The sun was shinning bright over North Caroline. As the CSI family stood waiting for the ceremony to begin. Looking over at Mac, Danny could see his nervousness, as Mac waited for his bride to walk down the pier. Smiling at the water, he noticed all the little white flowers floating within, while the pier was lined in blue ribbon. Looking toward the little cabin, he seen the door open.

Taking a deep breath, Don slapped his shoulder.

"Breathe Mac. Let it go," said Don.

Exhaling his breathe, he watched with fevered passion as Stella came walking down the pier with her bouquet of blue and white sunflowers. Watching her gown, which was made from the purest silk, that was so fluid it showed each and every curve of their first child.

Nearing his side now, he took her hand in his. Standing before the Priest, Stella passed her bouquet to Jess and her daughter Cassandra. Facing each other now, the Priest said...

"Dear Lord,

Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera, come to you this day, to ask you for your blessing of their union into marriage. They ask that you help continue to guide them, nurture them, and protect them in your love. We ask this in your name our Lord, Amen.

"Amen." they all repeated.

"Mac if you like. You may start your vow," said the Priest.

Facing his wife, he took her hands and wrapped them within his.


Never in my life did I think I would learn to live again. With your love, and your understanding, you guided me from my painful dark memories into the light. Something I never thought I would be capable of feeling again. Now that we stand before God, and the angels. I know we are able to survive each storm, each mile of hurt, with each others love. But after all of these months Stella Bonasera, it was your beautiful spirit, and passionate warmth, that brought love back into my soul. And now, now we will bring our first Taylor into the light. The light of our passionate reborn spirits. So on this day my beautiful Stella, I will promise to love, honor, and continue to cherish you in sickness, health, pain and despire, till death do us part."

Stella felt so cherished, with Mac's loving words.

"Stella... if you would now give Mac your vows," said the Priest.


I honestly thought we would never be here before God, exchanging our vows. I always thought I was destined to be alone with the pain, heartache and mistakes I had made in my lonely life. Then the day I came here, I remember you being so angry as you said I could stay on your porch. Then you brought me that cup of coffee and allowed me in for one night. All I can say, is thank you for that, by you doing that, you allowed me to break down your walls and bring you home to your soul. A soul that we will now share as a trio. You , me, and our child. Our future little Taylor that will bring us endless pleasure through our new life. So on this day... I Promise to continue to love, cherish, guide and comfort you in my love. Together as two, I know we will spend our future days keeping each others worlds, desires, dreams, alive. All this I promise you, promise you till death do we part.

"Mac if you will take Stella's left hand and repeat after me," said the Priest.

"With this ring, Stella. I thee wed."

"Stella, if you will take Mac's left hand and repeat after me," said the Priest.

"With this ring, Mac. I thee wed."

By the power invested in me, these people, and God's beautiful globe. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mac... you may kiss your bride."

Taking Stella into his arms, Mac carefully dipped her. Then looking into her tear filled eyes he whispered...

"Stella, may I kiss you?"

Letting out a soft cry, Mac softly touched his lips to hers. Losing themselves into the moment, as their family and friends cheered in happiness and love.


Three months later...

"God damn you, Mac Taylor. I hate you, you hear me, I hate you. Damn you and your seeded spawn."

Mac quietly shh'd Stella. She had been in labor for almost twenty-two hours now. It seemed their beautiful son had decided not to grace his parents with his birth. Sitting in Stella's canal, the babe took his time as his heartrate remained normal.

"Get this spawn out of me... why are you doing this? He needs help," Stella yelled.

"Now, now, Stella. He's coming along nicely. He's not in any distress. Just relax and try not to push till I tell you," said the doctor.

"What... who the hell are you to tell me, when I can and can't push. You're not the one in agony here," screamed Stella.

Mac covered his ears. The only thing he was going to call, was a Priest to do an exorcism. Bowing his head, he could hear the gang outside laughing as Stella cursed anyone that got in her way.

"Unplug those ears Taylor. This is your spawn, so you will God damn listen when I curse. Son of a bitch, just what size seed did you place in me? Stella yelled with a heavy contraction.

"Shh... come on sweetheart. Just try and breathe love," said Mac.

Lowering his head to hers, he softly kissed her. Feeling her calm down, another contraction hit.

Danny was howling, as Lindsay slapped his arm. Every person that was visiting the Maternity ward was listening to Stella's rants.

"I hear you Messer, you son of a bitch. I swear once I get this spawn out, I'm going to shoot you in the damn leg," yelled Stella.

"That's it Stella, you are almost there. One more big push. Aww... and there we go. Hello you little Angel. Aren't you a beautiful handsom boy," said the doctor.

Passing Mac the scissors, he cut his sons cord. Then wrapping him in a towel, they passed him to his daddy. Nestling his son in his arms, he cried. So precious, so tiny as his fingers curled around his daddy's. Passing him over to Stella, she held him with tears blinding her eyes. Never did she think her and Mac would have their beautiful family. But they did. All their wishes, dreams and wants had come true.

"Oh Mac. Look at him. Isn't he handsom? Oh.. we have to have more. He needs a little sister to take care of. Don't you agree, Mac?" cried Stella.

Looking up, Stella noticed Mac had disappeared. With talk of another Taylor baby so soon, he wasn't sticking around. Especially when his wife turned into Satan. Looking down at her son again, she whispered...

"Welcome our son. Welcome to our beautiful world, MaCanna Boyd Taylor."

The End.

I hope you enjoyed this little story. I really tried to make it heartwarming, sweet and funny. It was my pleasure to bring you all some Taylor happiness. Watch for Shadows under the Blue Moon... Going Home. Next in the series. Coming soon to ffnet.