was nice to meet you Hyuuga-san."

Natsume cleared his throat. "Natsume, you may call me Natsume." Mikan nodded, her head still turned away. "As you wish, Natsume-san, you have the same privilege." Natsume smirked. "Thank you, Polka." Mikan's eyebrow twitched. "Natsume-san, its Mikan." Natsume snickered at her. "No, you said I had the same privilege as I gave you, I gave you the option of calling me by a name you always wanted to call me, and you gave me the same privilege."

Mikan wanted to scream and bleed the devil's ears blue, but then again, she took a cleansing breath and then looked down to Kevin who tugged at her hand with a smug smile on his face. "Kevin?" Kevin giggled. "Mi-chan, you're all red! And steam is blowing from your ears!" I flipped the visor down and slid the mirror panel. Indeed I was red with anger and steam was blowing from my ears. I quickly did everything I learned at Anger Management and soon the color faded from my cheeks.

"I bet I am the only person who could make you feel, aren't I, Polka?" I mustered up the deadliest glare I could muster and then Hyuuga only stared back at me. "You don't scare me Polka, I know who you are." Mikan turned quickly away. She had that horrible feeling Natsume was right.


Natsume POV

She keeps staring at the window. She would not even look at me. That adorable kid she held in her arms was playing with my PSP, I'm thinking of giving him one. The kid reminded me of You-chan. My sister's boyfriend. The interstate traffic was heavy, so I was sighing every few minutes. I hated waiting.

Mikan was still giving me the cold shoulder, answering only when talked too. Just like the prissy corporate arse she had become. I added another thing to my Mikan Sakura list. If number one was to make her mine, number two would be to make her smile. I swore it on my Aston Martin's life. The kid, Kevin I think, raised his head and rubbed his eyes. He handed me my PSP and shifted against Mikan. I saw a sliver of the smile I love on her lips. "Tired buddy?" Kevin nodded and snuggled against her. I smiled, they looked adorable, wait, pretend I did not say that.

"Kid, make sure you wont puke on the interior of my car." Kevin gurgled and soon he was fast asleep. I saw polka touch the tip of her index finger to his button nose and she almost smiled but caught herself. "He looks like Ruka." I mumbled, and she only nodded at me. The light changed and we started to move again.

"What's happened to you polka?" She turned to look at me. "I lived, Natsume-san. That's all that happened to me, I lived, I got rich, then I got richer and I still am." My hands fisted. Years back, the polka I know would detail every little thing that happened to her, even if my ears bled, not like this. "You did not live, you killed yourself." She smiled. Cold, and desolate. "That's a matter of consequence Natsume-san. Sometimes when you win, you also loose."

I sighed. "What happened to us?" She turned and looked at me, her topaz eyes dull. "There was never an us, Natsume-san, there was only I." I tried to insult her, I tried to make a smart comeback, but nothing came. "Lie to yourself all you want, polka. If I knew better you were still head over heels for me." I heard her gasp. "If I remember correctly you always thought you knew better, always thought you were every girl's dream boy, nothing I do could correct that, so think what you want Natsume-san, and I'll do the same."

She turned away from me again. I could almost hit myself with a boulder. Why do I always mess things up? But unlike the other times she did not raise her voice at me, se did not flush red in her adorable anger. She looked at me with cold eyes. I would have preferred to be called a pervert or a hentai or simply Hyuuga. Rather than the cold tone she added to Natsume-san, it only proves that my name was only a formality for her, in her world I was nothing but a slug.

I could not let this put me down, I have three weeks with her, and I hope to Kami-sama I will be able to melt her down in three weeks.


I remained silent throughout the drive. I will not, and I repeat will not let his words get to me again. My instant bursts if anger whenever I am with him, the feeling of the slow red feeling creeping up through my whole system, were getting harder to suppress that I needed to do everything I did in anger management eons ago.

This anger was more than I ever felt the past ten years. I shivered at the thought. I knew this was a consequence of being near Hyuuga Natsume. I knew that even before I boarded the plane. That was the reason I wanted to avoid him. Natsume Hyuuga may be the most evil person he could almost compete with the devil. But he was the only one who could make me feel.

I heard him mumble. For the past half hour we have been here in his car, I was trying to sneak glances at him through his side mirror. He was still the same. His raven hair tousled as if to say that he does not care about the way he looks. It was true, point for him, Natsume was one of those people who hardly look in mirrors and yet have the uncanny ability to look good. His face was still sculpted like a Boticelli angel. But ten years did good for his features now making him more like Michael Angelo's David.

His body was still lean, and muscular. His hands were still the artist's hands but were rough and calloused due to years of playing various ball games. But it was his eyes that had astounded me. My memories did no justice to the crimson of his eyes, they were more vivid, more alluring than I remembered.

Always his eyes were windows to the depths of his soul, and they still are. However there was a jumble in his eyes, fear, loss, sadness, and as they are now, they are tinted with something I could not decipher. His hands tightened on the steering wheel, the knuckles almost white, and he let out a loud sigh. A new feeing coursed over me, my heart sped up, my hands ached out to him but I suppressed them, just like I suppress everything else.

