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Throughout her life certain things had never made sense.

An unsettled feeling was omnipresent.

Her dreams were always haunted by glimpses of blonde hair and silver eyes.

And every now and then she'd feel a tug in her chest, as if someone was calling her to follow them.

Sometimes she'd hear a haunting song, and others she'd hear nothing more than whispers.

She'd lived her whole life in New Jersey, but something told her to move, to run, to seek.

And that's what bought her here, the airport, ticket to England clutched tightly in her hand.

He sat in the bar, watching the people move and dance around him.

He smelled the lust and longing in the air, saw the glazed eyes, and heard the hypnotic beat.

Women came up to him, touching him, whispering, but it always felt wrong, as though his body sought another's touch.

He walked the streets at night, through the maze of alleyways and open spaces, always moving, always running, always seeking.

"Get off me!" the cry rang out on the night air, and he was struck by the richness of the voice.

A tug in his chest urged him forward, until he came face to face with a small dark woman struggling with a man twice her size.

A fierce urge to protect her took over him, and he was in front of the man before he could comprehend what happened.

Not his.


"Hey, man, why don't you scurry off elsewhere okay?" the repulsive drunk slurred.

A sheen of red covered his vision as he smashed his fist into his nose. The drunk stumbled and fell, his eyes focusing on the blood dizzily.

He grabbed her arm and ran, elation coursing through him at the touch.

Was this who he sought?

He saved her. He wouldn't hurt her right?

But his hand in hers felt so right that it had to be.

The feeling of unease had melted in his presence.

They stopped under a street light, and she looked at her rescuer clearly for the first time.

His blonde hair was slightly disheveled, but his haunting eyes bored into her own with a frightening intensity.

"I-I'm Zoe," she stuttered as his hand brushed against her hair lightly.

More. Her skin whispered.

"Simon," he replied, his eyes never straying.

Life is maze.

And sometimes you find the prize.

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