Slowly I turned to him, his eyes were dark and brooding. "Is there anything wrong Natsume-san?" My voice was tinted with the feeling, but I hoped he did not notice it. He sighed again, his stance relaxing, his face showed no sign of recognizing what was in my voice "I'm fine polka." His voice was hoarse. "Are you sure?" I asked once again, in the coldest voice I could muster.

"Yeah, just, thinking about… stuff." He remained silent, as if taunting me. I looked closely at is figure. His eyes were still faraway. "Natsume-san, you have a vise grip on the steering wheel, it does not take a genius to know that there is something bothering you when you keep a hold on things as if it were a life line." I said as a matter of fact staring out the window still. I felt Natsume shift, and sigh again.

"Worried about me polka?" I could see the smirk that adorned his lips from the mirror. "No. Just curious, that's all. Correct me if I am wrong but there are few things that make the Great Natsume Hyuuga tick, after all you are the world's greatest man, there is nothing that worries you, even a best friend who cared for you. Nothing ever means to you so curious, why you are acting as if someone killed your dog, as if you would have the space in your heart to love something else other than yourself." I saw him scrunch his face up as if I threw a punch to his gut. "You remember correctly, however what you remember does not necessarily apply to the things now. Like it or not, polka dots, I am not the Hyuuga Natsume you used to know."

His eyes flashed and I felt my hands clench into fists. "You are right, the Hyuuga Natsume I knew died. A very long time ago." Something primal leapt over his features. He swerved the car into the shoulder, making skid marks on the road, horns blasted. He pulled the handbrake up and detached his seatbelt and he swiveled to me. "Do not talk about things you have no idea about, Sakura-san." My heart was pounding in my throat. His eyes were burning, the prominence of his jaw defined as he clenched them tightly. His hands forming a cage around me. On my lap Kevin slept fitfully. I took a deep breath and pitted my anger against his.

"I'm sorry Hyuuga-san I see to have learned from the master." I was burning with anger, and it was getting harder to suppress it, as every minute passes by. "You don't know what happened, so don't act a if you have every right to insult me, and look down on me like I was trash. Like it or not, I did care for certain people, I just did not know how to show it. But for them to give up on me so fast, just because I was an idiot, proves that I was not the only one who was heartless, don't you think?"

My rage turned to full blast. "How dare you put the blame on me!" I pushed his chest and shoved him. "I was the one who tried to make the amends, I was the one who made a fool out of myself when I tried to act oblivious to the hints that you did not want to be friends anymore, I was the one who left her family just so I could build a name for me, since you already had me so destroyed! I was the one who almost lost every dream I had. I dreamt high Natsume, I had a lot of dreams for myself, and you believed that I was a slut and an air head like every other fan girl, you ruined my name, so do not blame me for giving up on you because I sure as hell tried not to!"

My chest heaved, Natsume was staring at me speechless. Kevin was stirring from the noise I created but I lulled him into sleep. It was the first time in ten years I shouted when I wanted and blabbed on relentlessly on what I wanted to say. It was the first time in ten years I became human. "You know the reason you left, is because you are weak. You still are, hiding behind that façade of Mikan Sakura, you are weak and we know it."

Without my consent my hand was raised to his face, making a slapping noise. I willed myself to lower my voice and build up the ice walls again. "I fought for you and for the friendship we had, I fought for myself and my name, I built my empire, I made myself, I fulfilled my dreams. If I did so away from you, it only shows I am strong enough to turn a new leaf. Do and believe what you want but do not make me less of a person for not following you." He was still staring at me. His face drawn into stone.

He did not say anything for a few moments, and we were still on the shoulder. "Please drive Natsume-san." He turned away. "Do not call me that, if you do not wish it. Call me want you want to call me, but do it so with what you feel. Do not try to hide from me, and do not treat me like I am some old geeser who is an important account of your company. Do not build those walls Mikan."

I fought the gasp from getting out. I knew, when we were younger that when Natsume called me by my name, he meant something so serious, so heavily serious that I had to listen to him. I fought the urge to do so. "Just drive Natsume-san." He shook his head. "You opened a debate Mikan, you can't just close it because it isn't going your way. You had your say, I'm having mine. You left me. No, I did not say anything when you were saying what you wanted I demand the same courtesy." Natsume snapped at me, his eyes were livid.

"Whether I was an inconsiderate jerk or a stupid idiotic XY chromosome merged into human, I am your best friend, you did not need to punish yourself for me. You did not need to allow me to humiliate you and drive you away from your home and your family. You were not supposed to let me step on you, and look down on you, you were supposed to be happy, and I was supposed to make sure you were, but you left me and I had no more chance of doing that any longer. You left me Mikan, you took away my best friend and you killed her."

He raised his head, and his crimson eyes burned itself into my mind, "You left and I had no one else. Now you couldn't even call me what you want to, you call me a formality. To hell with formality." His eyes flashed and burned. I tried not to let his words get in my head. "Just drive Natsume-san." His eyes went wide, and then he silently placed the car on drive, and he did not speak a word to me again during the drive. Kevin was sleeping fitfully even through the events. I wish I could do exactly the same.

After another half hour we reached Arabella's dress shop, I made a move to get off the car as quickly as possible but a hand clamped on my wrist. "Please meet me at the Nogi Gardens later tonight, around eight o'clock. You do know the maid of honor and the best man are instructed to sleep in the Bridal Mansion don't you?" I nodded. "Will you come?" I sighed and gathered p enough courage to see his eyes. "Yes. I supposed we have a lot of clearing to do, so we can both go on our separate ways."

He did not reply as he handed his keys to the valet and stepped into the foyer of Arabella's with me. "Hey, I'll bring you back from the hell you made for yourself alright?" He did not wait for me to answer, he stepped into the foyer and strolled casually to Imai Hotaru and Nogi Ruka. Ruka brightened at the sight of Natsume. I carried Kevin into the shop and saw a 'baby cradle, they're safe here' zone and placed him carefully there and approached Ruka and Natsume

"Its been such a long time mate." Ruka said, standing next to his so called best friend. "Ten years have not changed you much, still mushy as ever Ruka." They were silent for a moment, I thought they were going to do the talk to the fist method of greeting, but to my great astonishment, they both laughed that manly laugh and patted each other's back.

"You're walking me down the aisle?" Ruka mock punched Natsume. "Yep, and here to make sure you don't realize you'll be marrying an ice sculpture that will make your life a living hell." Ruka laughed, and a voice called from the hall. "I heard that baka. Nothing is left unknown to Hotaru Imai soon to be Hotaru Nogi."

I gasped as I saw Hotaru. Her gown was simple, and purely her. Her top was designed like a white vest, with corset ties twisting in elegance at her back, it was designed with silver snowflakes. I laughed at the irony. Hotaru would want people to know just who was wearing this gown, the ice queen.

The skirt was full, reaching to her feet and was like a ruffled cake design, it was so simple and yet so plainly Hotaru that you could just sigh at the sight of her. "Hotaru you are beautiful." Three pairs of eyes turned to me. "Mikan." Ruka smiled and enveloped me in a hug, I smiled back at him. "How's the groom?" Ruka laughed. "Never better." I nodded. "I think I'll do the 'hurt her your dead' speech before the wedding, ne, Ruka-pyon."

He sweat dropped and I smiled at him. Hotaru came to me, her eyes were still emotionless, though something flickered into them as she stared at me, I could not decipher it at the moment…


Hotaru Imai saw her best friend for the first time in ten years, and boy was the ice queen shocked to see her best friend's eyes a mirror of her own, possibly even colder than hers. After all, for Hotaru Imai, the ice-queen was just a façade, but for Mikan, it ad seeped into her bones slowly sucking her dry.

So she sis what she does best. BAKA, BAKA, BAKA. Three shots reverberated and Mikan was still standing on her original position before Hotaru. "I knew you were doing that, so I took martial arts to get faster on my feet, but God did I miss you Hota-chan!" Mikan moved to hug Hotaru and to the shock of all she hugged back.

"Baka, I'm getting married in three weeks and your decide to go home now. What happened to spa in Malibu, and a bachelorette party at Nice? What happened to pep talk? You owe me 1.5 Million Rabbits for all of those you've missed." She returned to her ice voice and turned to look at Mikan. "What happened to you?" She asked, but Mikan shook her head. "Some other time Hotaru, you're dress picking, this should be the happiest moment of your life." She smiled but her eyes remained cold.

"Hotaru-chan, my, my, the dress is splendid. It hardly needs any alterations." An old woman in a lavender suite walked out the hall, she was elegantly old, and she hd no make-up on, but she looked well. Ruka beamed at her. "Thanks for doing this obaa-san." I turned to look at her. Arabella Nogi, of course, how could I forget!

"Oh, its no matter Ruka, especially with this lovely bride you have." Arabella winked at Hoatru who smiled in return. "I think we need to cinch the waist a bit obaa-san, and trim the skirt about half an inch." Arabella pursed her lips. "Of course, you have a great eye my young one, I might just make you a protégée." She turned and spotted me. "I though I would never live to see this day, Mikan Sakura here in my shop. And with Natsume Hyuuga as well, at last the Gakuen Alice Elite is once again complete." Natsume turned his head down and I smiled.

"Well, we should get you into your clothes. Hotaru dear, you may now pick up your veil, your shoes, and a tiara or a clip would be nice. Ruka, choose your suits now, we'll have time to catch up later, and my, dear, this is what Hotaru chose for you, Natsume please go with Ruka."

As the rest of them dispersed, Arabella lead me to a dimly lit hall with a beautiful velvet gown at the end. It was a tube top with a delicate hyacinth style cut on the chest area, the waist cinched by pearl beads forming an x. The area inside was covered with a darker shade of purple. It was beautiful.

"Nogi-sama…" Arabella shook her head. "Call me obaa-san as well sweetheart, its alright to show me how you feel, the three vultures outside would not know." She gave Mikan a wink and she gaped at her. "Obaa-san… I do not know what to say." Arabella waved her off. "No need to ay anything, Hotaru and Ruka warned me of the tension you and the Hyuuga CEO will emit. I know who you are child, I saw you loose life, day by day, year by year. Did you know that Natsume took a leave for a month, passing over the company to his elder sister, who has about a hundred pin punctures in her body because she keeps answering her bloody phone?"

I laughed. That sounded like Kyria-chan. "Where is she anyway?" I asked as I got into the dress. Arabella sat down on one of the dressing room couches. "She went out to an emergency meeting, but she said she will be back anytime soon." Arabella approached me and tied the corset behind the dress, I took in her shop. It was quite huge, double stairs adorned the common hall, at the center was a three glass mirror where the bride will stand after fittings. On the left hall was the dressing room for boys and on the right, where I was, was for girls.

The interior was all burgundy, with champagne colored lamps that littered the hall way on the right. On the left was a series of mirrors which were actually doors to five dressing rooms. Arabella turned me around and pushed me outside the room and into the set of mirrors.

I smiled as I saw my reflection. The dress was beautiful, not in a way that would dim the bride's light, but beautiful in its own way. Arabella chuckled. "Hotaru was right, you are radiant when you smile. You seem like a very sweet girl Mikan." Arabella let it at that as she held my shoulders which were bared and we stood in the mirror for a few minutes.

"MIKAN!" Until Hyuuga Kyris barged into the hall that is. "Kyria one-chan!" She smiled and hugged me. "Hiya, chibi. Sorry I did not pick you up, there's been emergency in the company. Second. NATSUME HYUUGA!" Natsume scrambled up to the room. His tie was lopsided, his hair was more tousled. "What, where's the fire? Oh, God are we bankrupt? Kyria you have been managing the company for only half a day and." Kyria rolled her eyes.

"We're a billion dollars richer for your info, but that wasn;t why I was calling you!" Natsume's eyes cooled. "Then why were you calling me for?" Kyria rolled her eyes. "There's a kid wailing in the lobby, asking for Natsume-kun." I stared at Natsume, and he swiveled his head to me. "Kevin." We said simultaneously and we shot to the lobby. Natsume, considering he was in pants ran faster than I and had Kevin up in his arms in a nano second.

"Got scared squirt?" Kevin buried his face in the crook of Natsume's neck. "No, I just got something in my eye, that's all." Natsume chuckled and rocked Kevin slowly. "Yeah right squirt, and my hair is pink." Kevin pulled away and scowled. "Nu-uh, its just that ugly blacky color Natsume-kun!" Natsume quirked an eyebrow.

"Am I really ugly?" He asked Kevin who nodded. "You'll regret that." And then Kevin was hanging upside down and giggling. "Now, am I still ugly?" Kevin laughed. His blond hair swinging away from his face, his blue eyes shining in delight. "Nope." Natsume smirked. "Good answer." Then he swiftly had Kevin back in his arms where the little boy happily gurgled.

Kyria smiled at me. Arabella was smug. "Natsume-kun will make a good daddy, ne, Kyria-chan." Kyria nodded at Arabella. "Hai, obaa-san." Arabella clapped her hands as Natsume lulled Kevin into another nap. "I wonder where he learned to do that." "Youichi." Mikan and Kyria mumbled simultaneously. Kyria turned to Mikan and laughed. "Natsume was always fond of little You-chan. He used to be your pseudo-kid, Mikan."

Kyria sighed at the trip to memory lane she was taking. I could picture it too, we were in junior high, and Youichi and Aoi were in elementary school. We used to pick them up, and then we'll take them for picnics or ice cream. You-chan had always been a little Natsume, and we had that few afternoons to watch over him as if he were our son. In reality, he became a little like that for me, but, then again, things change.

Suddenly a cough resonated in the room. "Hey, Hyuuga is cute with the kid and all that, but shouldn't you focus on the bride?" We all turned to Hotaru and gasped. She had chosen her tiara, it was made from pale lilac diamonds, forming five petal flowers, and were nested in a swirl of platinum. Her veil trailed down from the tiara and reaches the floor below it. She was also barefoot. "I am walking down the aisle bare foot, don't ask why."

We nodded at her. Ruka emerged from the dressing room later on and he gaped at his bride. Hotaru smirked. "Like what you see Nogi?" Ruka broke from his reverie and smiled. "Who wouldn't?"

The atmosphere was ruined by the ringing of Kyria's phone. "Oh for the love of God, Hyuuga, what?" Natsume smirked as his sister bit the head off of the person she was talking to. "they are buying five billion worth of… who needs five billion worth of that? Well, I'll be damned. You do know Imai Hotaru is going to murder me right? Idiot, alright. I'll see you there."

Kyria sighed. "Someone's buying five billion dollars worth of our latest soap from the soap company. I need to manage that. I'll be back tomorrow, if I get past tonight alive, do you know how much hard it is to get shipping I have to threat my way in customs?" She looked at Hotaru.

"Go Hyuuga, if it were your wedding I'd go to." Kyria laughed. "Alright, I'll just walk down the stupid aisle when the time I need to walk down the stupid aisle comes. By the way, Mikan these are all your jobs. Follow ups on the various shops Hotaru had already picked, try out some stuff Hotaru and Ruka already tried, put your input in the column beside Hotaru and Ruka, and then report straight to Hotaru. And, for your very special job, you are the one scouting for a honey moon location. Make it romantic, and make it expensive. Pyon- pyon is paying for that, now I have to go, I'll see you when I see you."

Kyria ran out of the shop and swiveled back. "Mikan, Narumi-san, Yuka-san, Tsubasa and Misaki are meeting you by the week before the wedding, all have pre occupations. Natsume, mom and dad are coming home y next week, Aoi and Youichi are at the Nogi Mansion, adios."

We waited until Kyria's silver Volvo drove off before everyone fussed around again. When Hotaru saw Kevin and learned why I had a kid with me, she asked Arabella-san to fit him in a tux and walk down the aisle bearing the ring. Kevin was ecstatic. Meanwhile alterations were determined and logged. The dress and tuxes taken away for further improvements, and after that we were free to go, Kevin tucked in Natsume's arm like a football.

"I suppose the both of you bakas are tired. Let's go to the mansion first." Hotaru flicked her wrist and an Aston Martin Vanquish appeared. Natsume burst. "Imai, why is my Vanquish here?" Hotaru rolled her eyes. "Your sister will be needing her Porsche later today, she asked me to bring your Aston Martin for you. Problem?" Natsume sighed. "Just remind me to kill my sister later on." Hotaru nodded and flicked her wrist again. A Cadillac rushed into the drive. "Natsume, you can leave the keys to Matsumoto-san, he will give it to Kyria, when she stops by here. She is using my obaa-san's car."

Natsume tossed the keys to the old man who appeared behind him and he smiled politely and bowed. They took Natsume's Aston Martin, Kevin excitedly made a mad dash for it and hopped on the back seat. Mikan sighed. "I'm sorry about that, Natsume-san." Natsume shook his head. "Youichi was far more trouble. I don't suppose you remember." Mikan huffed. "You-chan is one of my most treasured memories, even if darkness lurks with them." She marched straight to the car and motioned for Natsume to get his arse up in the car and drive them home.

Natsume spent the whole drive to Nogi Mansions talking with the little kid. Mikan watched them under hooded eyes.



"Mikan nee!" Itsumi Aoi Hyuuga or simply Aoi to he rloved ones came bulleting out of the house and into Mikan. "Mikan nee, we missed you! You-chan could not stop crying when you left. Do not ever leave again, ne, Mikan nee?" Mikan smiled at the lovely girl in font of her, with her brother's crimson eyes, and long raven hair, Aoi could pass for a model,

"Hai, Aoi-chan." Youichi Hijiri watched in the side lines. "So your back ugly old hag." Mikan shrugged at Youichi. "I guess so, You-chan. Gomen." Youichi shrugged and walked to her. He gave her a big hug. "Welcome home, okaa-san." Mikan held Youichi tightly until Kevin poked at them. "Ne, is he your son Mikan-chan?" Youichi looked at the little kid. "Whose this?" Mikan placed them both in a headlock. "You-chan this is Kevin, Kevin meet Youichi nii-chan. No, he's not my son. Youichi I'm baby sitting Kevin for an employee."

Youichi reached out to Kevin and slung him on his hip. "Welcome to the club Kev." Kevin clapped his hands. "Alright, enough drama, both of you, go inside. Aoi, You-chan, take Kevin for the night. The bakas need to get some rest." Hotaru then gave Mikan a hug and rode her scooter to the bridal chambers.

"See you tomorrow mate." Ruka patted Natsume's shoulders. "Well, get some rest, Youichi seems to be attached to your kid now, nii-chan, nee-chan, I'll see you tomorrow,." With everyone gone, a strange silence engulfed the two remaining souls outside. "Let's get you inside polka." Mikan followed him wordlessly.


"She's become too cold, too hard. Unfeeling." Hotaru propped herself against the glass windows looking out in the field. Ruka rubbed her hand. "Natsume could fix her. He could always make her feel. This morning, she had that glimmer of anger in her eyes. Natsume will help her." The door opened.

"She's changed, this is going to be harder than we expected Hota nee." Aoi rubbed her temples. Youichi was beside her, deep in thought. "She took the little midget here, don't you think that's a gateway to her frozen heart?" Youichi asked. Ruka made them sit on his plush couch. "But she's still closed to us. Its not working." Ruka sighed. Hotaru looked at them.

"As much as I hate to say this, Hyuuga is our last option. We interfere, she'll only close up again, all we can do is watch out for them, Ruka you need to keep pushing Hyuuga, when the time comes that he breaks. And believe me when I say this, Mikan is here not only to crush him, but to pulverize him. In this part of the game, Hyuuga needs us more then Mikan does." She looked out to the window again, the three sighed.

But a glimmer of an idea struck Aoi's head. "Hotaru nee, everyting is ready for your wedding ne?" Hotaru snorted. "Of course, I'm just going along with formality." Smiles appeared on Ruka and Hotaru's face. She had been slave driving him for the past week just to settle everything. "Then Mikan nee and Natsume nii are just trying out what yu picked right?" Both nodded, Youici smirked. "Why not make the trying more exciting?" The four nodded.

"They faced so much, if we fail again this time, we may be too late." Hotaru said. Suddenly Hotaru Imai's handheld device beeped. She sighed and picked it up. "Don't you people understand that I am on a marital leave? I have got so many blooming idiots there to run my company and get me money, can't you grasp tat simple concept?" Hotaru turned pale. "I see, she's here in the mansion, yes I will tell her, personally, I know!" Hotaru flipped her phone off. Ruka went behind her in an instant. Aoi and Youici not far behind looking at her.

"Crimson Tangerine had been caught up in a low pressure area that built just thirty minutes after take off, they tried for emergency landing at Hokkaido base but they didn't make it. There's only one casualty, a flight steward had been flung into a cupboard. The impact broke her spine, killing her immediately. Her name is Michelle Liu." They all gasped.

"She's Kevin's aunt." Aoi whispered. Ruka sighed for the nth time. "Why now, of all days? The poor kid lost everything." Hotaru stood stockstill, leaning into Ruka a bit. Youichi looked fierce. "Not everything. He has us. Mikan-nee wont let anything happen to the kid. But damn, how do we tell them this?" They all sighed. No one had the faintest idea.


"This is the honorable suite, Master Nogi had instructed the whole staff to make sure your stay is comfortable, Master and Mistress Hyuuga." Amanatsu escorted Mikan and Natsume through their suite. "Amanatsu, I am Mistress Sakura." Mikan corrected gently. She was walking beside Natsume carrying her bags. "I beg your pardon madame. As you can see, the honorable suite is designed like the bridal suite."

Mikan looked around. The room was colored amber. The room was huge, the walls adorned with a maple leaf designed wall paper, there was a large four poster bed at the very ceter of the room draped with amber satin sheets, there was a glas door by the left of the bed leading into a balcony. Shelves lined the walls and a huge plasma screen was situated in front of the bed. Mikan noticed one thing though.

"Amanatsu, where is the other bed?" The robot looked at her. "Mistress Sakura, you and Master Hyuuga must share the same bed, as strictly ordered by Mistress Imai soon to be Madame Nogi." Mikan sighed. "Ne, Natsume-san, I think you should take the floor. It is after all lushly carpeted." Natsume stared at her through slitted eyes. "No can do Polka. I am the CEO of the world's largest company, you, my dear, only falls on second, you take the floor or you sleep with me, it is your choice."

Mikan sighed. "Then, we'll share the bed. Arigatou, Amanatsu, and please call me Mikan, as you used to do." Mikan gave Amanatsu a pat. Amanatsu bowed before her. "Amanatsu!" Natsume called. "Hai, Jeonha?" Natsume smiled at the endearment. "take care now, silly robot." Amanatsu let out a tinkling laugh and wheeled herself out the door. But she quickly swiveled back.

"I forgot, Mikan-sama, your parents and siblings will not make it here anytime soon, they will come by at the wedding, they send their apologies. Even the Masters and Mistresses Nogi and Imai will all be delayed. I fear that only the six of you, seven including the child will occupy the house for now."

"Hai, Arigatou gozaimas, Amanatsu." Amanatsu bowed before Mikan again and wheeled out, shutting the door behind her. "Are you sure you are willing to share a bed with me? Aren't you afraid about my fan girl fantasies?" She said to Natsume caustically Natsume threw his bag to one side, kicked of his shoes, removed his jacket and hopped to the bed. "No. After all, you said you had none."

She smirked. "Admitting the truth, my, my, you are having a bit of human in you. I wonder why?" Natsume looked up at her, his eyes lazy. "I am human, you just don't notice it." Mikan followed suit as Natsume and laid beside him. "What do you want Hyuuga? Acting so nice and fluffy. Have you gotten so tired of your other bimbos you want to play with me again?" Natsume looked like she slapped him.

"Why can't you just trust me polka?" His eyes burned crimson, pain, anger, regret. Mikan ignored them. "Because I can't. I know what you did to Luna, you broke her and all she did was love you. Just like you broke other girls. I'm tired Natsume-san, let's just talk about this some other day, I am not really up to this right now." Natsume sat up and pounded hard on the bed. "Damn it Mikan, enough of this crap!" He turned, eyes blazing on her and before she could open her mouth he had her pinned under him, his hands restraining her wrists.

"I could physically harm you Natsume-san, if you do not move." Natsume scissored his legs between hers, effectively holding her in what her fencing instructor called a vulture prey, it means she has no means of escape.

"Let me see you try polka dots. Now let me say this and shut up for one moment alright? People change, I changed. Okay? I do not go off hurting girls, do you really think so lowly of me? I broke up with Luna because I do not love her, I thought I did, and maybe I did, but I lost it, I did not hurt her on purpose, she knew it was coming. Luna is now living a very happy life, with her husband, Reo Mori and I see her, her husband and her twin boys once every month because Reo Mori is my top company endorser, Kyria-nee makes sure I eat with them every once a month. She's happy now."

Mikan heaved a breath and nodded. "Okay, so maybe she's better off, but why should I trust you? You changed, then great for you then Natsume-san. I figured you did change because Hotaru would not let you near her if you hadn't, but you do not affect me in any way alright? I changed as well, Natsume-san. I do not need you in my life, you are nothing but a nuisance, and I do not need anymore nuisances. From this day forth Natsume-san, I want you to treat me as nothing more but an acquaintance. I am not the Mikan Sakura you know. She's dead. She is never going back."

Natsume tightened his hold on her wrists. She flinched. "Your hurting me." Natsume's eyes blurred and her own widened in shock. "Not as much as you're hurting me! You are a liar, Mikan Sakura, you lie. My best friend is not yet dead, you just caged her in there somewhere fitting her in a tiny box and you are restraining her from coming to me. You know why you want to avoid me? Its because I make you feel what you have kept behind that ice wall, I make you feel, and you don't like it because you are too much of a coward to face those feelings again."

Mikan's eyes flashed. "GET OFF ME, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" She struggled and she grunted and eventually she pushed Natsume off her. "You are the last person to ever make me feel, okay I do not feel anything for you." Natsume smirked at her. "You're seething with rage for me, aren't you? Mikan Sakura does not get into angry shouts doesn't she? You feel polka. I make you feel." Mikan tore at her hair. "GO TO HELL HYUUGA, AND GO BALD WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!"

She threw Natsume multiple pillows and he was laughing by the time he dodged the last pillow. "Cranky aren't we, alright, I'll give you time to simmer down, I'll meet you at the tree, 8 P.M. Do not be late." Natsume laughed as her livid face peered at him through the pillow he clenched as shield. "AS IF I'LL MEET AN EGOISTIC AND SELF CENTERED IDIOT LIKE YOURSELF! GO TO HELL HYUUGA!"

Natsume laughed and walked out the door. But before he went out the room a pillow hit him square on the back of his head. He glared at Mikan wo pretended not to notice anything and fluffed up the rest of the pillows and pretended to be in a deep slumber. Natsume just smiled and closed the door behind him, though all he ever wanted was to have a pillow fight with her and hold her close as they sleep, but something tells him she isn't ready for that, yet.

Inch by inch he was going to make Mikan Sakura feel, everything. From anger until she could smile again and make his world whole. But he swore tat he will never let her hurt ever again. He caught a glimpse of a powder blue room with a sailboat wallpaper and a sailor inspired bed, he peeked inside and saw Kevin sleeping heavily on the sheets that used to be where he and Ruka would sleep together.

He walked inside and sat down beside the curled up form of the little kid Mikan brought with her. He ruffled the mop of hair the little kid had and tapped the pad of his index finger into his nose. "We'll make her feel sooner or later buddy, we are going to make her feel." He watched as Kevin snuggled closer into his warmth and he eventually gave in and laid down beside the little kid. Hotaru hated to have to disturb them but there was heavy news that needed to be announced.

"Hyuuga." Hotaru called softly from the arch of the door. "Imai, what are you doing here?" Natsume tried to get up but Kevin had curled around him. "There is distressing news, go down to the den with Ruka, I'll go get Mikan. And please, let the boy sleep." Hotaru walked away and Natsume gently lifted Kevin off him and placed a pillow to hold his position.

"Sweet dreams buddy." He ruffled the top of his head again and walked out the room.



Mikan was lying flat on her back on the spacious bed. It was colder without the pervert…. She groaned. She actually called him pervert. In reality, she feared Natsume Hyuuga, because as he said, he could make her feel. Slowly she could feel the hot motion of feelings flood back into her cold and numb body, warming her from toes up.

She hated it. hated it because she could also feel the pain creep up on her. Ten years worth of rage and self pity and remorse all came creeping back up, so she swallowed up the rest of her anger, tried to calm herself, and reconstruct the ice wall Natsume Hyuuga had melted.

"Get up." Mikan jerked up with a start. "Mou, Hotaru what are you?" Hotaru's eyes managed to stop Mikan from her rant. "What happened?" The ice was back in Mikan's eyes, and her movements was that of Mistress Sakura, the CEO of Sakura Corps. She hated to do this but it was necessary, after all Hyuuga could start again. "I'll tell you and Hyuuga together. Come along,"

Mikan walked quickly after Hotaru into the den. "Hotaru." The inventor ignored her. "Patience, you could use that now." Mikan did not reply but she felt the worry trickle in her bloodstream as Hyuuga Natsume sat stockstill. She forgot what she promised herself a few minutes ago. She ran straight to Natsume and placed a hand against his. "Natsume-san is there anything wrong? What happened?"

Natsume did not reply. Hotaru sighed at Ruka. "You told him?" Ruka looked at her dejected. "He was planning things for him and Kevin to do. I can't help it!" Hotaru turned to Mikan again. "Okay, I'll do this quick and dirty, Mikan, Crimson tangerine had been faced with a sudden low pressure area, causing them to seek emergency landing at Hokkaido, it was a hard land and one of the crew had been unseated at the time and was flung against a cupboard. The impact broke her spine and killed her immediately. The victim is Michelle Liu."

Mikan froze, her hand tightened on Natsume. "Kevin…." She trailed off. Hotaru shook her head. "He does not know, yet. I can't tell him, he needs to hear from someone he trusts." Hotaru looked on at Mikan sadly. "You can give him tomorrow, a full day. To smile and laugh and be a kid. Michelle Liu is brought back at Hong Kong. The family is holding a ceremony. They say that if you would excuse them for it, they wish not to see any reminder of the tragedy. It was only Michelle, Mikan, of all the people in the flight, only she died. D you know why she was not seated? She was storing away the teddy bear Kevin left on board, that was why, the family blames Kevin."

Mikan's eyes glazed over. "How could they blame that sweet little boy?" Hotaru sat opposite her and took her hand in hers. "They believe that Kevin is a jinx, to the family. His parents, dead, his aunt, dead. They fear of caring for him, stupid, but they don't think so." Natsume moved. "I don't care about them, I will care for the boy, alone, if they wish not to take him. Imai, tell them I will adopt the boy, in the meantime, until his family wakes up from this idiocracy." Mikan shook her head.

"Michelle is my employee, I am responsible for Kevin, I'll do it." Natsume tightened his grip on her hand. "No, I want to do this, let me do this." Mikan sighed. "Let's do it together okay? We'll take temporary guardianship together, and we'll see where we go, Natsume-san." Natsume nodded and squeezed her hand again.

"I'll call my lawyer." Natsume stood up and went out of the room. "He's changed, really changed over the past few years." Ruka commented, idly playing on the simple white gold band that stands as an engagement ring on his finger. It was a nervous habit of his, in the midst of bad things, his ring was the only thing that gives him an optimistic view. He glanced over at Hotaru and noticed she was also playing with her ring. They really were meant for each other.

"He is, I wonder what wall he hit his head on, I need to make it a historic location here in Tokyo." Hotaru commented, Ruka gave a dry laugh but Mikan was staring out a window. "Mikan, are you okay?" Mikan turned to Ruka with a fake smile on her face. "Yeah, I just need to be somewhere now."

She walked out the room and Hotaru followed her with her eyes. "She's going to the sakura tree outside your house, we need to follow her." Ruka glanced warningly at his fiancée. "Hotaru Nogi, you're blackmailing schemes are a bit out of place this time don't you think?" Hotaru smirked. "You're cute bunny boy but it won't work on me, get up and drag your lazy arse, because we are following them." Se dragged a video cam from her bag.

"Sweetie, don't you think the deal to 'leave them be' means we don't spy on them." Hotaru smirked. "When did I ever agree to that?" She stalked out the room leaving Ruka no choice but to follow her. "Remind me again why I love you." Hotaru laughed. It was enough to remind Ruka, she laughs more openly to him now, no more ice barriers when it comes to him, that itself was enough to make him love her. "Ruka, you have no choice but to love me, remember what you said to me, the day you proposed? I was born loving you? And I would die loving you? That's why."

Ruka smiled just being able to hold Hotaru's hands as they walk was enough reason for him. "Aren't I just the luckiest guy in the world?" Hotaru squeezed his hand tightly. "Aren't you just?" And they smiled at each other.


Natsume threw his phone up and down. His lawyer was already greasing the wheels, by tomorrow he would be a temporary guardian of Kevin Liu, along side Mikan Sakura. He smiled, this would be a good chance for them. Mikan was afraid, he thinks. Afraid to feel again, but he will do everything in his power to make sure she melts down.

"Natsume-san, how's it going with the guardianship?" Mikan asked him, as she sat down beside him, not too close though for his liking. "Its moving along. We'll get the papers tomorrow. Its not what we came here for." Mikan nodded at him. "Its not. Natsume-san I know what you're doing, you feel guilty, you think you need to save me from darkness or whatever, but in reality Natsume-san I like who I am, please do not force me to feel things that are actually irrelevant, do not think you know what I feel."

Natsume laughed. "You really are a bad liar, polka, remember I was wit you from diaper days until we grew up, like it or not, I see right through you, your afraid to feel;, your afraid that I'll hurt you again, you fear I may not fulfill my promise this time, but I do promise you this Mikan, whether you believe me or not, I will never hurt you again, never, so please, don't let yourself suffer."

Mikan looked over at him. "Natsume-san, it would not work, I have long since stopped to feel. I have moved on, and I want to clear this with you, you need to move on too, I am not your best friend any longer." Natsume pressed his hand to her mouth. "Yes, you are, you are my Mikan, I know she just lurks somewhere around you. I am going to free her, you say you don't feel, just now you were worried for Kevin, and admit it or not, for me, you held my hand in that room, you were angry at me, when I told you all of those things because you know its true."

He pressed his free hand to her heart. Her eyes flashed in warning "You're angry right now because what I say is true. I make you feel, I make you feel things you haven't felt in a long time. You want to avoid me, fine, but I won't stop until you admit to yourself that you feel." Mikan shoved his hand away. "Say what you want to, you always do, I thought I could talk sense into you, but you are just delusional, stay away from me, do what you want but do it away from me!"

She made a move to stand but Natsume trapped her between his body and the trunk of the tree. "What the hell are you so afraid of?" Mikan's eyes shone in anger. "I am not afraid of anything. You don't scare me, you do not make me feel!" Natsume burned with anger. "Prove it." And without thinking he pressed his lips into hers. He was rough and demanding and callous. She tried to fight, she pushed and shoved him away from her, her hands pushing at his chest, his arms snaking around her waist.

She pushed him away, but he kep ton demanding, his lips asking for entrance. She tried to scream but it only gave him access to what he was aiming for. His tongue slid against hers, and her pushed become pulls, her lips responding to his with vigor. His arms pulled her tighter, a hand made its way into her hair, her own hands clutched at his shirt and at his hair, fusing him to her.

It was minutes before they pulled away both breathing raggedly and Natsume placed their hand over her heart. "Are you sure I don't make you feel?" He smirked and Mikan's eyes flashed and then her hand connected to his cheek. "Next time you take advantage of me I will personally murder you, am I clear Hyuuga?" She pushed him off and stalked off to the house, Natsume smiled. "You called me Hyuuga, you are indeed mad. Huh, I guess I do make you feel after all."

He watched the stars twinkle before he followed her to their room. He had a feeling she could really murder him, and unknown to him, a pair of lips curved in satisfaction at the sight they witnessed. "This is going to cost me millions." One whispered, the other just sighed.


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